1&1 Website Hosting Review: 4 Pros & 4 Cons of just one&1 Hosting

1&amp1 is among the largest brands online services industry, and that i get lots of readers questions regarding what their hosting method is like. I&#8217ve labored with 1&amp1 web hosting several occasions for clients, and lately purchased a hosting package for any separate project I&#8217m running. Here&#8217s my first 1&amp1 website hosting review inside a series that appears in their hosting product overall &amp in comparison to some of the best hosts.

Take a look at 1&amp1&#8217s current plans &amp prices here.

This review was initially printed at the begining of 2014. It&#8217s been revised throughout by May 2016.

1&amp1 offers an array of products from domains to hosting to website packages. 1&amp1 is really among the earliest website hosting companies &#8211 founded in 1988. And they’re also one of the most aggressive advertisers with full-page ads in gossip columns and television spots. Anecdotally, I believe only GoDaddy rivals them when it comes to mass-market advertising and brand awareness.

But big brand doesn&#8217t mean a great product &#8211 which&#8217s one factor I needed to consider having a full 1&amp1 website hosting review.

3 quick asides before getting started. First, There are plenty of just one&amp1 hosting online reviews &#8211 usually with user-generated reviews according to anecdotes and private experience. That&#8217s fine however i have a different approach. My method of reviews is that there’s no such factor like a &#8220best&#8221 or &#8220top&#8221 anything. There&#8217s only better fits for various people based on your objectives. If you’re just searching for 1&amp1 promotions on super-cheap hosting, you’ll find them here.

Second, a disclosure which i receive customer referral charges from companies pointed out on this website. All data &amp opinion comes from my experience like a having to pay customer or consultant to some having to pay customer.

Third, after i discuss &#8220hosting&#8221 &#8211 I&#8217m particularly talking about Linux shared website hosting setups (like individuals employed for a typical Drupal, Joomla or WordPress setup). Unless of course you’ve got a specific reason to utilize a Home windows-powered server, you ought to be utilizing a Linux powered server. It&#8217s the standard and provides you a lot more versatility than the usual Home windows server. I&#8217m also particularly searching at shared website hosting, since unless of course you realize of the specific reason (like getting a regular +10,000 visits/day) not to have shared web hosting &#8211 it&#8217s the most likely the very best fit for you personally (it&#8217s also the most cost effective).

Pros of just one&amp1 Website Hosting

Last aside &#8211 the tldr is the fact that 1&amp1 doesn’t have any strong &#8220pros&#8221 for me. The truly simply have places that they’re just kind of fine. Their primary pro is the logo and the name they’ve developed over 26 years. That stated, for that purpose of single&amp1 website hosting review, listed here are the professionals of the hosting service (or skip towards the conclusion &amp recommendations here).


1&amp1 Hosting is around the less expensive finish of website hosting. They sometimes provide a inexpensive one year opening offer (view their plans here), after which boost the cost following a year, which even so take presctiption the greater affordable finish.

1&amp1 Pricing


Overall, they’re right consistent with many of their competitors following the one year intro deal. If this review was initially printed, 1&amp1 capped the amount of websites and quantity of domains. They’ve since removed a lot of individuals caps except for databases around the Limitless Plan.

Their prices tiers are nearly just like other big brand hosts like HostGator &amp GoDaddy whenever you bust out the main stuff you are having to pay for (space, performance and databases). Their cheapest tier plan’s really a rather better deal than a lot of GoDaddy and HostGator&#8217s least expensive plans given that they don&#8217t cap the amount of websites you could have.

So far as prices goes, 1&amp1 will get points for space &amp options for anybody on the super-tight budget.

Relative Options

1&amp1 began like a host company however provide everything underneath the digital sun. They are among the largest domain registrars (and frequently include 12 months of the new domain free with hosting purchase). All of their goods are integrated, that is a pro for most people. They offer daily server backups, together with an array of available apps to set up inside their backend (for example WordPress and Joomla).

That stated, their set of features is otherwise not particularly notable. Nothing sticks out or separates them of all the other hosting company. For that purpose of a pros &amp cons type 1&amp1 website hosting review &#8211 their features and options get put into the professionals column, as it is fairly competitive &#8211 particularly if you really value server located email, ad credits, or any kind of website builder tool.

Relative Performance

The main one true job an internet site hosting server would be to deliver your site files as rapidly so that as reliably as you possibly can each time someone requests them (by keying in your website name).

Neither I nor my clients have ever endured significant downtime with 1&amp1. They’re saying to possess individually verified 99.9% uptime. That&#8217s industry standard, so without monitoring tools, I&#8217ll provide them with the advantage of the doubt.

The main one factor I’m able to is through how rapidly 1&amp1 delivers my files to some browser. There are plenty of variables which go into how quickly an internet site loads, but probably the most important variables is when fast the server responds following the initial request &#8211 also known as Time For You To First Byte (TTFB). Listed here are outcomes of a speed test which i ran in December 2015.

1&amp1 Speed Test

Here&#8217s the exam I ran in May 2016 where they improved some.

1&amp1 Hosting Speed

Individuals exams are not amazing (edit: they’re pretty bad). But &#8211 they are superior to another major website hosting brands (ie, GoDaddy).

GoDaddy Speed Test

1&amp1 is still acceptable for small site which are have less graphics or overhead. The like performance, like prices and options, 1&amp1&#8217s primary pro is they are actually all right around the basics. Absolutely nothing to wow or really stick out in almost any 1&amp1 hosting review. However, the main one last positive of just one&amp1&#8217s performance is they do provide lots of memory to operate your site. Here is a snapshot from the memory presented to WordPress.

1&amp1 Memory

Only for reference &#8211 WordPress recommends getting 64M of memory to operate. Frequently cheaper web hosting companies are well known for skimping on memory provided, since customers rarely really make sure that setting. 1&amp1 does come through with that. Which means that when your server responds&#8230your website files are made and sent fairly rapidly.

Customer Support

The final &#8220pro&#8221 which i desired to mention was their customer support, according to my own experience. 1&amp1 has truly well known customer support should you go by internet forum threads (and that i include customer support like a disadvantage afterwards). That stated, my customer encounters with 1&amp1 will always be positive.

Unlike many web hosting companies, there is a 24/7 phone they really answer. Within my newest experience, it had been clarified by someone having a South Asian accent (might or might not indicate outsourced customer support) in under one minute hold time.

The problem couldn’t be resolved right now on the telephone, but once i stuck, she immediately adopted track of me via email to supply increase.

Customer Service Quick Follow up

Again, like 1&amp1&#8217s other &#8220pros&#8221 that one managed to get out there simply from the strength of low expectations. The knowledge didn&#8217t particularly wow me aside from the rate of response (I had been disappointed the issue wasn&#8217t resolved more rapidly thought), however it was cordial enough (and available) to place customer support like a potential pro for 1&amp1.

Cons of just one&amp1 Website Hosting

Consumer Experience

The main disadvantage of just one&amp1 Hosting is mainly consumer experience. Owning your individual or business hosting take into account an internet site or email shouldn’t be difficult. Despite the fact that servers require more technical setup than the usual Facebook profile &#8211 we’re well beyond the 1990s. Even when a website hosting service isn’t super-polished and also the pinnacle of design, it ought to a minimum of be fairly intuitive, and really should in the very least work.

These encounters with client websites on 1&amp1 were frustrating, but my very own website knowledge about 1&amp1 bordered on maddening. Here&#8217s a summary of specific issues that I’d that don’t exist on other providers.

First, pointing my domains to at least one&amp1 wasn’t intuitive whatsoever. Actually, the entire process felt as an upsell to obtain me to transfer my domains to at least one&amp1. I have not labored having a hosting company which makes it this difficult to utilize a hosting account which i purchased and your own domain name which i own elsewhere.

Every hosting company, including GoDaddy, makes their DNS address easily known to be able to just copy paste it at your domain registrar (confused? browse the first portion of my website setup guide). For instance, HostGator informs the DNS settings in your welcome email.

HostGator Email

1&amp1 details the 8 step process within their help section, which you’ll have to read after searching everywhere for any simple DNS settings of the hosting account. Obviously, it’s really a 2-step tactic to transfer your domain registration for them though.

Even buried under other settings - still going for the upsell

Second, fundamental things that will work don’t. I frequently stored getting Form Submission Unsuccessful errors because of the way they handle sessions.

1&amp1 review - re-submission errors

I attempted 3 occasions to set up a database for WordPress simply to receive &#8220Error&#8221 messages (note &#8211 this is exactly what triggered my newest customer support interaction).

Third, 1&amp1 includes a practice of making super-technical features simple to find and also the best choices for non-tech users difficult to get. This is fine if their target audience was high-finish developers, however their target audience may be the everyday small business operator or individual that uses a site. I&#8217ll cover their backend setup individually, but here&#8217s a good example of the way they handle a computerized WordPress install.

Bear in mind that anybody that has done lots of use WordPress and wishes to perform a custom installation won’t be utilizing a Quick Install. Quick Installs are suitable for newcomers, and anybody just attempting to save your time and obtain a fundamental installation. Quite simply, it ought to be the simple, simple and easy , non-technical.

To begin, WordPress is within a piece known as the Application Center where 1&amp1 makes pointless distinctions between options that don&#8217t need distinctions.

Once you discover WordPress (within the click and make, though it&#8217s known as an &#8220app&#8221), you need to choose your kind of installation.

They’ve different installation &#8220modes.&#8221 Safe mode keeps individuals from installing bad plugins also it keeps WordPress current. Free mode is really a normal installation, while Evaluation mode is for those who don&#8217t understand what WordPress is. I&#8217ve just seen this setting presented in a far greater way.

And the rest of the setup process is identical way. It&#8217s fundamental, and fine. But there is nothing in context or seamless. The &#82201-click install&#8221 is much more just like a manual installation process, without helpful tips for help. For instance, certainly one of from the 5 step WordPress  installation process is selecting a directory.

Selecting a directory matters for WordPress &#8211 not for that immediate installation, however for getting well setup other websites later on. Here&#8217s how 1&amp1 presents it&#8230

WordPress Directory on 1&amp1

It&#8217s not necessarily a bad (aside from the default directory wouldn’t be fun to utilize) setup. It&#8217s simply not neither useful, nor intuitive, nor quick.

Lastly, even just in the &#8220free mode&#8221 installation where 1&amp1 hosting claims that you’re in charge &#8211 they instantly install 15 plugins to your WordPress installation.

Pre-installed WordPress Plugins by 1&amp1

That isn’t awesome, and incredibly frustrating. It&#8217s similar to computer manufacturers bundling crapware in your nice, new laptop. And worse, most of the pre-installed plugins are merely not too good, which sets newcomers up to fail.

Overall, dealing with 1&amp1 is just frustrating. And the remainder of my 1&amp1 hosting review cons all come under this theme.

Backend Setup

Greatly associated with consumer experience is 1&amp1 hosting&#8217s backend setup. Should you&#8217re an initial-timer with hosting, you&#8217ll have to know that the hosting account is essentially server space and also the bandwidth to connect with that server. The server is like you computer for the reason that it&#8217s really difficult to communicate with it unless of course you possess an &#8220operating system&#8221 for example Home windows on your computer or OSX on the Mac.

The standard &#8220operating system&#8221 is known as cPanel. It&#8217s open-source, and therefore it&#8217s not of anybody, but it may be modified by particular company because of its own uses (kind of like Android). The bottom install of cPanel isn&#8217t polished and pretty, however it&#8217s fairly intuitive. It&#8217s the backend that the majority of the hosts which i recommend use &#8211 for example HostGator, Website Hosting Hub or InMotion. (By The month of january 2014, even GoDaddy has switched to cPanel for brand new accounts).

1&amp1 Hosting doesn’t use cPanel &#8211 they will use their very own custom backend setup. That might be fine &#8211 even preferred &#8211 when they tried on the extender to really make it more attractive and simpler for fist-timers to navigate. But alas, they don’t. It&#8217s really quite horrible for me. Here&#8217s what it appears as though.

1&amp1 Backend

On their behalf, it might make a lot more sense to feature the required options (like Quick Install, Add Domain, or File Directory) rather of very technical features that newcomers will not use.

1&amp1 Backend

It’s heavily biased towards individuals who make use of a 1&amp1 website name having a 1&amp1 hosting account and also the 1&amp1 website builder. In the event that&#8217s what you’re attempting to use, it&#8217ll be very straightforward. However, for those who have your domain registered elsewhere (like NameCheap or GoDaddy) or you need to perform a WordPress or Joomla install, it is extremely hard to use, especially for brand spanking new customers.

Again, website hosts which use cPanel don’t make hosting accounts as simple as establishing a Facebook profile, consider a lot of website hosts utilize it, you’ll probably find easy guides regarding how to utilize it to setup your site (or solve every other problem you are able to consider). Since 1&amp1 includes a proprietary setup, you need to depend on either their understanding-base or their customer support to assist you, that will frequently pave the way for failure or frustration.


When I described within the pros of just one&amp1, they perform a lot much better than many web hosting companies. Plus they fare better than many major web hosting companies, for example GoDaddy. However, when compared with a few of the web hosting companies which i recommend (for example HostGator, Website Hosting Hub and InMotion), 1&amp1 just can&#8217t quite work. Here&#8217s 1&amp1&#8217s speed figures again&#8230

1&amp1 Speed Test

I perform a much deeper comparison with GoDaddy within the 1&amp1 Hosting versus. GoDaddy publish, but to go forward and provide you with a concept, here&#8217s how 1&amp1&#8217s performance appears like versus. GoDaddy.


Here&#8217s how a site on Website Hosting Hub shared hosting performs &#8211

Web Hosting Hub Speed TTFB


And to provide you with a concept of precisely how good hosting could be &#8211 here&#8217s my website with an InMotion VPS server &#8211

InMotion VPS Speed Test

Customer Support

Like I pointed out within the pros section, 1&amp1 has phone support, and they’re quick to reply to, so that they get points for those who have low expectations. Plus they prosper on the relative scale versus. many web hosting companies. However they still don&#8217t do customer support well. The web is full of awful complaints about 1&amp1, however, that’s likely to a diploma because they are that big of the corporation &#8211 with this many purchasers.

According to my experience, I believe the reality might be more mundane. They just view customer support like a cost to become cut instead of like a marketing funnel. Like I stated, within the pros section, my most experience was fine. However it might have been horribly bad basically didn&#8217t know precisely that which was wrong and understood what to ask.

My representative would be a front-line basic level operator who had been clearly running off a script. She was friendly and useful, but nowhere close to properly trained as frontline reps which i&#8217ve labored with at InMotion Hosting or HostGator. She essentially attempted to complete precisely what I’d completed to recreate the very same error (database creation unsuccessful) &#8211 only to try and call her &#8220technical supervisor&#8221 &#8211 who’s, I suppose, the tech guy the reps can ask when there&#8217s a real problem.

He was busy (another symbol of cost-cutting), and that i was requested to become placed on hold. At that time, I suggested that they email the reply to the issue. She did in a few minutes. So again, it had been fine. But I know a scenario with somebody new to website hosting with a problem and winds up having a horrible experience. For your, I put 1&amp1&#8217s customer support like a disadvantage within the interests of the full 1&amp1 website hosting review.


I’ll be staying away from 1&amp1 website hosting later on in my projects. I believe their main fit is customers who curently have products with 1&amp1 (for example domains, email, etc) and wish to get a website hosting service for any website.

Or those who are with an very tight budget and therefore are focusing on several small projects. On their behalf, the cost reason for the fir&amp1 Unlimited Package is solid (view it having a further discount here). Otherwise, I&#8217d look elsewhere.

If you’re searching to have an all-around great hosting company for any lengthy-term project, I&#8217d recommend InMotion (this website is located together) or Website Hosting Hub (review).

If you would like fundamental hosting with a choice of every month, take a look at HostGator. They provide an excellent cost point and good features. Check out their plans w/ 45% off discount here.

Lastly, if you’re more confused than ever before, try my Buzzfeed-style hosting quiz here that will sort your objectives with

1&amp1 Hosting

1&amp1 Hosting is among the largest and earliest web services companies.
1&amp1 Hosting Review
Compiled by: Nate Shivar
Date Printed: 05/17/2016
Good prices, but poor usability and gratifaction makes 1&ampamp1 an undesirable fit for many.
2.5 / 5 stars

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iPage versus. eHost Website Hosting Comparison

iPage vs eHost

Wondering “iPage or eHost?” is like asking someone to choose from a croissant along with a bagel. A variety of it comes lower for your particular situation. Exactly what do you want? What complements all of your purchase or meal? But it’s an option in either case you decide to go.

Both iPage and eHost are:

  • website hosts of Endurance Worldwide Group (a sizable hosting service corporation which owns the Bluehost brand).
  • pretty established, well-known brands within the hosting world (though have been relaunched w/ new branding lately).
  • centered on customers searching to have an affordable webhost,
  • providers of shared Linux hosting having a similar menu of services.

