Merchant Providers Recognize Merchant Maverick Ratings

I’m pleased to observe that credit card merchant account providers are starting to consider Merchant Maverick’s ratings seriously. I believe that when i refine and my reviews, that trend continues.

Until recently, TopTenReviews and also the BBB happen to be the only real two review and mediation platforms out of which to judge an MSP, and from what I have seen, neither of the two really are a complete online status solution. Although I personally use the BBB included in my reviewing process, I believe that as stand-alone services, both TTR and also the BBB get their flaws. I’m wishing will be able to solve individuals issues with my website.

I am not stating that Merchant Maverick is ideal at all, but by exclusively concentrating on the payment processing industry, I’ve got a far better chance at painting the entire picture.

With this stated, I encourage other merchant providers to embrace Merchant Maverick as the second, better, online status management funnel. I’ve already observed a few ISO/MSPs which have proudly displayed their five star ratings, including:

More in the future. I’ll add them here, when i locate them. 🙂


What you ought to Know of the IRS’s New Reporting Needs for Retailers


I recall in October of 2009, a friend who’d lately opened up a company of their own, requested me “How will the IRS understand how much I process in charge card transactions?” My short answer was “They don’t.” The lengthy response is, the IRS doesn’t keep an eye on charge card transactions how they do, say, independent contractor earnings (1099).

However, everything has altered somewhat recently. A couple of in the past, the government quietly passed a brand new regulation that could affect you like a merchant.

Included in section 6050W from the Housing Assistance Tax Act of 2008, gross transaction levels of payment card and third-party network transactions should be filed using the IRS by banks along with other merchant providers.

Under new section 6050W, any payment settlement entity making payment to some participating payee in settlement of reportable payment transactions must create a return for every twelve months to become filed using the Service, and furnish an announcement towards the participating payee, setting forth the gross quantity of such reportable payment transactions, along with the name, address, and citizen identification number (TIN) from the participating payees.

The machine works almost the same as