But with individuals things in keeping, they’re still different brands with various advantages &amp disadvantages (one good reason Endurance maintains both companies rather of merging them). I reviewed iPage entirely here and reviewed eHost entirely here.

Take a look at iPage&#8217s plans &amp prices here.

Take a look at eHost&#8217s plans &amp prices here.

Within this comparison between iPage versus. eHost, I’ll attempt to break lower the variations that I’ve present in seven different areas varying from prices structure to customer support and market focus so that you can decide the best idea fit for the project.

Also – you are able to skip towards the short version within the conclusion here (or take my Buzzfeed-style shared web hosting quiz here).

Let’s dive into iPage versus. eHost review&#8230

Disclosure – I receive customer referral charges from companies pointed out on this web site. All opinion and knowledge derive from my encounters like a having to pay customer or consultant to some having to pay customer.


Like I pointed out before, eHost and iPage both offer much the same products/services revolving around shared Linux hosting. Linux is the &#8220kind&#8221 of hosting which will run typically the most popular web-based apps like WordPress, Joomla, etc &#8211 and the type of hosting that many small companies will have to power the website.

It’s notoriously hard to compare prices plans and structures among website hosts. Some companies put caps on several things and never others. There are firms that offer &#8220unlimited&#8221 everything. It winds up feeling like you need to compare apples to oranges.

Fortunately, iPage and eHost have pretty comparable options. Additionally they concentrate on budget hosting choices, so there’s hardly any escalation within their plan choices. You should check out iPage’s hosting plans here and eHost’s hosting plan here.

eHost causes it to be increasingly simple by providing just one plan with limitless everything, plus a few great bonus features (which I’ll mention afterwards). They finish up being very affordable both short and lengthy term. Plus there is a super aggressive temporary discount program with frequent specials (and also the prices could be kept in for a long time).

eHost Homepage

Ehost&#8217s offers essentially go such as this: $5.98/mo for several yrs, $7.98/mo for just two yrs, $9.98/mo for 1 yr and $13.98/mo for monthly term &#8211 all susceptible to deep discounting.

iPage has lots of options, however they mainly market their Essential Plan, that is almost just like eHost’s plan (limitless everything + some bonuses). It starts at $11.95/mo for just two many $12.95/mo for 12 months, however they offer deep discounts pretty consistently (like sometimes lower to $1.99/mo). It normally won’t offer any monthly prices though.

iPage Pricing

eHost has better prices generally. However, if iPage is managing a discount that you could secure &#8211 they&#8217ll be a better option.

There’s one caveat about prices for iPage and eHost. As discount hosting providers, they&#8217re likely to need to make profit different ways. Certainly one of individuals ways is by upsells.

Upsells aren’t bad or good. They simply are something to understand. If you’re the kind of person that may ignore upsells &#8211 then you definitely&#8217ll get reduced prices from both. However if you simply hate upsells &#8211 then bear in mind. Here&#8217s a good example from iPage&#8217s checkout flow &#8211

iPage Upsells

iPage Upsells

iPage Upsells

However it&#8217s not only iPage. Here&#8217s eHost &#8211

eHost Upsells

Just something to understand w/ a price reduction host.

Hosting Features

Because there are plenty of different add-ons and extras that website hosts frequently tag on, it’s not easy to attract a precise comparison. To balance out the playing board, I love to break lower hosting features right into a “core feature set” along with a “bonus features set.”

The main set of features includes the three D’s: Domains, Disk Space, and Databases/email.

  • Domains are the number of distinct web qualities you are able to connect for your requirements.
  • Disk space is the number of files you are able to store in your account.
  • Databases/email is the number of software instances you are able to install to assist manage individuals files (ie, one install of WordPress requires one database in your server).

In most cases, website hosts place a cap on a single or many of these groups based on their cost range.

But eHost and iPage both offer limitless* everything. It appears too good to be real, right? Just bear in mind that even if you have “unlimited” disk space, the webhost may have certain abuse &amp file-discussing policies in position. In the end, a shared web hosting plan means just that &#8211 you’re discussing the disk space with others. You will see some kind of limit. Their form of &#8220unlimited&#8221 is they won’t pre-emptively cap your use if you work with it inside a foreseeable manner.

Both are essentially even on individuals counts.

So let’s check out a few of the bonus features. eHost offers one-click installs for WordPress, Drupal, etc together with limitless use of email tools, FTP, and mySQL. It normally won’t omit the basics and also have decent memory allocation. You’ll will also get ad credits along with a free website name for any year.

iPage has all of the basics you’ll need &#8211 including auto installs for such things as WordPress. They are doing use custom scripts, that are confusing and cluttered when compared to standard scripts. Additionally they offer limitless use of email tools, ad credits, and your own domain name. Their memory allocation isn’t just like iPage though.

Here&#8217s iPage&#8217s server information &#8211

iPage PHP Limits

Should you anticipate requiring to maneuver to some server or VPS hosting, iPage is the foremost choice backward and forward, but you’d most likely need to be choosing tk-info and obtain a much better product.


The main job of the website extends beyond storing files on the internet and delivering them aimed at your website visitors. Additionally you would like your website to get this done rapidly. It could seem as an elementary assumption &#8211 but you will find really lots of factors which go into website speed. And lots of occasions it isn’t only the host that triggers the slowdown.

That stated, the rate of the server makes a significant difference. But regrettably there isn’t an effective way for non-network engineers to gauge server speed between hosts. So, I personally use something known as TTFB (Time for you to First Byte) in my reviews to determine performance. Essentially, we measure how rapidly the server transmits the very first byte of information after it receives the request in the browser.

Here’s eHost’s typical performance (screenshot from 2016) &#8211

eHost TTFB

It isn’t badly as some big brands, but isn’t awesome either. It’ll work acceptable for a little website with regular traffic. However it will not be advisable for any project that targets mostly mobile users or has a lot of imagery.

Here is iPage’s performance test &#8211

iPage Performance

iPage does comparable as eHost &#8211 not amazing, although not absolutely terrible. It’s really too near to call backward and forward about this point, so let’s take a look at another factors.

Usability &amp Onboarding

&#8220Onboarding&#8221 is when you progress a brand new customer to an active customer. For website hosts, this is often a challenge. Their services are technical naturally. However a good webhost can help you get began rapidly.

The great part is the fact that both iPage and eHost use cPanel for his or her server backend. It&#8217s a business standard and makes website setup straightforward (though slightly daunting). Both of them have quite simple &#8211 though fundamental account backends. Here&#8217s a screenshot of iPage&#8217s account backend.

iPage Backend

Here&#8217s eHost&#8217s backend. It&#8217s simpler &amp cleaner, but nonetheless includes a couple of things missing.

eHost Backend

eHost will a good job with new account emails along with a decently clean road to installation.

eHost Onboarding

iPage though includes a serious issue with &#8220customizing&#8221 their quick install software. They reason that it simplifies common setups &#8211 like WordPress. But, for me, just clutters it with awful upsells and non-ideal plugins using their parent company.

iPage Preinstalled Plugins

eHost performs this using their quick install &#8211 although not to iPage&#8217s degree. It&#8217s perhaps easy to deactivate and take away any undesirable software, however i believe that shows a little bit of upsell bias from iPage.

On usability, eHost is the perfect company.

Customer Support

Customer support could be another tricky feature to check because it’s challenging a obvious picture without a lot of anecdotes. Who knows should you just happened to talk with their top customer support agent coupled with an excellent experience &#8211 or maybe the man was getting a dreadful day and also got frustrated together with your question.

The easiest way that I’ve found to determine customer support is to check out the support channels they provide (ease of access) and also the DIY/self-help options they’ve. Both of these factors are usually solid indicators from the company’s culture and attitude toward customer support. Will they view it like a cost, a good investment, or perhaps an upsell chance?

Both eHost and iPage do pretty ok within this category.

eHost offers support across every funnel &#8211 24/7 email, 24/7 chat support, phone support, support tickets, as well as an knowledgebase. On the top of this, each account is owned by a person service repetition. They may not have just as much expertise as some independent the likes of InMotion or SiteGround, however i would consider their customer support accessible.

eHost Customer Support

iPage also offers 24/7 support across email, support tickets, chat, and make contact with &#8211 however they lack a do it yourselfOrpersonal-assistance option just like a decent knowledgebase. So anybody searching for any short, quick option would be made to submit a ticket to customer support. They certainly aren’t “bad” at customer support, but it’s something to think about.

Everything stated &#8211 both are discount website hosts. Usually in these instances you’re going to get that which you purchase. eHost has marginally readily available support. But &#8211 both of them fit customers who’ve a far more DIY streak and/or prize cost over support.

Market Focus

Both eHost &amp iPage belong to exactly the same company &#8211 however that isn’t always a great factor (or perhaps a bad factor). Previously, Endurance Worldwide is known to kind of put a few of their brands in stock for time (see Arvixe or justHost). And honestly, that’s among the drawbacks of selecting a bigger company. They’ve got more sources to purchase brands which are succeeding (like Bluehost), they also can reduce investment on brands that merely aren&#8217t establishing a return.

EIG markets both iPage and eHost toward the entry-level and price conscious &#8211 meaning both are bare-bones discount solutions. If that’s where you stand, perfect. But it’s something to bear in mind should you picture major growth.

Previously year, iPage has gotten a small redesign, however their services have continued to be unchanged. eHost, however, has gotten some new design &amp development attention. And since Bluehost restructured their prices, eHost continues to be their &#8220go-to&#8221 limitless, single cost brand.

Additional Factors

Listed here are a few other random factors to bear in mind:

If you like using Yahoo for ads, eHost offers free credits toward Yahoo and Bing. If you like, Google ads, iPage provides the equivalent credits for Google and Bing.

Both of them provide a 30-day money-back guarantee

Knowing you’ll need upgrade options (ie, a VPS server, Dedicated server or WordPress enhanced hosting), iPage has individuals options. eHost doesn’t.

For much better or worse, both are of a large company. If you’d rather sign up having a smaller sized, independent company, you could think about InMotion (review), SiteGround (review), or Website Hosting Hub (review).

iPage versus. EHost Conclusion

If you would like discount shared web hosting for the project, the look for iPage&#8217s current discount here.

If you would like limitless choices for multiple sites, then I’d opt for eHost. Here’s their current prices special.

If you’d prefer greater performance / service, then you’d most likely need to be searching right into a webhost like InMotion (review).

And, if you’re more confused than ever before, you will probably find my affordable Weblog web hosting quiz helpful.

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NordVPN versus. AirVPN: Virtual private network Provider Comparison

NordVPN vs AirVPN

After many years of foolishly running my internet business via public Wireless, I decided to employ a Virtual private network to secure my communications (and access a little bit of from market sporting occasions on a trip).

But I discovered that choosing the best Virtual private network to match me would be a bit complicated. There&#8217s no such factor like a general &#8220best&#8221 Virtual private network &#8211 rather, every one has to create tradeoffs that suit many although not all needs. NordVPN and AirVPN were two which i checked out carefully.

I reviewed NordVPN here and reviewed AirVPN here. I combined my notes from individuals posts write this NordVPN versus. AirVPN publish around the most typical Virtual private network factors. You are able to skip to my conclusion here.

However, here&#8217s a little bit of background.

AirVPN relies Italia and operated “by activists and hacktivists in defense of internet neutrality, privacy and against censorship.” These were founded this year like a free service.

See AirVPN&#8217s plans here.

NordVPN is a ten years old Virtual private network provider located in Panama. They’re possess a quickly growing subscriber base. They tell you they are the &#8220world&#8217s innovative Virtual private network&#8221 having a concentrate on privacy.

See NordVPN&#8217s plans here.

Both of them have advantages &amp disadvantages in my opinion. This NordVPN versus. AirVPN comparison will appear each and every according to &#8211 prices, features, performance, usability, customer support, and market focus.

Disclosure – I receive referral charges from companies pointed out on this web site. All opinions and knowledge derive from my experience like a having to pay customer performing independent research.


Initially glance, it appears like there&#8217s a substantial cost disparity between NordVPN and AirVPN.

Take particular notice, and also the prices is rather comparable given features compensated for more than span of annually. Any shorter, and AirVPN is hands lower cheaper.

Like some Virtual private network providers, NordVPN provides a reduced rate per month should you purchase multiple several weeks (a couple of years) in advance.

NordVPN Pricing

AirVPN provides a fairly flat rate service for support and improved access (this structure goes back for their founding like a free service for activists).

AirVPN Pricing

The monthly cost to have an annual subscription to NordVPN is comparable to the monthly cost to have an annual subscription to AirVPN.

Subscription NordVPN AirVPN
1-month $11.95 $7.84
6-several weeks n/a $5.60
12-several weeks $5.75 $5.04
24-several weeks $4.00 n/a

* Observe that prices within the table are per monthly prices.

As you can tell in the table above, a complete year plan from AirVPN continues to be slightly less expensive than an identical twelve month plan from NordVPN.

Both Virtual private network providers provide a free 3-day trial of the services.

The disposable trial for AirVPN can also be slightly harder to obtain. NordVPN enables you to enroll in their free trial offer online. AirVPN, however, needs a written request before they grant a totally free trial.

Both NordVPN and AirVPN accept a number of payment options. Included in this are credit/bank card, PayPal, as well as Bitcoin. AirVPN includes a slight edge using their selection of worldwide payment processors and/or even the gift voucher option.

Features and Personalization

Both NordVPN and AirVPN include pretty much every feature you anticipate from the quality Virtual private network service. NordVPN positions themselves because the &#8220world&#8217s most effective Virtual private network&#8221 while AirVPN&#8217s website plainly pushes their feature-heavy Internet security software credentials &amp overall mission.

NordVPN Claims

AirVPN&#8217s feature page emphasizes security measures &#8211

AirVPN Security

Now. Before I am going any more I wish to highlight two caveats.

First Caveat &#8211 Observe that no Virtual private network is 100% secure. Your visitors are still routing via a company. Any organization can close shop or go rogue. If you’re attempting to avoid your American ISP &#8211 then you’re simply replacing distrust of Comcast/Charter using the trust of the Virtual private network. If you’re a political activist where trust is really a existence or dying situation, you have to be using something similar to Tor. This can be a segue to NordVPN&#8217s / AirVPN&#8217s improvements, however the point remains using a Virtual private network doesn’t instantly create security/privacy. That’s something do via aligning company incentives (ie, having to pay for businesses who maintain security) &amp being positive.

Second Caveat &#8211 There’s an natural tradeoff between convenience and control. The greater convenience /ease that you simply provide having a Virtual private network, then less control the finish user has. The greater control you allow the finish user, the less ease / convenience / simplicity you provide. Neither approach is nice. Neither isn’t good. It&#8217s just a tradeoff. You&#8217ll begin to see the same tradeoff with privacy and network performance. Every Virtual private network attempts to strike an account balance backward and forward. Both NordVPN and AirVPN lean towards control. But AirVPN leans way in to the control field. If you wish to turn every knob and protocol variable, then AirVPN is perfect for you. You are able to go on and skip. If you would like simplicity and convenience, make sure to keep studying towards the usability section.

In either case &#8211 additionally to strong security and file encryption features, both NordVPN and AirVPN have an intuitive interface, customizable choices for advanced users, and synchronised connection support.

Listed here are a couple of from the top features that both Virtual private network providers share:

  • AES 256-Bit File encryption
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • P2P Discussing and Torrenting
  • Access Geo-Restricted Content
  • Synchronised Device Support
  • Mobile Phone Compatibility

Despite their similarities, NordVPN and AirVPN also share lots of variations &#8211 as noted within the second caveat. A few of these are relatively minor while some should considerably affect your general decision.

One particualr minor difference is P2P filesharing. While both providers take, NordVPN clearly claims that it’s only permitted on certain servers, in countries in which the practice is legal.

Another minor difference is within how the two services start security. Neither keeps any logs on user data, providing you with confidence that the information is safe*. This time will pop-up w/ speed &amp performance.

Both services also utilize OpenVPN, AES 256-Bit File encryption, and excellent Password Forwarding, in addition to DNS leak protection as well as an Internet kill switch.

The Right Password Forwarding for every is performed having a 4096-Bit Diffie-Hellman key.

The main difference here’s largely in Virtual private network protocol options. AirVPN only enables you to employ OpenVPN protocol (claiming other medication is too insecure) while NordVPN enables you to select from IKEv2, PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec in addition to OpenVPN.


NordVPN Advanced Settings

However, a significant difference in the manner NordVPN and AirVPN conduct business is the actual company location.

NordVPN is resides in Panama while AirVPN is resides in Italia. This small fact by itself is a big plus for NordVPN along with a damaging knock on AirVPN so far as privacy is worried.

The main reason? Panama has great online privacy laws and regulations while Italia&#8217s are very invasive. Actually, Italia is part of 14 Eyes, a spying alliance that mixes the web surveillance efforts from the NSA and GCHQ.

AirVPN Privacy Caveat

Panama, however, has completely uncensored Internet. It’s no mandatory data retention laws and regulations or online government surveillance. The nation is outdoors the direct grasp from the NSA and GCHQ, unlike Italia.

With this stated, AirVPN has been doing a great job maintaining the privacy and security of the users, despite their Italian headquarters. If you wish to base your security / trust with different company&#8217s founding story &amp general values, I’m able to&#8217t argue against AirVPN. They were founded like a community-supported Virtual private network for activists. Security &amp privacy are made to their DNA as well as their fan-base.

The truth that it normally won’t keep data logs of any sort implies that they’re not able to provide any user information for an outdoors agency, like the government, even when motivated.

Also, worth note may be the Tor options supplied by both companies. NordVPN offers Tor over Virtual private network while AirVPN offers Virtual private network through Tor.

The Virtual private network through Tor choice is unique for the reason that it first connects you to definitely a Tor network before connecting to AirVPN. Combine this with Bitcoin payment for true anonymity.

Tor over Virtual private network, regrettably, is less impressive. With this particular setup, you connect first to NordVPN then to some Tor browser. Connecting by hand to some Tor browser first (or with AirVPN) is an infinitely more secure approach to being able to access the net.

Another feature important to note is NordVPN&#8217s &#8220double Virtual private network.&#8221 The organization appears to savor speaking up this excellent offering, but we&#8217re not too convinced about this. To put it simply, a dual Virtual private network chains together multiple VPNs right into a string. Data goes through two VPNs (rather of a single) on a trip from the web for your computer.

Obviously, a dual Virtual private network comes with security benefits – however these are minimal. Along with a double Virtual private network produces a potential loss of speed.

Though a dual Virtual private network is advantageous for a small % of users, losing in speed should steer many people away (that will segue in to the next section).

Both NordVPN and AirVPN can be found on Home windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. NordVPN enables for six synchronised connections while AirVPN enables for 3.

Performance and Speed

A Virtual private network goes to inherently slow lower your non-Virtual private network connection as you are literally adding a middle-man located a large number of miles away. But a great Virtual private network can minimize your speed loss with well-enhanced servers, a properly-balanced network and getting servers situated in geographically ideal locations.

You will find two quick caveats before I discuss general speeds.

First, these two providers possess a heavy presence in Europe. I live (and conduct my tests) from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I attempt to check comparable servers (ie, make use of the same server locations for) but have a larger geographic lag compared to other VPNs.

Second, these two VPNs convey a big focus on zero logging. They don&#8217t even log bandwidth or time stamps. That&#8217s good from the privacy perspective, but it is also harmful to network stability given that they don&#8217t have just as much insight on server spikes &amp usage. Both of them provide real-time user tools to obtain users to self-select high-performing servers. But &#8211 it&#8217s not at all something they are able to control or perhaps nudge. Here&#8217s AirVPN&#8217s speed board.

AirVPN Speed Transparency

In either case &#8211 both AirVPN and NordVPN may take a hit with sporadic speeds. Here&#8217s my baseline non-Virtual private network speeds &#8211

No VPN Bandwidth Test

Here&#8217s NordVPN&#8217s best speeds &#8211 no more than 52% of non-Virtual private network bandwidth regardless of the low latency &#8211

NordVPN Speed Test

Here&#8217s AirVPN&#8217s typical first test connection &#8211

AirVPN Speed Test

Yeah&#8230not so great. So let&#8217s reconnect!

AirVPN Test

Better &#8211 but nonetheless not great &#8211 especially when compared with other providers like PureVPN, VyprVPN or ExpressVPN.

Performance &amp me is also impacted by the geographic spread of servers across countries. If you’re attempting to access geo-restricted content within the United kingdom&#8230and there’s no server within the United kingdom, then you’re at a complete loss.

Furthermore, if you’re mainly on the other hand around the globe because the nearest Virtual private network server, your speeds will always be going to possess a built-in lag.

These two providers possess a weakness in this region (to compare, see my ExpressVPN versus. NordVPN or ExpressVPN versus. AirVPN reviews). But they’re different in how weak they’re in every.

NordVPN has servers situated in over 58 countries. They likewise have a higher raw quantity of servers to select from if your are lagging. With somewhat switching around you’ll locate one having a fast connection&#8230if you’re near where their servers are clustered.

That&#8217s because NordVPN&#8217s servers mostly are clustered in Europe instead of spread around the world.

NordVPN App Map

So &#8211 NordVPN includes a decent country count&#8230with a caveat.

That stated &#8211 AirVPN presently has servers in just 15 counties. Many of these have been in Europe along with a couple of servers within the U . s . States, Canada, and Hong Kong. Note the distribution on their own charts &#8211

AirVPN Speed Transparency


Like I pointed out within the Features section caveat &#8211 there’s a tradeoff between convenience and control. If you want so that you can turn every knob and each setting. Many people simply want their software to operate work. Some desire a balance.

Overall, NordVPN tries to match some personalization whilst getting the easy setup of other VPNs.

Registering requires only their email. Produce a disposable email for more privacy.

After register, you’re sent an activation link. The next thing is to download the customer, produce a name and password, and you’re all set. It’s that simple and painless.

NordVPN Signup Flow

The NordVPN client is very straightforward, regardless of platform. It’s produced with utmost simplicity in your mind to higher attract beginners.

The AirVPN client is a lot more complex. It&#8217s fully free design not just leads to elevated customizability but additionally provides you with the opportunity to do an independent audit.

If you’re expecting an easy register&#8230you have been in for any frustrating experience. I covered it within my full AirVPN review, but here&#8217s a few snapshots of my signup process.

AirVPN Purchase Sequence

AirVPN Setup

AirVPN Installer Second Screen

AirVPN Technical VPN

AirVPN Installer

AirVPN Connection

AirVPN’s interface is among the most fully featured VPNs available on the market&#8230it&#8217s also a discomfort for that average user.

It’s a better option for advanced users while NordVPN is unquestionably a better option for novices.

Customer Support

There is a big divide between both of these Virtual private network providers with regards to customer care.

NordVPN offers 24/7 support via support tickets &amp knowledgebase. They go ahead and take traditional company approach of top lower customer care.

NordVPN Customer Support

AirVPN has much slower response occasions. With simply an e-mail system in position, responses frequently take several hrs.

AirVPN Support

That stated &#8211 AirVPN&#8217s &#8220thing&#8221 isn’t typical top lower company customer support. They’ve *very* active forum full of active, dedicated customers ready to assist fellow customers out. AirVPN has much more of a residential area feel than the usual company support feel.

With that, NordVPN&#8217s support has most of the issues &amp non-problems with typical company support. You will find horror tales going swimming online &#8211 some anecdotal, some apparently legit. I haven&#8217t had any issues, they also don&#8217t appear to place a lot of investment to their support channels either.

AirVPN isn’t affected by these issues. The internet consensus is the fact that while their professional support is frequently slow, it’s only friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Furthermore, the city is generally useful and they’ve customers annotating their FAQ section frequently.

An array of sources can be found on company’s websites. Both maintain message boards, although AirVPN’s leans heavily for the technical side (and has the jargon).

If you’re a DIYer &amp confident with community support, then you definitely&#8217ll likely find AirVPN to become a fit. If you’re more familiar with typical customer care, then NordVPN is a better fit.

Market Focus

The prospective audience of NordVPN and AirVPN is surprisingly different.

NordVPN caters a lot more for the casual, everyday Virtual private network user&#8230who also prizes privacy-focused features. The whole services are simple, straightforward, and it has privacy features that a minimum of sounds good &#8211 such as the no-log policy and double-file encryption setup.

AirVPN requires a more complicated, fully-featured route. Their services are targeted at a far more experienced Virtual private network user that wishes greater customizability and control.

With this stated, both NordVPN and AirVPN can be used as exactly the same applications, for example remaining secure on public Wi-Fi, P2P file discussing and torrenting, and being able to access streaming entertainment content like Netflix in geo-restricted areas.

Lastly, NordVPN and AirVPN possess a tilt toward Europe / Asia within the Americas in server locations.

Conclusion: NordVPN or AirVPN?

Though they’re fairly different services, are all good at what it really does. Both Virtual private network providers will also get consistently higher rankings coming from all their users.

Should you &#8211 such as the ethos &amp mission of AirVPN you prize complete control &amp personalization or else you simply don&#8217t mind DIY / community support, then you need to go join AirVPN here.

See AirVPN&#8217s plans here.

Should you &#8211 just like a cleaner, simpler setup you prize greater performance or want dedicated customer care, then you need to join NordVPN here.

See NordVPN&#8217s plans here.

If you’re searching for any Virtual private network with increased simplicity of use &amp better performance within the Americas, take a look at ExpressVPN (review here comparison versus. NordVPN here and versus. AirVPN here.

Kudos on securing your digital existence &#8211 make sure to consistently go to whichever Virtual private network you join 🙂

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1&1 Hosting versus. GoDaddy Website Hosting Comparison: My Knowledge About Both

1&amp1 Hosting versus. GoDaddy Hosting &#8211 the 2 greatest brands within the website hosting business. Between their Super Bowl commercials, ubiquitous print ads, and repair bundling, GoDaddy and 1&amp1 are usually considered a minimum of as it were in nearly everybody&#8217s website hosting decision.

Editor&#8217s Note &#8211 This publish was initially printed in The month of january 2014. It&#8217s been revised &amp updated by May 2016.

But, the large brand campaigns typically don&#8217t discuss the actual products they’re selling &#8211 within this situation website hosting. Because they are the two greatest brands in website hosting, I frequently get questions regarding both &#8211 and just how 1&amp1 hosting (see their plans &amp promotions here) compares with GoDaddy hosting (see their plans &amp promotions here).

Additionally to dealing with both web hosting companies for client projects, I&#8217m additionally a customer of both GoDaddy and 1&amp1 hosting a couple of partner side projects. Here&#8217s my introduction to how 1&amp1 hosting compares with GoDaddy based by myself knowledge about each &#8211 and just how they may suit you based on your objectives and just what you value inside a hosting company.

Quick aside &#8211 I&#8217m particularly searching at shared Linux hosting. It&#8217s the least expensive, most flexible option (ie, you’ll be able to have an online prescence operated by WordPress, Joomla, etc or plain HTML). Unless of course you realize of the specific need to get dedicated or Home windows website hosting, then you definitely most likely don&#8217t require it. Shared Linux hosting is often the best, most flexible fit for many website projects.

Let&#8217s take a look at 1&amp1 hosting versus. GoDaddy according to prices, features, performance, usability, and customer support.

Disclosure &#8211 I receive customer referral charges from companies pointed out on this web site. All data &amp opinions derive from my experience like a having to pay customer or consultant to some having to pay customer.


The main trouble with evaluating website hosts is it&#8217s difficult to truly compare apples to apples. Should you take a look at 1&amp1 hosting versus. GoDaddy particularly, it&#8217s much more confusing given that they structure their plans just slightly differently (ie, you are able to&#8217t really compare GoDaddy&#8217s starter tier (&#8216Economy&#8217) with 1&amp1 hosting&#8217s starter tier (&#8216Unlimited&#8217). Listed here are their particular prices grids.

1&amp1 Pricing


GoDaddy Pricing

Let&#8217s take a look at what you’re really buying when you buy shared Linux hosting (should you don&#8217t possess a specific requirement for Home windows, then you need to be utilising Linux). You’re really buying domain connectivity (ie, you have a website and you may tell it to direct people to a particular server for everyone your website), databases (ie, often a mySQL database that stores all of the information on your website therefore it can generate webpages), and disk space (ie, space for storage to help keep files that will get offered on your webpages).

GoDaddy and 1&amp1 hosting frequently run promotions (find 1&amp1&#8217s latest promo here and GoDaddy&#8217s latest here) to ensure that can invariably mess up prices comparisons with a couple dollars. However, what exactly for much better value go to at least one&amp1 hosting. Their Unlimited package resembles GoDaddy&#8217s Economy package and allows for limitless domains.

Another plans are nearly identical with a few marketing upsells featuring variations in some places.

If you’re knowing GoDaddy versus. 1&amp1 hosting exclusively according to prices &#8211 1&amp1 wins slightly. However, prices isn&#8217t frequently the only real objective of investing in a hosting company. And you’ll not require limitless databases. Frequently additional features matter, so I love to take a look at individuals individually.


Both 1&amp1 and GoDaddy offers lots of freebies and add-ons for their hosting plans. Both of them provide a free website name for any year with acquisition of a hosting plan.

Both of them offer pre-packages application installers for software like WordPress or Joomla. GoDaddy does hand out more advertising credits to Google, Facebook, and Bing in the event that&#8217s something which&#8217s especially valuable for you.

Typically, 1&amp1 hosting does a more satisfactory job fluffing up their plans with standard features, aside from one.

1&amp1 hosting does daily backups of the server, while GoDaddy doesn’t. Now, you shouldn’t depend in your webhost to backup your site. That’s 100% under your control. That stated &#8211 unexpected things happen, also it&#8217s always beneficial to possess a safety internet&#8230as lengthy because the safety internet doesn&#8217t cause you to procrastinate your personal backups.

1&amp1 hosting has another helpful non-fluffy feature: money-back guarantee. GoDaddy does &#8220in-store credit&#8221 for returns. 1&amp1 hosting does money-back guarantee.

If you’re knowing 1&amp1 hosting versus. GoDaddy according to features &#8211 I&#8217d state that 1&amp1 hosting offers the less expensive, unless of course you intend on managing a lengthy advertising campaign and 100% is going to do your personal site backups, by which situation GoDaddy will be a less expensive.


Features, however, don’t really matter when the hosting company doesn’t perform. The task of the hosting company is deliver your site files to some customer&#8217s browser when they visit you website as reliably so that as rapidly as you possibly can.

Uptime may be the way of measuring how good the net host fits the &#8220reliably&#8221 a part of performance. Both GoDaddy and 1&amp1  claim industry-standard uptime of 99.9%. Any way of measuring uptime by customers will anecdotal (including mine &#8211 neither me nor my clients have experienced noticeable downtime with either). Their uptime claims should be audited &#8211 and so i&#8217ll provide them with both a tie on reliability.

Quick aside on reliability &#8211 be skeptical associated with a host that more than-promises reliability. Everybody can (and does) go lower sooner or later. Amazon . com went lower. Google goes lower. GoDaddy goes lower. And 1&amp1 certainly goes lower. You are very likely a really high-degree of performance out of your hosting company, but don’t let past performance set future expectations. Furthermore, both services promise &#8220unlimited bandwidth&#8221 (ie, the number of concurrent visitors you could have in your site). That&#8217s an incomplete untruth for pretty much all web hosting companies. If your internet site is featured on CNN, Yahoo, and goes viral on Facebook simultaneously&#8230your website is most likely likely to crash. Again, expect a higher-degree of performance, but don&#8217t have impractical expectations or put value in unfulfillable promises.

To evaluating 1&amp1 hosting versus. GoDaddy on performance. Despite the fact that we are able to&#8217t take a look at uptime directly &#8211 we are able to take a look at how rapidly their servers delivers files &#8211 ie how quickly your site is.

There&#8217s lots of variables which go into just how rapidly an internet site loads &#8211 the way it&#8217s setup, the number of images and videos you’ve, etc. However your hosting company offers quite a bit related to it. To check apples to apples, you can try Time For You To First Byte (TTFB), ie how lengthy will it go ahead and take hosting company to understand the request once it’s received the request from the customer.

Quite simply, if somebody types inside your website &#8211 how lengthy will it go ahead and take server to state &#8220hey &#8211 I acquired your request, I&#8217m retrieving your files at this time.&#8221 Listed here are the outcomes of the test I ran with identically setup websites on GoDaddy and 1&amp1 (new WordPress install &amp no caching) in December 2015.

1&amp1 Speed Test

GoDaddy Speed Test

You&#8217ll observe that 1&amp1 wins the TTFB comparison, quite handily. That stated, you&#8217ll also observe that on total load time &#8211 GoDaddy also loses. Typically, this is put lower to the way the website is setup or how large it’s. But my test was with identical, new websites, to ensure that variable has gone out.

Since that time, 1&amp1 has improved while GoDaddy has become worse.

1&amp1 Hosting Speed

GoDaddy Speed Test

With all of that in your mind &#8211 I’d state that 1&amp1 hosting has better performance overall, because it&#8217s simpler to repair publish TTFB occasions in your site than pre-TTFB occasions. However, if you’re planning on the more fundamental site and don&#8217t intend on trying out settings, then GoDaddy will get partial points inside your ledger.


You take control of your server and hosting account with backend software that&#8217s in your server (sort like Home windows on the PC). This backend software is to visit find your server &amp website information. It&#8217s in which you install software to power your site (for example WordPress or Drupal). It&#8217s in which you setup your email &#8211 essentially just managing your bank account.

Servers automatically can be quite technical and incredibly daunting for DIYers. The greater experience you’ve, usually the additional control and options you would like, while first-timers want simplicity of use over anything. Hitting that balance is exactly what I call usability &#8211 are you able to really make use of your hosting account how you desire to use it without frustration?

cPanel may be the industry-standard backend for hosting accounts. It&#8217s open-source (meaning nobody owns you and it could possibly get support anywhere online, since multiple hosts have a similar or similar setups), and incredibly common. It&#8217s not particularly pretty, however it&#8217s straightforward and understandable. Newcomers will find what they desire, and much more seasoned website proprietors could possibly get what they need.

Until early 2014, neither GoDaddy nor 1&amp1 hosting used cPanel. Both of them chosen custom, proprietary backend systems, quarrelling it permitted these to personalize the knowledge for his or her customers. By The month of january 2014, brand new GoDaddy hosting accounts possess the (compensated $1/mo) option to utilize a modified form of cPanel.

In comparison, 1&amp1 hosting includes a custom backend. Here’s what each appears like.

GoDaddy cPanel Backend &#8211 note the large WordPress icon close to the top:

GoDaddy cPanel Backend

1&amp1 Backend

Theoretically, 1&amp1 will be able to give a more and better custom knowledge about their custom backend. Regrettably, I’ve found their backend experience incredibly frustrating. 1&amp1 hosting&#8217s backend prioritizes technical settings (for example Global PHP Settings) while burying stuff that are more inclined to be required by very first time users (for example DNS settings and WordPress install apps). 1&amp1&#8217s backend also offers the odd practice of breaking during routine actions.

All To Common Sight on 1&amp1

And neglecting to install really fundamental products (like a database for WordPress).

WordPress Install Fail

GoDaddy&#8217s hosting system is fairly straightforward. It prioritizes things that’ll be required by newcomers, making a lot of operations seamless and straightforward. For instance, listed here are the steps to auto-installing WordPress on GoDaddy (notice &#8211 it&#8217s 1 step). And you may reach this screen after clicking the large WordPress icon towards the top of the Dashboard seen above.

GoDaddy WordPress Install

Again, in comparison, installing WordPress &#8220automatically&#8221 requires multiple steps with increased technical jargon on 1&amp1 hosting. You need to dig past their 1&amp1 website builder to the application section.

1&amp1 Backend

And travel through various installation &#8220modes&#8221 for whatever reason, which are extremely confusing.

1&amp1 hosting review - WordPress usability

after which comes the 5 step process:


Which only agreed to be an example of my usability frustrations with 1&amp1 hosting. Not too GoDaddy is really a shining star either &#8211 but a minimum of GoDaddy originates a lengthy way lately, particularly with toning lower the upsells and product lock-ins.

Big suggests GoDaddy hosting on usability.

Customer Support

Customer support, like overall uptime, is frequently difficult to judge according to just anecdotes &#8211 and firms&#8217 internal metrics aren’t generally available. Both GoDaddy and 1&amp1 are huge companies with many different customers. Usually, customers with higher encounters rarely discuss their customer support (particularly if the services are functioning correctly). Meanwhile, customers that do have issues will vocally discuss their bad encounters online.

Should you perform a quick look for GoDaddy complaints or 1&amp1 hosting complaints &#8211 there are plenty of dissatisfied customers. Personally, i have experienced fine customer encounters with 1&amp1 hosting and GoDaddy &#8211 but nothing amazing like I&#8217ve had with providers like InMotion or HostGator. 1&amp1 hosting and GoDaddy offer customer support by telephone, email, forum, understanding-base, and chat 24/7/365.

My newest 1&amp1 customer experience revolved around a unsuccessful install of the database for WordPress. The operator clarified very rapidly (no hold time) and it was very cordial. However, I discovered they have their customer support setup like a cost center. The leading finish operators don&#8217t have deep or broad technical experience, and something that&#8217s beyond fundamental will get transferred in the chain. Rather of securing, I requested to become emailed when the issue was resolved.

The problem was resolved within ten minutes, and that i received quick follow-up via email in the repetition. Overall, it had been fine, although not astounding. And I saw where lots of customers who might not be aware of more knowledge about a problem (and want technical assistance) could rapidly become frustrated.

GoDaddy appears to possess a different tradeoff. My newest knowledge about them involved fifteen minutes of hold time (plus much more as the problem had been solved) in return for a front finish service repetition who’d technical expertise (particularly in tracking lower a CNAME error). These were cordial, and useful.

For customer support, I&#8217d give GoDaddy a maximum-hands, especially thinking about their recent re-focus on supplying better hosting.


Searching at 1&amp1 hosting versus. GoDaddy &#8211 it&#8217s really difficult to say who’s the &#8220best&#8221 webhost unless of course you actually consider your exact goals and what you’re searching for inside a hosting plan.

To begin with, if you’re not associated with utilizing a big brand like 1&amp1 or GoDaddy, i then recommend HostGator, Website Hosting Hub or InMotion Hosting.

I even produced a Buzzfeed-style hosting quiz to assist sort the choices according to your objectives.

You&#8217ll improve performance, better service, and prices than either 1&amp1 or GoDaddy (I personally use HostGator to operate my smaller sized sites particularly, and have it within my website setup guide while using InMotion with this site particularly).

That stated &#8211 if you’re offered on either GoDaddy or 1&amp1, here&#8217s the way i approach them:

If you think confident navigating your hosting account and dealing with customer support, then you definitely&#8217ll reduce your cost and obtain better performance by choosing 1&amp1 hosting (see their plans &amp promotions here).

If money isn&#8217t the only problem for you, then you definitely&#8217ll have a better experience and obtain a lot more value with GoDaddy hosting. So that as lengthy while you&#8217re not managing a really resource intensive site, then you definitely&#8217ll get performance that’s pretty much as good. In the event that&#8217s the situation &#8211 you can examine out GoDaddy&#8217s plans &amp latest discount promotions here.

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ExpressVPN versus. VyprVPN: Virtual private network Provider Comparison

expressvpn vs vypervpn

After many years of foolishly running my internet business via public Wireless, I decided to employ a Virtual private network to secure my communications (and access a little bit of from market sporting occasions on a trip).

But I discovered that choosing the best Virtual private network to match me would be a bit complicated. There&#8217s no such factor like a general &#8220best&#8221 Virtual private network &#8211 rather, every one has to create tradeoffs that suit many although not all needs. ExpressVPN and VyprVPN were two which i checked out carefully.

I reviewed ExpressVPN here and reviewed VyprVPN here. I combined my notes from individuals posts write this ExpressVPN versus. PureVPN publish around the most typical Virtual private network factors. You are able to skip to my conclusion here.

However, here&#8217s a little bit of background.

ExpressVPN is possibly among the best known VPN providers. The organization has been available since 2009 and it has grown considerably since. It presently boasts 145 server locations spread across 94 countries, with more than 1,000 servers as a whole. They’re located in the British Virgin Islands.

See ExpressVPN&#8217s plans here.

VyprVPN was founded this year underneath the umbrella company Golden Frog. It’s located in Europe, a nation that has beneficial privacy laws and regulations for online users. It offers an international server network, robust file encryption practices, proprietary software, and excellent customer service.

See VyprVPN&#8217s plans here.

Both of them have advantages &amp disadvantages in my opinion. This ExpressVPN versus. VyprVPN comparison will appear each and every according to &#8211 prices, features, performance, usability, customer support, and market focus.

Disclosure – I receive referral charges from companies pointed out on this web site. All opinions and knowledge derive from my experience like a having to pay customer performing independent research.


Evaluating VyprVPN and ExpressVPN is tricky because of the way they structure their plans.

With ExpressVPN, you choose an agenda period of time, and also you obtain access to their full-featured set in one bundle.

ExpressVPN Pricing

Around the switch side, VyprVPN includes a &#8220Pro&#8221 along with a &#8220Premium&#8221 level. Using the &#8220Premium&#8221 plan, you receive yet another 2 connections and use of an exclusive protocol which makes it more prone to access major streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. With this comparison, I&#8217ll consider the &#8220Pro&#8221 level, because it&#8217s nearly similar to ExpressVPN&#8217s plans.

VyperVPN Pricing

Keep in mind that having to pay for six several weeks or perhaps a year in advance more often than not nets a lower monthly cost than having to pay for any single month at any given time with regards to VPNs.

Subscription ExpressVPN VyprVPN Pro VyprVPN Premium
1-month $12.95 $9.95 $12.95
6-several weeks $9.99 n/a n/a
12-several weeks $8.32 $5.00 $6.67

* Observe that the costs within the table are per monthly prices whenever you join the whole subscription period.

As you can tell above, even VyprVPN’s Premium plan’s less expensive than ExpressVPN’s single plan.

The yearly cost for VyprVPN Fees are roughly $80.00 when compared with roughly $100.00 for that ExpressVPN plan.

VyprVPN Pro runs for roughly $60.00 / year.

Both providers accept major credit/an atm card in addition to PayPal for payment. However, only ExpressVPN offers a variety of payment options including BitCoin and worldwide payment processors.

VyprVPN provides a 3-day free trial offer. While ExpressVPN doesn’t provide a free trial offer, they are doing provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for his or her plan.

For prices, VyprVPN cost less and it has a totally free trial. Unless of course you’re searching to pay for anonymously with BitCoin, they’ve the advantage on prices.

Features and Personalization

Both ExpressVPN and VyprVPN provide an impressive variety of features that balance the control needs of advanced users using the convenience requirements of beginners.

These functions include everything you’d expect from two top-level Virtual private network providers, including strong security and personalization features.

Listed here are a couple of from the features that both Virtual private network providers share:

  • AES 256-Bit File encryption
  • Internet kill switch
  • DNS leak protection
  • Capability to access geo-blocked content
  • Synchronised device support
  • Mobile phone compatibility

One factor backward and forward providers is the fact that ExpressVPN enables P2P filesharing (on some servers) while VyprVPN doesn&#8217t.

Actually, VyprVPN is clearly against discussing and torrenting (apart from legal content). You need to scratch this method immediately if that’s your intended utilization of a Virtual private network.

Another negative of VyprVPN is within user logs. Though it isn’t exactly uncommon among Virtual private network providers, VyprVPN keeps user connection logs for approximately thirty days.

However, the organization does condition there is a strict no usage logs policy. Regardless of the situation, VyprVPN may not be the very best bet for privacy fanatics (although average users ought to be okay).

ExpressVPN also logs some user information. Their logs are extremely minimal (time stamps and bandwidth levels) and therefore are aggregated for those users which are more in privacy. They log that aggregated meta data to balance their network whilst supplying greater amounts of privacy than other providers.

In ExpressVPN&#8217s words:

“We never keep traffic logs, so we also don’t keep any logs that may enable anyone to match an IP and timestamp to a person. Make certain entirely based on shared IPs, and therefore just one IP doesn’t track to a person user.”

Caveat &#8211 Observe that no Virtual private network is 100% secure. Your visitors are still routing via a company. Any organization can close shop or go rogue. If you’re attempting to avoid your American ISP &#8211 then you’re simply replacing distrust of Comcast/Charter using the trust of the Virtual private network. If you’re a political activist where trust is really a existence or dying situation, you have to be using something similar to Tor. This can be a segue to ExpressVPN&#8217s / VyprVPN&#8217s improvements, however the point remains using a Virtual private network doesn’t instantly create security/privacy. That’s something do via aligning company incentives (ie, having to pay for businesses who maintain security) &amp being positive.

Just how do ExpressVPN and VyprVPN rank so far as security goes overall?

Both bring your safety, security, and privacy seriously. Their top-tier security and file encryption standards verify this.

VyprVPN is resides in Europe. The nation is renowned for its relatively relaxed online privacy laws and regulations.

Actually, the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act and Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance helps make the country a secure zone from Europe’s otherwise strict data retention laws and regulations.

Something to be aware of is the fact that Golden Frog, VyprVPN’s parent company, is partly centered within the U . s . States.

Which means that Golden Frog is potentially susceptible to strict US online privacy laws and regulations, such as the troubling Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and Patriot Act.

Yet another VyprVPN security feature are their protocol options (OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, and Chameleon.

OpenVPN is usually a good (err, mostly necessary) protocol choice for average users. Chameleon, produced by VyprVPN, is yet another excellent choice because it eliminates deep packet inspection helping mask traffic.

ExpressVPN, however, is resides in the British Virgin Islands.

Although the British Virgin Islands do not have data retention laws and regulations, they’re still an english overseas territory.

The danger is most likely minimal, however the Uk could, theoretically, pressure companies within the British Virgin Islands to give data records.

ExpressVPN features OpenVPN protocol with 256-Bit file encryption having a RSA-4096 handshake and SHA-512 HMAC hash authentication.

Another awesome security facet of ExpressVPN is its. onion Tor website. Key in http://expressobutiolem.onion/ for your Tor browser to register and download the service, even when VPNs are restricted in your town.

Finally, both Virtual private network providers offer synchronised connections. ExpressVPN provides you with as much as three synchronised connections while VyprVPN Pro provides you with three too and VyprVPN Premium provides to 5.

They provide some personalization options inside their particular apps without overwhelming complexity. Here&#8217s ExpressVPN&#8217s options screen &#8211

Express VPN Settings

Here&#8217s VyprVPN&#8217s options screen &#8211

VyperVPN Advanced Settings

No features discussed above do or die their service. You should think about all of them according to your own personal needs and preferences, especially relating to your preferred security.

Performance and Speed

A Virtual private network will inherently limit some Internet speeds because it works as a literal Internet middle-man. However, a great Virtual private network will minimize this speed loss having a wide server selection spread across geographic locations where are generally near the connecting user or situated in target connection country (to gain access to geo-restricted content).

Both ExpressVPN and VyprVPN prosper with server locations and server diversity. Here&#8217s VyprVPN&#8217s server map.

And ExpressVPN&#8217s location list.

ExpressVPN Choose Location

ExpressVPN includes a slight edge in servers with 145 metropolitan areas in 94 countries, which makes it probably the most extensive Virtual private network systems around.

But both prosper on performance. Here&#8217s my baseline Internet speeds in Atlanta, Georgia, USA &#8211

No VPN Bandwidth Test

Here&#8217s VyprVPN&#8217s speed test &#8211

VyprVPN Speed Test

And here&#8217s ExpressVPN&#8217s test &#8211

ExpressVPN On Bandwidth

The speeds are most likely less than quick enough to satisfy either company&#8217s declare that they&#8217re the quickest Virtual private network on the planet. But you may also see that they’re extremely fast with a minimum of 80% of non-Virtual private network bandwidth.

One slight difference backward and forward is the fact that ExpressVPN encourages you to definitely allow them to instantly connect with the very best connection via &#8220smart location&#8221.

Express VPN App

VyprVPN takes the transparency route with showing real-time speeds for those connections inside their application.

VyperVPN Connections

Overall, if you’re searching for that fastest performance, then VyprVPN will probably win. If you’re searching for additional raw quantity of countries, then ExpressVPN will probably win (though both of them are adding more every single day).


Both ExpressVPN and VyprVPN end up with kudos within the usability department. Each company puts lots of focus on making the whole process of utilizing their services as straightforward and simple as you possibly can.

Fast and simple sign-up, an intuitive interface, and ideal customer care imply that either provider is a great choice for Virtual private network beginners. Here&#8217s ExpressVPN&#8217s signup screen &#8211

Express VPN Setup

And VyprVPN&#8217s signup screen &#8211

VyperVPN App Setup Flow

Registering for either service requires only their email. When you register and pay, you are able to download the Virtual private network client for the preferred device. Both services are suitable for Home windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux.

The consumer interface for every services are slightly different but equally intuitive. Things are organized nicely so that you can select and fasten to servers effortlessly.

Also of note is the fact that both Virtual private network websites are neat and streamlined. It’s simple to find the important information in addition to download the person clients.

It’s honestly difficult to choose a obvious champion so far as usability goes, so we’re likely to declare that one a tie.

Customer Support

Customer care is among individuals factors that&#8217s difficult to rank, regardless of the organization or industry. Everybody may have different encounters when contacting a Virtual private network provider. What we should can tell without a doubt is the fact that both companies prioritize customer support.

ExpressVPN is an especially customer-focused Virtual private network provider. Their 24/7 live customer care is only the beginning for which they provide. Though it normally won’t offer live phone support, their live chat support is great. All representatives are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. And when a front-line representative can’t answer your question – they’ll point you towards an employee that may. They can have service diagnostics included in their application.

ExpressVPN Support Diagnostics

Additionally to 24/7 live chat support, ExpressVPN also provides a ticketed email support line in addition to numerous sources online. Take a look at their FAQ or help section before contacting an agent – you’ll most likely find the solution to your question there.

The client give you support receive from VyprVPN is similarly solid. They provide 24/7 live chat support in addition to email support. An alternative choice would be to refer to them as through their online contact page. Or through their form of the in-application help form.

VyperVPN Support App

Like ExpressVPN, VyprVPN offers an extensive FAQ, troubleshooting guide, and instructions. Odds are you’ll discover the info you require from these sources.

Whichever of the Virtual private network providers you finish up selecting, you&#8217ll be set with support.

Market Focus

The prospective audience of ExpressVPN and VyprVPN are extremely similar.

It’s obvious both providers intend to supply a customer-friendly service that beginners may use effortlessly. Simultaneously, both services pack in a number of more complicated features for additional advanced Virtual private network users.

It&#8217s also obvious that both services usually are meant to be utilized for many different applications, rather of a single. Either provider is a superb option for individuals that are looking to remain secure inside a public Wi-Fi, access geo-blocked content, or stream entertainment content like Netflix or Hulu. Both of them value an account balance between performance and security with VyprVPN biased a little more toward performance and ExpressVPN biased a little more to privacy.

We pointed out it above, but it’s worth mentioning again – VyprVPN doesn’t allow P2P discussing unless of course it’s of legal content.

Individuals intending to file share or torrent tend to be best choosing ExpressVPN.

Other Things to consider

ExpressVPN and VyprVPN honestly do not have lots of variations.

Though situations are setup differently, it makes sense very similar. Both provide stellar security, usability, and efficiency.

So, which in the event you opt for? Listed here are a couple of additional factors to consider while deciding:

  • ExpressVPN has more servers (situated in more countries), permitting more consistent high speeds (despite the fact that they’re and not the fastest of).
  • ExpressVPN keeps more minimal connection logs, although their whereabouts within the British Virgin Islands is reason for minor concern.
  • VyperVPN has nearly perfect file encryption. It’s Chameleon Technology scrambles packet metadata to provide you with use of restrictive systems while keeping the most security.

Conclusion: ExpressVPN versus VyprVPN

ExpressVPN or VyprVPN are solid selections for a handy, balanced Virtual private network for everyday use.

If you’re &#8211 wanting more payment options wanting torrenting options wanting more country server options and/or want less saved logs go join ExpressVPN here.

See ExpressVPN&#8217s plans here.

If you’re &#8211 wanting maximum performance more file encryption options and/or better annual prices go join VyprVPN here.

See VyprVPN&#8217s plans here.

In either case &#8211 kudos on securing your digital existence and make certain to positively and consistently make use of your Virtual private network 🙂

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ExpressVPN versus. NordVPN: Virtual private network Provider Comparison

expressvpn vs nordvpn

After many years of foolishly running my internet business via public Wireless, I decided to employ a Virtual private network to secure my communications (and access a little bit of from market sporting occasions on a trip).

But I discovered that choosing the best Virtual private network to match me would be a bit complicated. There&#8217s no such factor like a general &#8220best&#8221 Virtual private network &#8211 rather, every one has to create tradeoffs that suit many although not all needs. ExpressVPN and NordVPN were two which i checked out carefully.

I reviewed ExpressVPN here and reviewed NordVPN here. I combined my notes from individuals posts write this ExpressVPN versus. NordVPN publish around the most typical Virtual private network factors. You are able to skip to my conclusion here.

However, here&#8217s a little bit of background.

ExpressVPN is possibly probably the most leading Virtual private network providers. The organization has been available since 2009 and it has grown considerably since. It presently boasts 145 server locations spread across 94 countries, with more than 1,000 servers as a whole. They’re located in the British Virgin Islands.

See ExpressVPN&#8217s plans here.

NordVPN is a ten years old Virtual private network provider located in Panama. They’re smaller sized than ExpressVPN but possess a quickly growing subscriber base. They tell you they are the &#8220world&#8217s innovative Virtual private network&#8221 having a concentrate on privacy.

See NordVPN&#8217s plans here.

Both of them have advantages &amp disadvantages in my opinion. This ExpressVPN versus. NordVPN comparison will appear each and every according to &#8211 prices, features, performance, usability, customer support, and market focus.

Disclosure – I receive referral charges from companies pointed out on this web site. All opinions and knowledge derive from my experience like a having to pay customer performing independent research.


Prices is subjective, but many people like saving some cash whenever they can. So, the cost could be a major element in figuring out what Virtual private network services are the best option for you.

Both ExpressVPN and NordVPN offer exactly the same kinds of subscriptions. Subscribe for just one month, six several weeks, or twelve several weeks, using the six and twelve-month options billed entirely, instead of monthly. Both of them bundle all features right into a single plan. There&#8217s no a la carte selection of connections &amp features.

ExpressVPN Pricing

NordVPN Pricing

This is actually the prices structure for companies:

Subscription NordVPN ExpressVPN
1-month $11.95 $12.95
6-several weeks $42.00 $59.95
12-several weeks $69.00 $99.95

There isn’t a improvement in the main one and 6-month options, but you’ll save almost $31 having to pay for any NordVPN annual subscription over ExpressVPN’s. That’s a substantial cost difference.

I love to take a look at trial periods or money-back guarantees, which offer more to safeguard you buy the car. But, both of these services tie up once more. Both of them offer 30-day money-back guarantees where they’ll refund your full purchase if you are unsatisfied and inform them within thirty days.

It&#8217s obvious in my experience these two providers know they&#8217re two best available, so that they&#8217re getting as good as their prices. Both of them also allow enough payment options, including BitCoin.

ExpressVPN and NordVPN are extremely comparable in this region. I wouldn’t always suggest ordering a regular monthly subscription for either, but both companies’ annual subscriptions can help you save lots of money. Should you not enjoy it, you’re always taught in 30-day guarantee.

Features and Personalization

If there’s one factor both Virtual private network providers prosper, it’s they pack their professional services filled with features. Security and personalization are high among the list of priorities for companies. And, they’re both much the same within the features they provide.

Listed here are a couple of things both Virtual private network providers have or allow:

  • P2P/torrent discussing
  • 256-bit file encryption
  • Kill switch technology in case your Virtual private network connection drops
  • Multiple device support
  • Access geographically-blocked content
  • Mobile phone applications
  • Smart DNS
  • IP Masking
  • No speed limits

As it turned out, though, it appears that NordVPN includes a small advantage on ExpressVPN for a couple of reasons.

First, NordVPN enables six synchronised connections to ExpressVPN&#8217s three. Obviously, whenever you&#8217re traveling on business, you might not need anymore than three connections at any given time. This could let your tablet, laptop, and make contact with to any or all get connected at the same time.

But, consider the number of things connect with your network in your own home. You might have multiple computers, gaming systems, along with other devices. So, if you are planning to apply your Virtual private network in your own home, NordVPN can safeguard several devices’ connections at the same time.

Second, NordVPN includes a very strict no-log policy. As with, it keeps no record whatsoever your connections, history, or internet usage. The organization relies in Panama, that has zero internet surveillance by its government, and for that reason pointless to keep any logs.

ExpressVPN doesn&#8217t keep any logs that may identify your individual information, however it does store connection logs with timestamps. As we&#8217ll see within the performance section, this practice is perhaps to optimize &amp stabilize their network. That stated, if you’re searching for any provider that doesn’t log anything (ie, there is a real-time wipe of server information), then NordVPN wins with that feature.

Caveat &#8211 Observe that no Virtual private network is 100% secure. Your visitors are still routing via a company. Any organization can close shop or go rogue. If you’re attempting to avoid your American ISP &#8211 then you’re simply replacing distrust of Comcast/Charter using the trust of the Virtual private network. If you’re a political activist where trust is really a existence or dying situation, you have to be using something similar to Tor. This can be a segue to ExpressVPN&#8217s / NordVPN&#8217s other improvements, however the point remains using a Virtual private network doesn’t instantly create security/privacy. That’s something do via aligning company incentives (ie, having to pay for businesses who maintain security) &amp being positive.

Both NordVPN and ExpressVPN make using Tor simple &amp straightforward. ExpressVPN even includes a .onion address around the dark web so that you can manage your bank account there.

They are important issues to think about, but observe that both services hold their very own against other VPNs. They&#8217re both packed with the features you&#8217d have a much for the money to maintain your activity and knowledge safe on the web. NordVPN just supplies a couple of extras as icing around the cake.

Performance and Speed

ExpressVPN is renowned for being among the speediest Virtual private network providers. The truth that it’s 145 server metropolitan areas in 94 countries, and is constantly on the expand these figures, provides it with an amazing speed performance for users around the globe.

*Aside &#8211 The &#8220all around the globe&#8221 is important for this section. Speeds are inherently impacted by distance, therefore the closer you’re for your target server &#8211 the greater the speeds will often be (everything equal). So, an important factor additionally to server figures is the diversity of servers and server countries. I’m in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. If you’re studying or regularly visit Europe or Asia &#8211 your reason for judgement will be different.

Although upload and download speeds with ExpressVPN are usually a little slower than speeds whenever you&#8217re not utilizing a Virtual private network, it goes with any Virtual private network service. ExpressVPN&#8217s are just slightly lower, and you may more often than not guarantee uptime without dropped connections. Here&#8217s my baseline speeds adopted by ExpressVPN&#8217s typical speed test.

No VPN Bandwidth Test

ExpressVPN On Bandwidth

Speeds with ExpressVPN usually hovered around 82% of non-Virtual private network speeds. Latency would be a bit greater, but didn’t prevent streaming. And critically, bandwidth speeds continued to be steady even if linked to overseas connections.

Express VPN Ip Address London

Among the downsides of NordVPN, based on customers and speed tests, is its sporadic speeds. This bad thing is partially because of the natural tradeoff with privacy (recall the no-log policy) additionally for their server network locations.

Based on where where you are is, more to the point, your time and effort zone, if you notice significant lags inside your upload and download speeds.

NordVPN presently has servers situated in 58 countries. It boasts over 800 servers, but there aren&#8217t as numerous locations to select from as ExpressVPN. And, it, regrettably, seems their servers are becoming overcrowded, since different occasions during the day considerably affect speeds. Here&#8217s their server map to provide you with a concept.

NordVPN App Map

Note how over fifty percent of the 58 countries have been in Europe. That&#8217s very little server diversity, especially you are within the Americas

Individuals using U . s . States servers, for instance, are convinced that the height duration of internet usage within the U . s . States throughout the day bogs lower server speeds. Unless of course you’re utilizing a local server, you may want to study on timezones to prevent cluttered, slow servers. Here&#8217s my typical test with NordVPN.

NordVPN Speed Test

That&#8217s pretty good, by itself. And also the latency is wonderful. However it&#8217s nowhere near ExpressVPN&#8217s bandwidth. Furthermore, It’s my job to had wide variance with NordVPN through the workday. That stated &#8211 my England connections were great &#8211 on componen with ExpressVPN.

If you’re in Europe / West Asia, then NordVPN will go mind to mind with ExpressVPN because of their heavy server presence in Europe. If you’re any place in south america, Africa or East Asia, then the possible lack of servers and insufficient network optimization options will drag lower your speed and agility.


Both ExpressVPN and NordVPN couldn&#8217t be simpler to setup and obtain began. Their websites are very neat and streamlined, therefore it&#8217s simpler to obtain the information you’re searching for and subscription and download links.

Whenever you join either service, you may choose to make use of Bitcoin if you would like your payment details to stay completely anonymous. Should you not utilize it, it’s important to pay having a credit/bank card or PayPal, which obviously will give you payment details.

You’ll also require a valid e-mail address to register, but you could create a replacement that does not hand out any identifying information. This really is standard for many Virtual private network services.

Once you’re registered, you are able to download the customer for either service. Both of them have software readily available for Home windows, OS X, Android, and iOS devices.

Both VPN’s clients have clean, simple interfaces that won’t make you wondering how to proceed next. If you are searching for any client that’s as straightforward as you possibly can, you will get that from each one.

NordVPN Signup Flow

Express VPN Setup

NordVPN’s client offers one factor that sets it aside from ExpressVPN’s.

It&#8217s especially convenient that NordVPN can help you select the right server based on what for you use the Virtual private network. Select from Security, P2P, Streaming, and Anonymity, and also the client will advise a proper server location according to that require.

This is fantastic for newer users who don&#8217t know much about locations. Obviously, you could choose your server if you would like additional control of the options.

The 2 clients have much the same setups. Both of them offer almost exactly the same group of features, just like a kill switch and selection of protocol. They can provide explanations from the advanced features so beginners can find out about everything they provide.

Here&#8217s ExpressVPN&#8217s application.

ExpressVPN Choose Location

Express VPN Settings

Here&#8217s NordVPN&#8217s application settings page.

NordVPN App Settings

Either one’s a champion in this region.

Customer Support

Everybody will certainly have different encounters with customer support for the similar company. So, it’s important to concentrate on consistency &amp access across multiple channels to try and judge the organization&#8217s attitude towards service.

When you are traveling, you shouldn’t need to bother about downtime along with other issues inside your web connection out of your Virtual private network. You’ll require a reliable service which has fast and thorough customer care if the issue does arise.

It appears that you will discover that more with ExpressVPN. As being a bigger company, it’s among the best customer care teams you can want inside a Virtual private network provider. You’ve 24/7 accessibility support team through live chat, but you may also make use of the website contact page or e-mail the organization directly. They can have nifty diagnostics inside their application.

ExpressVPN Support Diagnostics

The troubleshooting and support guides on the website will also be good for fixing several more core issues, therefore it&#8217s best to check there first.

This isn’t to state that NordVPN’s customer support isn’t good, however it doesn’t quite meet ExpressVPN’s standards. Additionally, it includes a 24/7 live chat support team along with a direct email or contact page option. Just remember that NordVPN clearly states on its site that the second two options may lead to as much as 48 hrs of turnaround here we are at an answer.

NordVPN Customer Support

NordVPN comes with a little FAQ section and a few set-up tutorials, but it’s all fundamental. Anybody searching for additional advanced troubleshooting will need to contact customer care via support ticket.

I don&#8217t be aware of behind the curtain of these two companies, but simply from surface observations about how they&#8217ve structured their support, ExpressVPN appears to possess a bigger focus on fast, effective support.

Market Focus

NordVPN and ExpressVPN are extremely similar often that it is obvious they’re marketing towards the same audience. They’re both feature-packed services with budget-friendly options and arranged, simple clients that beginners to advanced users can usually benefit from.

That stated, NordVPN&#8217s marketing certainly highlights their specific security measures (even if they’re distributed to other VPNs). Their no-log policy is a that sticks out, but additionally comes with an natural tradeoff with performance &#8211 additionally for their &#8220double-encrytion&#8221 feature.

ExpressVPN marketing presents them because the everything for everyone Virtual private network&#8230for a cost. Their cost point is greater than most VPNs, including NordVPN&#8217s. They also appear to possess more investment when it comes to servers &amp support.

If no-log coverage is your priority, then NordVPN will win for you personally. If you’re a business-person or just somebody that uses a balanced, convenient Virtual private network, then ExpressVPN will probably meet your needs more.

ExpressVPN versus NordVPN Conclusion

This review is much like evaluating apples to apples. Both services are solid options, plus they try to balance one another in every area. Where one lacks, another excels, and the other way around.

Either Virtual private network provider is a great choice for beginner to more complex users. Their simple clients can get you setup and guaranteed fast, and you may always spend some time researching more complex features along the way.

If you’re &#8211 in Europe / West Asia value a no-log policy and/or want cheaper annual prices &#8211 then you need to go join NordVPN here.

See NordVPN&#8217s current plans.

If you’re &#8211 wanting a reliability and convenience within the Americas, Africa or East Asia and/or want consistent support &#8211 then you need to go join ExpressVPN here.

See ExpressVPN&#8217s current plans.

Kudos on securing your online &#8211 make sure to make use of your Virtual private network consistently 🙂

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Shopify versus. Bigcommerce: Tradeoffs, Comparisons & More

Shopify vs. BigCommerce

Shopify and BigCommerce are two fastest growing and many well-known located ecommerce platforms.

Ecommerce options exist on the spectrum of convenience and control. Both Shopify and BigCommerce are right in the center of the spectrum simply because they bundle all of the technical areas of a web-based store &#8211 hosting, speed, security, inventory, shopping cart software and payment processing &#8211 and bundle it right into a single monthly cost. This contrasts with solutions like WordPress + Woocommerce in which you buy, operate and keep each bit from the store but additionally have true 100% control of your site.

But just like a self-located ecommerce website, Shopify and BigCommerce also bundle in your website in your domain in which you have full charge of product, prices and customer experience. So unlike managing a store on Etsy, eBay or Amazon . com &#8211 you control the build, design and content of the store.

Even if this area of the spectrum has lots of tradeoffs &#8211 services like Shopify and BigCommerce are a great choice for many storeowners. Therefore the question becomes &#8211 Shopify versus. BigCommerce?

I’ve reviewed Shopify here and BigCommerce here. I’ve used both like a customer so that as an advisor to customers of both.

Both are excellent companies by having an excellent product. And like several my other ecommerce and hosting reviews, there’s no such factor being an absolute “best” &#8211 there’s just the best brand out there according to your circumstances, goals and sources.

Here’s how Shopify comes even close to BigCommerce across 6 variables that many customers take a look at &#8211 and what you need to consider with Shopify versus. BigCommerce.

Skip to conclusion here.

Aside &#8211 I built a Buzzfeed style quiz for ecommerce platforms that grades the standards together with your goals. You should check out the quiz here.

Also, a fast disclosure &#8211 I receive referral charges from companies pointed out on this web site. All data and opinions derive from my experience like a having to pay customer or consultant to some having to pay customer.


Ahh &#8211 cost. It’s both simplest and many complex method to compare two products.

Rapid story on cost is the fact that both Shopify and BigCommerce work on a regular monthly cost structure having a ~2 week free trial offer. They likewise have a really similar “sticker” cost with tiers at ~$29/mo and ~$79/mo or more.

Shopify Pricing for Shopify Review (2016)

BigCommerce Pricing


That stated, their plan structure is simply different enough to create a direct comparison a little difficult.

Aside &#8211 Shopify throws another wrench within the comparison because you can buy Shopify Lite to be used being an inventory &amp order management with no actual website.

If you’re just beginning by helping cover their a fundamental store, you’ll likely save some cash with BigCommerce because (as we’ll see later) &#8211 they include lots of features directly within their setup. They’ve apps and styles &#8211 but both are usually either free or costly.

However, once you begin factoring in apps, styles, charge card rates, and mid-tier features for example HTTPS and cart recovery &#8211 then Shopify is the perfect total value cost for many stores. Shopify includes a more diverse group of apps &amp styles across a variety of cost points and it has some advanced features which are “global” &#8211 for example HTTPS everywhere.

In either case &#8211 cost isn’t the deciding factor for Shopify versus. BigCommerce. Rather, I’d take a look at additional factors.

Customer Care

Customer care is among the most undervalued advantages of choosing a located ecommerce platform.

The entire charge of a self-located ecommerce website is wonderful until it will get hacked and you’re having to pay $$$ to some developer or you are within the WordPress forums wishing someone points you within the right direction.

Both BigCommerce and Shopify have customer care included in their monthly cost. You obtain access to a variety of channels on &#8211 from phone to talk to forums to email tickets.

All customer care is customized since both operate on proprietary platforms.

At register &#8211 both of them come with an “onboarding” sequence along with a consultant to assist with any issues.

BigCommerce Onboarding Email

I’ve had good encounters with and you will find a few variations that I’ve observed &#8211

  • BigCommerce has more thorough and instructive DIY education. They’ve videos and screenshots for small changes around the Dashboard whereas Shopify may have text instructions.
  • BigCommerce results in as increasing numbers of beginner-friendly.
  • Shopify has more thorough and instructive content on running your general business. They invest considerable time and sources in situation studies, lengthy-form guides, tutorials, and helping your company succeed beyond just applying a brand new feature.
  • Shopify also offers a far more well-developed network of third party developers and marketers who focus on Shopify. They’re also known as “Shopify Experts.” It isn’t effortlessly, but it’s a much better beginning point for advanced help than the usual Google or UpWork search.

Overall, I’d state that beginners will probably find BigCommerce’s support system to become less daunting. However a growing store will probably find Shopify’s support system to become handier.

Customer Focus

Shopify and BigCommerce both serve companies that vary from really small retailers selling niche products to multi-billion dollar brands. Have enterprise plans (I authored about Shopify Plus here) plus they have customer care teams educated to help absolute beginners.

That stated &#8211 there’s a significant difference between your companies when it comes to sources and mission. Shopify did an Dpo in 2015 to be a perfectly-funded public company. Their platform should serve all retail companies both on and offline.

Shopify runs their very own payment processing service as well as has their very own Point-of-Purchase (POS) system to ensure that small offline retailers sell offline an internet-based from inside exactly the same system. These were the first one to unveil “buyable buttons” on Pinterest and Facebook to ensure that retailers could sell inventory directly anywhere online &#8211 not only from customers who examined through the merchant’s website.

Shopify’s backend (which I’ll cover within the next section) reflects this focus. These products / orders / customers / inventory area is outside of the “website” area. The concept is your website is just one of numerous sales channels. You are able to certainly run your site as the only sales funnel in Shopify &#8211 however the choices to sell elsewhere happen to be built-in.

BigCommerce’s focus appears to become 100% on online-only storeowners. That’s not necessarily a bad or perhaps a good factor &#8211 it’s only a choice. Their backend and terminology is centered on the storeowner that has an ecommerce website&#8230and that’s the main focus. BigCommerce has lots of integrations with eBay, Facebook, etc &#8211 but they’re still treated being an extension from the website.

BigCommerce’s big business development deal was with Alibaba. It’s focused particularly on helping ecommerce proprietors and dropshippers build out inventory to market online better.

Both BigCommerce and Shopify are fantastic platforms for novices to enterprise. However, Shopify’s focus is on helping everybody sell everywhere. BigCommerce’s focus helps online storeowners sell better.

User-ambiance &amp Onboarding

Associated with Customer Focus would be the problems with user-ambiance and “onboarding” (ie, obtaining a new customer for an active storeowner).

Both BigCommerce and Shopify have excellent onboarding processes and user-friendly management areas. Here’s a relevant video tour of every backend &#8211

The primary difference is when each backend is structured. BigCommerce includes a single Dashboard in which you manage everything &#8211 your product or service, inventory, websites, settings, billing, etc.

Shopify breaks out products/customers/orders as well as your website into separate areas. Furthermore, Shopify has their very own lingo.

For instance, rather of “product categories” &#8211 Shopify has “Collections.” Rather of a &#8220website&#8221 &#8211 Shopify has &#8220Online Store&#8221 that is among your &#8220Sales Channels.&#8221

To have an absolute beginner, it requires a couple of more minutes to determine Shopify’s lingo and structure when compared with BigCommerce. That stated, once Shopify’s lingo clicks, it will provide a little more versatility for daily operations. Shopify’s inventory setup, their product filtering and template editor are faster and much more versatile &#8211 when you figure them out.

For those who have never operate a website before and just possess a promising small to mid-size product collection, then BigCommerce will probably be preferable than Shopify.

If you would like more lengthy-term versatility, you’ll likely appreciate Shopify’s system more when you tackle the training curve.

Method of Features

Both Shopify and BigCommerce have the majority of the tools (marketing, Search engine optimization, inventory, order, etc) a web-based store will have to be effective. They differ though in the way the each approach adding additional features.

Shopify takes the “platform” approach. They’ve essential features that storeowners will require built-in. However for features that does not all storeowners need &#8211 they concentrate on ensuring storeowners can also add feature extensions for their store when needed. There is a large and active Application Store that does not has only well-known extensions (ie, MailChimp) but additionally lots of indie apps for each situation (ie, apps for worldwide tax and shipping features).

Shopify’s template editing language, Liquid, also enables developers to include features straight to an outlet if required.

BigCommerce comes with an Application Store for extensions too. However, BigCommerce includes a bigger concentrate on building plenty of features straight into their software to ensure that there’s you don’t need to add extra time.

For instance, take selling on eBay or importing your eBay listings for your store. Both Shopify and BigCommerce could make these functions happen.

BigCommerce builds the feature to their backend. Should you not require the feature, it adds some clutter and technically enables you to “pay” for something aren’t using. However if you simply require it, it’s already there also it simply works.

Shopify doesn’t have it built-in. However, they are doing come with an application extension (produced by Shopify, readily available for free) that you could supplment your store if you are an eBay seller.

Another example is bulk 301 Redirects. Both Shopify and BigCommerce have 301 redirect functionality built-in &#8211 and it is ideal for most storeowners.

However, some will have to upload a spreadsheet’s price of a large number of redirects. BigCommerce has bulk upload built-all the while Shopify users need to install an application to consider proper care of it.

Bigcommerce Advanced Settings

That stated &#8211 the switch side from the platform/built-in tradeoff is when BigCommerce doesn’t have an element built-in &#8211 they’re unlikely with an application to supply the functionality whatsoever.

For instance, if you’re applying individuals bulk 301 redirects and wish to monitor 404 errors to find out if you missed any URLs &#8211 Shopify’s application will require proper care of that however, you won’t have the ability to it whatsoever in BigCommerce.

It’s exactly the same situation for drag editing, membership shopping and lots of other advanced features. Most storeowners don’t needOrwould like them. However if you simply do, you are more inclined to have it in certain form or fashion in Shopify than BigCommerce.

Shopify Apps

Overall, for those who have fairly core ecommerce needs and just want something to exist and also to work &#8211 then BigCommerce will probably are more effective.

If you would like more versatility (without going the self-hosting route), then you’ll convey more use of features with Shopify.

Aside &#8211 for this reason I suggest carrying out a 2 week free trial offer with BigCommerce and Shopify simply to click around and discover for yourself.

Method of Design

Both Shopify and BigCommerce make use of a system of styles / templates for design. You decide on basics theme after which edit it to appear as you desire.

As the finish result is identical, they are doing have a slightly different approach.

Shopify includes a well-developed “Theme Store” which, similar to their Application Store, has many free and premium styles produced by companies, individuals, and Shopify.

Shopify Themes

Shopify’s backend enables you to definitely make changes towards the theme. Most styles possess a hybrid method of editing. Small customizations (colors, logos, etc) require only a click while bigger changes (layout, widgets, etc) require editing Shopify’s custom Liquid language. Knowing some HTML/CSS, then it isn’t ideal since you need to learn yet another method of making changes.

BigCommerce includes a Theme Store that’s quickly growing. They’ve just added a brand new batch of new styles. However, still it lacks the variety of Shopify. Their cost points for premium styles are often greater too. That stated, BigCommerce theme editing options include both selecting small customizations and editing the HTML/CSS. It’s a far more straightforward editor that you will get with Shopify.

Bigcommerce Design Editing Options


Overall, I believe most storeowners will discover more versatility with Shopify’s method of design. However, if you wish to edit HTML/CSS directly without learning a brand new language and/or wish to download template designs (instead of your development store) &#8211 then you’ll like BigCommerce better.

Shopify versus. BigCommerce Conclusion &amp Next Steps

So Shopify versus. BigCommerce &#8211 who is the perfect fit for who? For those who have time &#8211 I’d really recommend carrying out a free trial offer (no charge card needed) with and merely clicking around.

Obtain a free 15-day free trial offer with BigCommerce here.

Obtain a free 14-day free trial offer with Shopify here.

Personally, i such as the versatility and options of Shopify. They’re likely a much better fit for many online storeowners. Take a look at Shopify here &amp my Shopify Review here.

However, if you are a online-only store and wish a less complicated experience, you’ll prosper with BigCommerce. Take a look at BigCommerce here &amp my BigCommerce Review here.

If you’re undecided &#8211 then take my Ecommerce Platform Quiz here. It will require your requirements and let you know who is the greatest option for your web store.

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InMotion Hosting versus. GoDaddy Website Hosting: InMotion Compared Part 1

InMotion VS GoDaddy

I lately did a complete overview of InMotion Hosting, which you’ll read here. However, I needed to particularly take a look at InMotion Hosting versus. GoDaddy Website Hosting, due to the fact GoDaddy is the consumer brand among most those who are searching to begin their very own website.

Note: This publish initially made an appearance on October 6, 2013. It’s been revised and re-written to both companies by 2016.

GoDaddy is really a global brand that does lots of advertising (that&#8217s an understatement). I&#8217ve maintained a free account there, and a few my clients utilize it, and so i&#8217ve were built with a some knowledge about them since 2009. And InMotion is really a quickly growing webhost from La which has lately generated some press and won several awards for his or her hosting companies.

For a long time now, I’ve been receiving readers questions regarding InMotion. I’ve client websites on GoDaddy, but presently make use of an InMotion VPS server for shivarweb.com. And So I thought I&#8217d do a comparison mind to mind. Let&#8217s join in and check out InMotion Hosting versus. GoDaddy Website Hosting.

Disclosure &#8211 I receive referral charges from the companies pointed out within this publish. All opinion and knowledge is dependant on my experience like a having to pay customer or consultant to some having to pay customer.


Evaluating prices between InMotion vs. GoDaddy is tough due to a couple of issues.

First, GoDaddy does deep discounting frequently (see their latest promo here). InMotion does discounting, although it&#8217s not often as deep as GoDaddy. See InMotion&#8217s plans 53% off discount here.

Second, when they both offer 3 tiers of shared web hosting prices (that they describe as &#8220business class&#8221 and &#8220web hosting&#8221 correspondingly), their plans don&#8217t align exactly.

Nonetheless, after i bust out all of the features and packages &#8211 GoDaddy has got the affordable prices &#8211 pretty consistently, before discounts. Their least expensive plans are nearly identical in value, as well as their middle plans aren’t that remote from one another. If you’re deciding exclusively on cost &#8211 you need to make the most of GoDaddy&#8217s hosting promos here.

The main one other catch is term-length. GoDaddy plans are as little as 3 several weeks, whereas InMotion needs a 12 months commitment (aside from Pro plans, which need a setup fee to obtain the 30 days length).

The final catch, that we&#8217ll also mention in Features, may be the cPanel license. For GoDaddy, it&#8217s a $1/mo upsell. For InMotion, it&#8217s incorporated. If you’re planning on making use of cPanel (the standard backend), then that tips the cost to InMotion.

However, if you can to, I wouldn&#8217t create a hosting decision exclusively on cost. While GoDaddy wins on prices &#8211 let&#8217s continue onto all of those other groups before choosing InMotion Hosting versus. GoDaddy&#8230


As with every little bit of marketing, web hosting companies provide the same product generally, and then try to highlight certain features to stick out to the clientele. That stated &#8211 there are particular features that you ought to consider, and may have an effect based on what your objectives are.

To begin with, both GoDaddy and InMotion limit the amount of websites/domains and databases in their least expensive tier. To interrupt the jargon, websites/domains is the amount of domains that you could path to your hosting account. Each website/domain may have a lot of subdomains onto it though. So you might have blog.domain.com, client1.domain.com, world wide web.domain.com, etc, etc &#8211 but still have only 1 website/domain in your account.

What’s truly restricting is the amount of databases that you’re restricted to. Databases are what stores the data that runs your site. For instance, if you are using WordPress to power you website, each install uses its very own database. Unless of course you’re uploading raw HTML files (and I think you’ll&#8217re not), then the amount of databases permitted is exactly what you should think about.

InMotion and GoDaddy both combine on their own 2 least expensive tiers. I possibly could really enter into specifics and types of conditions, but essentially, for those who have a couple of websites planned, then InMotion and GoDaddy will both be fine.

Second, the &#8220hidden&#8221 feature which i check is when much PHP they provide you with. The main reason I see this happens because many, lots of people run the website off a PHP-based CMS&#8230in short, the programming language that forces the program that forces your site (ie, WordPress is really a PHP-based CMS).

PHP needs dedicated memory to operate &#8211 much like your pc, laptop, or smartphone needs memory to operate rapidly. Frequently, web hosting companies around the cheaper finish from the scale will seriously reduce PHP memory with regard to costs.

GoDaddy was once infamous situation of the &#8211 sometimes only giving 64M for your requirements. They’ve lately upgraded to allocate industry standard 256M to every account, though they still cap the quantity of memory focused on uploads (merely a factor whenever you attempt to upload an enormous photo/video directly through WordPress).

InMotion, though, get especially kudos for the quantity of memory dedicated. They match GoDaddy at 256M &#8211 but exceed them in upload PHP, along with other sources focused on the account (this can appear again whenever we reach Performance).

InMotion (left) and GoDaddy (right) Memory

Otherwise, both GoDaddy and InMotion Hosting offer a multitude of freebies for example email, application installers, and advertising credits &#8211 plus they both incorporate a free domain with hosting purchase (see InMotion&#8217s deals here and GoDaddy&#8217s current promo here).

First, money-back guarantees. Both of them offer them, however in my (yet others) experience &#8211 GoDaddy does 45-day, while InMotion provides a 90-day guarantee.

Second, GoDaddy doesn’t do backups. InMotion does free weekly backups that are around free of charge too. Now &#8211 you ought to be doing all of your own website backups, so this ought to be moot. However, unexpected things happen (like hitting delete while backing some misconception&#8230speaking from experience). Therefore it&#8217s always beneficial to possess a safety internet &#8211 especially one which you don&#8217t need to pay for.

InMotion versus. GoDaddy on features? If you’re only planning for a couple websites or fewer, then InMotion wins by far. If you are planning to want most of the separate websites (for clients, occasions, etc) &#8211 GoDaddy&#8217s limitless features on their own Limitless plan may well be a better fit for you personally, if you should continue reading to the finish for other, better alternatives than GoDaddy.


Features and prices don&#8217t matter though in case your hosting doesn&#8217t perform the 1 factor it&#8217s designed to do: offer your site rapidly each and every time a customer demands it.

Both site advertise a 99.99% uptime &#8211 which comes from internal figures though, and provides extensive variables. I&#8217ve yet to possess any downtime with InMotion yet, and that i&#8217ve had some downtime with my client&#8217s sites on GoDaddy &#8211 though just inside the one hour of forecasted downtime inside a year (evidently this excludes the infamous DNS snafu of 2012). Uptime though is difficult to calculate without aggregate data.

Things I can measure though is when rapidly the servers can offer the requested site. The metric which i take a look at is TTFB &#8211 time for you to first byte. It&#8217s the way of measuring how lengthy it requires the server to understand a request and serve the very first byte of the website. I don&#8217t consider the total load time due to the fact that will get into the way your individual web site is configured, and which kind of website it’s.

Here&#8217s the outcomes of the greatest of three consecutive test performed on websites with similar testing software in the same server &amp browser:

GoDaddy Speed Test

GoDaddy Speed


InMotion Speed Test

InMotion Speed Test


InMotion Hosting wins. By a great deal. Really&#8230a lot. Again &#8211 TTFB is better considered a pattern. In certain of my other hosting reviews, you&#8217ll find better and worse recent results for InMotion and GoDaddy. But because a guide &#8211 InMotion still wins overall.

Which was straightforward &#8211 let&#8217s proceed to usability.


Every webhost struggles using the problem of creating the account backend easy and not daunting for first-timers, while still supplying all the variety of other people who would like to tweak and explore.

InMotion attempts to solve this trouble with their Account Management Portal. They have all of the technical access via SSH, FTP and cPanel &#8211 they also have quick links all inside a single login.

InMotion Dashboard

GoDaddy goes another route &#8211 there is a 100% proprietary setup (unless of course you have to pay for any cPanel license). They’ve a free account backend, where one can click to your hosting backend. In my opinion, it&#8217s significantly less daunting for first-timers, but rapidly becomes restricting once you discover the right path around. Because it&#8217s all proprietary and different to GoDaddy &#8211 you&#8217ll only get good support from GoDaddy &amp their knowledgebase.

GoDaddy Account Backend &#8211

GoDaddy Account Backend

GoDaddy Server Backend

GoDaddy Server Backend

Who wins InMotion Hosting versus. GoDaddy with usability? I&#8217d state that if you’re a total beginner searching to place up an internet site or more and little else &#8211 then GoDaddy may well be a better fit. If you’re searching to complete more then InMotion Hosting wins this round.

Customer Support

Customer support is among individuals stuff that&#8217s simple to bypass when you’re purchasing. The factor is, whenever you need it&#8230you really require it. I wouldn&#8217t bypass it whatsoever.

The issue with customer support is the fact that a lot is anecdotal. The folks using the worst encounters would be the loudest. GoDaddy has some pretty horrible tales online about its customer support. They’re really quite infamous.

However, I&#8217ve also were built with a couple readers write directly into me with horrible customer support tales from InMotion.

Personally, I&#8217ve didn’t have a horror story with either. I&#8217ve had some lengthy waits with GoDaddy which i haven&#8217t had with InMotion. But GoDaddy is usually fine.

The main one difference which i have observed which i think talks to something much deeper is training. Whenever I speak with a GoDaddy repetition, I recieve a feeling that they’re simply using a troubleshooting script. They don&#8217t really know what they’re speaking about.

With InMotion, their reps apply certain scripts, however they appear to really know what they’re doing. It&#8217s simple to skip beyond the fundamental troubleshooting questions and obtain to the center from the matter.

InMotion also does a great job of answering questions across all channels &#8211 such as the comments within their Knowledgebase. That you can do DIY customer care without getting funneled to an appointment.

InMotion Knowledgebase Support

That in my experience puts them far in front of GoDaddy with customer support.

The Company

Product critiques and comparisons are essential, however it&#8217s important too to understand the businesses that leave individuals products. GoDaddy includes a specific brand they promote &#8211 you&#8217ve most likely seen it on tv an internet-based. It&#8217s questionable purposely and you may go how you want to capture it.

However, GoDaddy has tried a good quantity of controversies the informed consumer should know. To provide GoDaddy the advantage of the doubt though, there is a new and fewer questionable Chief executive officer, and therefore are phasing out their old ad campaigns.

InMotion Hosting isn’t perfect, but hasn’t courted quite the debate of GoDaddy, though additionally they don&#8217t operate at GoDaddy&#8217s scale. They are doing positively support open-source software initiatives, sponsor WordCamps, and also have been dealing with non-profits to lower their carbon footprint. They are among the couple of independent and worker-owned website hosts.

You are able to determine if that means something for you personally, but simply For your information.


Unless of course it’s a simply apparent choice, I attempt never to declare a &#8220best&#8221 or &#8220winner&#8221 in almost any hosting review &#8211 different companies/products fit differing people based on their set goals (I even designed a hosting quiz to assist identify the correct one should you&#8217re planning shared web hosting).

If you’re searching for any solid hosting company, with higher performance, great customer support, and also you don&#8217t intend on creating a large number of sites or having to pay a few extra dollars per month &#8211 go take a look at InMotion Hosting&#8217s 53% off discount on plans here. They’ll most likely be considered a better fit for you personally.

If you’re searching to have an broadly known logo and you&#8217re more worried about budget than performance &#8211 or else you intend on getting plenty of sites on 1 account &#8211 then you need to take a look at GoDaddy here (see their current hosting promo here).

Or you are searching for any 3rd alternative &#8211 one which enables limitless websites on one account with flexible prices &#8211 take a look at HostGator. I utilize them for my dev and sandbox sites. You will get 45% off here.

You may also see my full InMotion Hosting review here.

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ExpressVPN versus. PureVPN: Virtual private network Provider Comparison

expressvpn vs purevpn

After many years of foolishly running my internet business via public Wireless, I decided to employ a Virtual private network to secure my communications (and access a little bit of from market sporting occasions on a trip).

But I discovered that choosing the best Virtual private network to match me would be a bit complicated. There&#8217s no such factor like a general &#8220best&#8221 Virtual private network &#8211 rather, every one has to create tradeoffs that suit many although not all needs. ExpressVPN and PureVPN were two which i checked out carefully.

I reviewed ExpressVPN here and reviewed PureVPN here. I combined my notes from individuals posts write this ExpressVPN versus. PureVPN publish around the most typical Virtual private network factors. You are able to skip to my conclusion here.

However, here&#8217s a little bit of background.

ExpressVPN is possibly probably the most leading Virtual private network providers. The organization has been available since 2009 and it has grown considerably since. It presently boasts 145 server locations spread across 94 countries, with more than 1,000 servers as a whole. They’re located in the British Virgin Islands.

See ExpressVPN&#8217s plans here.

PureVPN provides more server countries – 141, to become exact – but simply over 750 servers. The Hong Kong-based company began in the year 2006 and doesn’t presently appear to possess as large an admirer base as ExpressVPN, but comes with happy customers, nevertheless.

See PureVPN&#8217s plans here.

Both of them have advantages &amp disadvantages in my opinion. This ExpressVPN versus. PureVPN comparison will appear each and every according to &#8211 prices, features, performance, usability, customer support, and market focus.

Disclosure – I receive referral charges from companies pointed out on this web site. All opinions and knowledge derive from my experience like a having to pay customer performing independent research.


Many Virtual private network providers have similar prices structures using subscriptions that vary from 1-month to 12-several weeks. ExpressVPN, for instance, provides a 1-month subscription for $12.95, 6-month for $59.95, and 12-month for $99.95. Clearly, you’ll save enough money by buying a yearly subscription.

ExpressVPN Pricing

ExpressVPN Payment Options

But, what should you not wish to spend everything cash on something you realize nothing about without first giving it a go? Fortunately, ExpressVPN includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, which customers rave is super simple to use as needed. Should you&#8217re unsatisfied using the service, you will get a refund, no questions requested.

PureVPN’s structure is a touch different. It will possess a 1-month subscription for $10.95 and 6-several weeks for $53.70, but # 1-year subscription. Rather, it features a 2-year subscription with incredible savings. You can find this for $70.80, which helps you save $192 more than a monthly subscription.

PureVPN Pricing

This subscription reaches a remarkably competitive cost among Virtual private network services, especially thinking about that PureVPN provides 5 synchronised connections. Should you break their prices lower by connection, it&#8217s even cheaper.

A possible problem is the fact that PureVPN has only a 7-day money-back guarantee, which doesn&#8217t provide you with a lengthy time for you to decide if you want the service.

If you are searching for that PureVPN business or family subscription, you’ll meet another group of pricings. The plans vary from $49 to $179 monthly, or discounted prices of $288 to $1,008 if billed yearly. ExpressVPN does not have a company subscription option.

PureVPN Family Plan

Both ExpressVPN and PureVPN possess a wide-selection of payment options. Within your budget either provider’s subscription utilizing a debit or credit card, PayPal, and many other payment forms, including Bitcoin. The second can help keep the identifying information private either to service.

If cost may be the primary element in your choice, then PureVPN arrives way ahead. Their prices is really solid. However, there are more factors which go into overall value, so let&#8217s use ExpressVPN and PureVPN&#8217s feature sets &amp security factors.

Features and Personalization

If a lot of features are what you’re searching for, you’ll likely find both Virtual private network providers impressive. So, we begin with security measures.

Both providers offer 256-bit file encryption, which is equivalent to what banks use to secure their customers’ financial and private information. Additionally they both have several exactly the same protocols, like OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and IPSec. PureVPN furthermore offers IKEv2.

With either service, you may also make use of a Stealth protocol, that make it simpler for the website traffic with the Virtual private network to appear like regular traffic.

Both of them don’t have any traffic logging, however they both log bandwidth and timestamps to improve network reliability. Both of them permit you to connect via Tor seamlessly. Both of them use first party DNS and safeguard against IPv6 leaks. ExpressVPN provides a .onion website to be able to even manage your bank account anonymously.

Both in my ExpressVPN review and PureVPN &#8211 I highlighted their persistence for file encryption and privacy with obtaining a caveat for that meta data logging.

Caveat &#8211 Observe that no Virtual private network is 100% secure. Your visitors are still routing via a company. Any organization can close shop or go rogue. If you’re attempting to avoid your American ISP &#8211 then you’re simply replacing distrust of Comcast/Charter using the trust of the Virtual private network. If you’re a political activist where trust is really a existence or dying situation, you have to be using something similar to Tor. This can be a segue to ExpressVPN&#8217s / PureVPN&#8217s improvements, however the point remains using a Virtual private network doesn’t instantly create security/privacy. That’s something do via aligning company incentives (ie, having to pay for businesses who maintain security) &amp being positive.

ExpressVPN and PureVPN both allow synchronised connections of the devices, with ExpressVPN allowing three on a single account and PureVPN allowing five. Connections on business journeys can be more convenient compared to other VPNs that just allow one device for connecting at any given time.

You normally do not need greater than three connected devices if you are traveling on your own on business, so either services are useful in this region. If you are searching to make use of the Virtual private network in your own home, though, PureVPN allows much more of your devices for connecting previously.

One of the things that’s incredibly useful that PureVPN offers but ExpressVPN doesn’t is split tunneling. This selection enables you to choose what information to secure using your Virtual private network and just what information to transmit to the web as always.

Split tunneling can help you improve your speeds, which frequently get slower if you use a Virtual private network. You could do that by hand through several settings along with other VPNs, but it’s complicated and never always simple for non-advanced Virtual private network users to determine. Actually, PureVPN buckets the modes into Virtual private network &#8220modes&#8221.

PureVPN Modes

PureVPN Modes App

ExpressVPN enables you to definitely change some protocols, but attempts to strike the rate / security balance instantly.

Express VPN Settings

Overall, security and useful features are extremely much consistent with both Virtual private network services, but PureVPN provides a slight edge with increased connections and split tunneling.

Performance and Speed

ExpressVPN and PureVPN are generally referred to as a few of the speediest Virtual private network providers around the market. It will help that they’re bigger companies with several server locations to select from, which will help you discover the right server combination wherever where you are is all over the world.

Knowing from a number of real speed tests conducted by users of every Virtual private network, it appears that ExpressVPN comes with more consistent speeds for uploading and installing.

With the Virtual private network, ExpressVPN users observed merely a slightly slower upload and data transfer speed compared to what they ordinarily have with no Virtual private network. Speeds are fairly consistent whether or not they will use a nearby or non-local server.

PureVPN’s results are generally a little less consistent, with wider variations of everywhere upload and download speeds with the Virtual private network than ExpressVPN’s speeds. Still, it will get excellent speeds, but yours can vary based on the position of the server you select as well as your current location.

Here&#8217s my baseline non-Virtual private network internet speed.

No VPN Bandwidth Test

Here’s ExpressVPN&#8217s typical test.

ExpressVPN On Bandwidth

Here’s PureVPN&#8217s typical test.

PureVPN Speed Test

Observe that their speeds are within margin of error of one another. PureVPN&#8217s latency is lower with ExpressVPN&#8217s bandwidth a little greater.

Both individuals exams are from Atlanta (my house) using the nearest geographic servers.

I could stream BBC from both without any choppiness with their particular United kingdom servers.

PureVPN Country Restricted

Similar to their slight improvement in set of features &#8211 PureVPN comes with an interesting method to sort their servers. Additionally to location, additionally they have the means to sort servers by &#8220purpose&#8221.

PureVPN Purpose &amp Ping

ExpressVPN however lists servers by location and encourages you to definitely allow them to sort by performance. instantly

ExpressVPN Choose Location

Overall, ExpressVPN comes with an edge in performance. However, if you are using Virtual private network for gaming and/or streaming, you will possibly not spot the difference because of PureVPN&#8217s &#8220modes&#8221 and/or specialized server selection.


PureVPN and ExpressVPN are near to equals within the user-ambiance department.

Aside &#8211 and yes, this &#8220close to equals&#8221 is absurd &#8211 I&#8217m not attempting to be over-neutral. Both ExpressVPN and PureVPN target a really similar audience. They are doing possess some important variations, that we&#8217ll summarize within the conclusion. However I want to put out the way they compare on every consideration.

In either case &#8211 both websites are clean, simple, and simple to navigate.

The only real negative with PureVPN’s is it appears more salesy than ExpressVPN’s. Between your automatic ‘Live Chat’ pop-up whenever you visit and also the clearly fake speed performance graphics within the ‘Why PureVPN’ section, it’s similar to the organization is attempting too challenging your attention. ExpressVPN’s web site is very professional and non-manipulative. You may also view it within their application design.

Express VPN App

PureVPN Status

So far as the clients go, you’d be equally impressed with each one. Each company has apps for many devices, like Home windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Every one has excellent reviews regarding simplicity, yet users can continue to make use of the services’ full group of features when they choose.

You are able to setup either client in a couple of minutes after buying a regular membership and installing the file.

PureVPN Signup Flow After

Express VPN Setup

One factor I really like about PureVPN&#8217s client is the fact that, once you register, you may choose that which you&#8217ll mainly be utilising the Virtual private network for, for example Security, Streaming, File-discussing, etc (as pointed out within the features). The customer then instantly adjusts the characteristics to suit your needs best. Obviously, you could tweak them yourself, however this is fantastic for beginners or individuals who simply want the fastest setup.

ExpressVPN’s client includes a neat ‘Smart Location’ feature that may help you select the right server according to your present location and requires. Should you&#8217re not very savvy with server locations, this can be a convenient option.

Both clients allow you to further personalize advanced features when you purchase. Additionally they offer some small informational blurbs that will help you understand each feature before modifying it.

They are both excellent clients with simple interfaces and customizable choices for beginner to advanced users.

Customer Support

Both services align well within the customer care department. ExpressVPN and PureVPN have exceptional support teams that are offered 24/7 to reply to the questions you have. You are able to contact via e-mail, an internet site contact page, or live chat, using the latter usually providing you with the speediest response.

Reliable customer support is ideal for frequent travelers and busy individuals who simply don&#8217t have enough time down the sink trying to puzzle out why they’re not able to connect or why their connection may be super laggy. Hop on live chat with the website or even the Virtual private network provider’s mobile application and obtain a fast answer.

The support team for every appears very experienced in some topics. Some customers have noted that PureVPN&#8217s initial responses sometimes appeared canned and automatic, but when they press for any more in-depth resolution, they finish track of what they desire.

And, as pointed out formerly, you might have a have a problem with PureVPN’s customer support if you are searching to benefit from the 7-day money-back guarantee. Apart from that, customers appear happy with the service of both companies.

Furthermore, those sites for providers have excellent troubleshooting guides to take you step-by-step through things you need to figure working for yourself.

ExpressVPN&#8217s support guides are really in-depth, with just about any subject available you could would like it to cover. Most include screenshots that will help you further trobleshoot and fix. They can have the means to export your error logs from the application.

ExpressVPN Support Diagnostics

PureVPN&#8217s guides also cover numerous topics. They aren&#8217t as fancy with screenshots, however the guides explain subjects in a manner that can get you solving several issues by yourself.

Market Focus

ExpressVPN and PureVPN have lots of similarities within their market focus. Both of them try to target an extensive range of people that will have to make use of a Virtual private network service for either fundamental security or even more advanced anonymous browsing. They achieve a crowd of expertise levels, fundamental to advanced.

However, PureVPN comes with an additional focus that ExpressVPN neglects: business &amp family customers.

PureVPN&#8217s Business Virtual private network subscription includes a dedicated portal that allows you to manage your bank account as well as your employees&#8217 accounts. Each worker will have their dedicated account manager to manage his account.

The Company Virtual private network will safeguard employees who work remotely or continue frequent business journeys, mainly. Virtual private network protection will keep business data safe in anybody&#8217s hands, as well as your business may even obtain a server to keep things fast.

PureVPN also enlists a passionate support team to Business Virtual private network users. This 24/7 support team is specifically trained for Business accounts to assist resolve any items you have rapidly. So, there&#8217s one less anxiety for you when you&#8217re away on business.

So, although PureVPN doesn’t always focus exclusively on marketing to business proprietors, it certainly provides lots of advantages to them that ExpressVPN doesn’t.

Other Things to consider

ExpressVPN versus PureVPN: Which fits your needs?

I&#8217ll admit it&#8217s a hard choice between both of these. Listed here are a couple of more points to consider prior to making one last selection:

  • Investing in a 2-year PureVPN subscription over two ExpressVPN annual subscriptions could save you $192.10.
  • PureVPN provides a subscription particularly created for companies to safeguard their teams and demanding data.
  • ExpressVPN remains more consistent in speed and gratifaction than PureVPN across all servers.
  • ExpressVPN&#8217s apps are some of the greatest-rated for just about any Virtual private network. They’re easy to use and provide other advanced features that you should stay protected in your mobile phone.

Conclusion: ExpressVPN versus PureVPN

ExpressVPN and PureVPN are generally excellent selections for a Virtual private network for everyday use.

If cost may be the primary factor for the choice, then you need to go join PureVPN here.

See PureVPN&#8217s prices here.

If consistent speeds and/or server options is the primary factor, then you need to join ExpressVPN here.

See ExpressVPN&#8217s prices here.

Kudos on securing your online &#8211 make sure to put whichever one you decide to go with to everyday use 🙂

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ExpressVPN versus. AirVPN: Virtual private network Provider Comparison

expressvpn vs airvpn

After many years of foolishly running my internet business via public Wireless, I decided to employ a Virtual private network to secure my communications (and access a little bit of from market sporting occasions on a trip).

But I discovered that choosing the best Virtual private network to match me would be a bit complicated. There&#8217s no such factor like a general &#8220best&#8221 Virtual private network &#8211 rather, every one has to create tradeoffs that suit many although not all needs. ExpressVPN and AirVPN were two which i checked out carefully.

I reviewed ExpressVPN here and reviewed AirVPN here. I combined my notes from individuals posts write this ExpressVPN versus. AirVPN publish around the most typical Virtual private network factors. You are able to skip to my conclusion here.

However, here&#8217s a little bit of background.

ExpressVPN is among the largest and many well-known VPNs. They’re located in the British Virgin Islands and were founded in ’09.

See ExpressVPN&#8217s plans here.

AirVPN is based Italia and operated &#8220by activists and hacktivists in defense of internet neutrality, privacy and against censorship.&#8221 These were founded this year like a free service.

See AirVPN&#8217s plans here.

Both of them have advantages &amp disadvantages in my opinion. This ExpressVPN versus. AirVPN comparison will appear each and every according to &#8211 prices, features, performance, usability, customer support, and market focus.

Disclosure – I receive referral charges from companies pointed out on this web site. All opinions and knowledge derive from my experience like a having to pay customer performing independent research.


Both AirVPN and ExpressVPN offer a great variety of choices to meet the requirements on most users as well as their budgets.

ExpressVPN has less options than AirVPN, however it does include 1-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions. AirVPN has got the same increments, by having an additional 3-month subscription along with a unique 3-day subscription.

The Three-day subscription with AirVPN is a superb option for an effort to check the waters, and it is ideal for individuals who require a brief service during business.

Alternatively, ExpressVPN enables users a complete 30-day money-back guarantee when they aren&#8217t pleased with its service. Whatever the subscription you select, should you decide you don&#8217t such as the ExpressVPN service, contact customer support 24/7 to obtain your full payment reimbursed. It&#8217s a great protection to possess while offering a little more security than AirVPN&#8217s 3-day trial.

Here’s a failure of methods the prices works best for both providers:

Subscription AirVPN ExpressVPN
3-day 1€ (~$1.06 ) Unavailable
1-month 7€ (~$7.44 ) $12.95
3-several weeks 15€ (~$15.94 ) Unavailable
6-several weeks 30€ (~$31.89 ) $59.95
12-several weeks 54€ (~$57.40 ) $99.95

ExpressVPN is significantly more costly than AirVPN on virtually every tier.

It&#8217s also worth noting that both services offer significant reduced prices for longer subscriptions, especially a 12-month subscription. With AirVPN, you&#8217ll save almost $32 each year, and ExpressVPN&#8217s 12-month subscription helps you save roughly $56 each year. Here&#8217s their particular prices tables &#8211

ExpressVPN Pricing

ExpressVPN Payment Options

AirVPN Pricing

Should you be prepared to attend several business journeys in the past year, it may be worth thinking about a yearly subscription for either service. You could take advantage of utilizing it for use on your needs, too.

Both services provide an array of payment options including BitCoin, PayPal and worldwide payments.

Typically, AirVPN will probably be a better option for anybody who prioritizes cost most of all. That stated, cost isn&#8217t everything, especially in the realm of VPNs. You&#8217ll usually &#8220get that which you purchase&#8221 so let&#8217s take a look at other factors.

Features and Personalization

Probably the most important points to consider having a Virtual private network services are its features that permit further personalization. What features will it provide that allow you to personalize your Virtual private network experience how you require it?

For business proprietors who’re frequent travelers, it&#8217s essential to have reliable security, consistent uptime, and convenient connections around the world. It’s also wise to have the ability to concurrently connect devices much like your cell phone, laptop, and tablet, which means you don&#8217t need to disconnect someone to interact with another.

For privacy-focused users, it&#8217s vital that you don’t have any-logs, seamless Tor connections, no torrenting policies, with no traces of meta data or IPv6 leaks.

For gamers, it&#8217s important to possess a selection of device connections for routers, consoles, etc additionally to protocol choices to trade some privacy for performance.

Fortunately, both ExpressVPN and AirVPN offers the best features and personalization options to get an excellent experience out of your service.

Both providers allow you to connect as much as three devices at any given time. So, you could stay attached to the internet using your Virtual private network during conferences or perhaps in your accommodation.

AirVPN and ExpressVPN are generally well-recognized for their persistence for keeping the information safe. The two keeps logs of the internet usage or history, nor will they store any personal identifying information.

Caveat &#8211 Observe that no Virtual private network is 100% secure. Your visitors are still routing via a company. Any organization can close shop or go rogue. If you’re attempting to avoid your American ISP &#8211 then you’re simply replacing distrust of Comcast/Charter using the trust of the Virtual private network. If you’re a political activist where trust is really a existence or dying situation, you have to be using something similar to Tor. This can be a segue to ExpressVPN&#8217s / AirVPN&#8217s improvements, however the point remains using a Virtual private network doesn’t instantly create security/privacy. That’s something do via aligning company incentives (ie, having to pay for businesses who maintain security) &amp being positive.

AirVPN keeps no logs or data whatsoever out of your connection. They will use node transparency to try and help users stabilize their network. AirVPN began by &#8220hacktivists&#8221 and it has privacy factors in the centre of the company mission. They provide a large-selection of privacy focused features and choices to tweak virtually every a part of your connection. Here&#8217s their features list &#8211

AirVPN Security

Around the switch side &#8211 they likewise have *a great deal- of knobs to show (that will factor into usability in just a minute).

AirVPN Technical VPN

ExpressVPN, however, does keep connection logs that demonstrate the option of server reference to a period stamp to help keep network performance at high levels. But, there&#8217s no identifying information recorded. ExpressVPN offers a variety of choices to personalize your connection however in general, they struggle to deal with optimize your experience on their own finish to supply a easier setup. Here&#8217s a screenshot of the application&#8217s options &#8211

Express VPN Settings

Both Virtual private network services will also be similar within their more complex features, like unblocking services typically blocked in a few locations, for example Netflix. With ExpressVPN, this can be done with Smart DNS, that is separate, but faster, from the Virtual private network. Smart DNS geo-spoofs where you are to obtain neighborhood.

AirVPN performs this through its Virtual private network, which might slow lower your connection a little, however it is still effective well.

Both AirVPN and ExpressVPN provide Tor through Virtual private network for anybody who needs convenient but maximum privacy.

If you would like maximum set of features &amp personalization options, then AirVPN is the choice. If you prefer a set of features biased towards everyday use &amp convenience, then ExpressVPN is that you simply choice here.

Performance and Speed

Speed ought to be an absolute element in selecting between two Virtual private network services like ExpressVPN versus AirVPN.

It’s remember this that AirVPN is really a much smaller sized company than ExpressVPN and for that reason does not have as numerous available servers and locations. Still it has 80 servers in 18 countries, that is good for a smaller sized company, however it doesn’t rival ExpressVPN’s 145 (and growing!) server metropolitan areas in 94 countries.

Exactly what does this suggest for you personally? Your speed can differ broadly backward and forward based on your exact place on the planet, your country connection needs (ie, United kingdom connections for BBC access), as well as your reliability needs.

The greater server selections a Virtual private network has, the greater chances are looking for a web server that gives you optimal speed and gratifaction wherever you’re. Performance is of particular importance whenever you&#8217re visiting new locations.

Here&#8217s a screenshot of AirVPN&#8217s location options screen &#8211

AirVPN Speed Transparency

Here&#8217s ExpressVPN&#8217s &#8211

ExpressVPN Choose Location

Note how ExpressVPN encourages &#8220smart location&#8221 to instantly balance their server connections whereas AirVPN just provides you with the information so that you can sort &amp choose. It&#8217s a great contrast between their particular approaches.

Furthermore &#8211 keep in mind that AirVPN keeps no server logs whatsoever &#8211 so other product information that to balance or optimize their network. That could be a great factor for you personally &#8211 may possibly not. ExpressVPN keeps connection and bandwidth logs to balance and optimize their network.

Although AirVPN’s speed isn’t always missing, it will rely on the server you utilize and you’re a lot more limited in choices for server combinations that really work for you personally. In a number of AirVPN tests conducted by me, it’s apparent that using non-local servers can considerably bring lower your speeds.

Here&#8217s my baseline Internet speed with no Virtual private network.

No VPN Bandwidth Test

Here&#8217s a typical initial reference to AirVPN.

AirVPN Speed Test

But following a couple tries, I&#8217ll usually obtain a connection which hits approximately 50% of my non-Virtual private network speeds.

AirVPN Test

ExpressVPN’s user tests show a great speed consistency between local and non-local servers, meaning you have ample choices for selecting server combinations without slowing lower your connection.

Here&#8217s an average Virtual private network connection &#8211

ExpressVPN On Bandwidth

Latency is high, but bandwidth is actually around 80% of my non-Virtual private network Internet speeds. Worldwide connections will also be very stable. I could stream BBC One out of HD with my United kingdom connection.

Express VPN Ip Address London

AirVPN does well on speed should you element in their reduced server coverage as well as their no log policy. However, on the mind to mind performance comparison, ExpressVPN is a far greater choice.


An item is useless should you don&#8217t really utilize it. Which idea is particularly true with VPNs. If your Virtual private network is a lot of an inconvenience that you simply never utilize it &#8211 then the most dependable Virtual private network is useless.

Based on customers on social &amp their very own support forums, both AirVPN and ExpressVPN offer easy setup and ideal versatility with regards to tweaking options inside their clients.

But, delving a little further in to the customer lower two providers introduced me for an interesting conclusion: ExpressVPN users appear to lean more toward Virtual private network beginners &amp &#8220convenience users&#8221, while AirVPN users have the symptoms of more complex expertise.

So, they’re finding them just as user-friendly, however the groups, generally, have different technical understanding and experience. This really is crucial for purchasing decisions.

AirVPN’s client, Eddie, is amazingly full-featured. It provides pretty much every fundamental and advanced option you can want, like port forwarding, server switches, as well as in-depth statistics. It’s easy to download and hang on any device, however it will get tricky next. I&#8217m very adept with software, but thought it was a little maddening following a bit. I covered this problem within my AirVPN review, but here&#8217s a couple of example screenshots.

AirVPN Purchase Sequence

AirVPN Setup

AirVPN Installer Second Screen

AirVPN Technical VPN

AirVPN Installer

AirVPN Connection

If you are not very technical and therefore are searching for additional of the ‘plug-and-play’-type setup, Eddie isn’t for you personally. Individuals with increased advanced Virtual private network expertise, however, can usually benefit from onpar gps.

ExpressVPN, however, supplies a super simple application having a clean, streamlined interface. Users can download and arrange it in a few minutes striking a control button for connecting. Options vary from fundamental to advanced, and also the application even explains a little about each feature that will help you on the way.

Here&#8217s the screen after payment.

Express VPN Setup

Here&#8217s the application.

Express VPN App

ExpressVPN supplies a more fundamental, minimalist application method for individuals who would like the fastest setup and sign-on. It&#8217s convenient, fast and straightforward.

But, AirVPN’s client provides an excellent selection of features for individuals who don&#8217t mind delving a little much deeper in to the technical jargon.

Customer Support

Both ExpressVPN and AirVPN appear to stand out within the customer support department. This is among the most significant points to consider as an entrepreneur. The final factor you need to be worried about is coping with Virtual private network issues by yourself when you are busy with increased essential things.

AirVPN is small businesses, however it has among the most powerful communities I have seen inside a Virtual private network provider. On its website, you’ll find forums where it’s tight-knit community of consumers and technical experts gather to assist one another make the most of the AirVPN service.

Individuals around the forums are quick to reply to questions and supply tips to people. AirVPN staff also hold off there, prepared to confront any issues you may have. Furthermore, its support team can be obtained through its support ticket area 24/7. Testimonials explain their problems typically get resolved very rapidly using the ticket system.

AirVPN Support

ExpressVPN includes a similarly stellar customer support system that ranks it high above other Virtual private network providers. The organization takes pride in its 24/7 support system, together with a contact page, direct e-mail, and 24/7 live chat options. They can have the means to export your error log straight to support so you don&#8217t need to trobleshoot and fix.

ExpressVPN Support Diagnostics

Alternatively, you should check out ExpressVPN’s extensive understanding database of support and troubleshooting guides should you encounter any problem.

Both VPNs can, unquestionably, rapidly enable you to get back ready to go to get to business. The contrast is the fact that AirVPN uses lean staff + volunteers, a do it yourself ethic, and forum help. ExpressVPN takes a classical method of customer care. The main difference is whichever you are feeling at ease with.

Market Focus

El born area is a where you’ll likely notice variations during these Virtual private network providers. Although they’re both excellent selections for anybody who desires the greatest security with optional features to personalize their experience, AirVPN appears to become focused around the technical Virtual private network user than ExpressVPN.

A glance at ExpressVPN’s website when compared with AirVPN’s shows a substantial difference on the market tricks of each company.

AirVPN’s terminology could be overwhelming for any new Virtual private network user. ExpressVPN appears to utilize a more straightforward approach and far less technical than AirVPN.

Business proprietors who aren’t super tech-savvy will probably find more comfort and ease within the ExpressVPN service and client. AirVPN’s client includes a much heavier expert focus that may appear more excessive than useful.

ExpressVPN is tailored more toward individuals who want the fastest setup and fundamental features. They are able to progressively explore more complex features in their pace. AirVPN is geared more toward individuals who curently have a seem understanding of VPNs as well as their innovative features and isn’t the best option for novices.

Other Things to consider

Still torn? Listed here are a couple of other points to consider about these types of services that will assist you make a decision:

  • AirVPN supplies a fail-proof method to check it out. Just for a little over $1 for 3 days, you will get full use of its benefits and features to determine if you want it or otherwise.
  • Both providers are popular for which they’re saying to complete. ExpressVPN is fully-featured and simple to make use of, and AirVPN provides full personalization for individuals with moderate to advanced understanding and expertise.
  • ExpressVPN comes with an extensive customer support team with 24/7 service through live chat. AirVPN is famous more because of its useful community, but it features a smaller sized team that could be unable to provide help as rapidly.
  • AirVPN comes with an free client that enables users to watch the origin code anytime to make sure that no shady activity occurs.
  • ExpressVPN provides a great referral program that provides you thirty days of free service for referring your buddies to some subscription.
  • ExpressVPN is among the most established brands in the market. Should you trust services which are well-liked by other users, then ExpressVPN is a great choice.

Conclusion: ExpressVPN versus AirVPN

It’s reliable advice that both ExpressVPN and AirVPN are incredible choices for individuals who require the safety of the Virtual private network. AirVPN is really a newer and smaller sized company, therefore it does not have quite exactly the same recognition of ExpressVPN, however it certainly has got the security measures you’d expect from the Virtual private network provider.

If you would like all of the technical features provided with no logging whatsoever and small businesses ethic, go join AirVPN here.

See AirVPN&#8217s plans here.

If you prefer a well-known Virtual private network with simple, highly functional features together with consistent performance and server options, go join ExpressVPN here.

See ExpressVPN&#8217s plans here.

Whichever one is the best for you &#8211 kudos on making plans to secure your digital existence 🙂

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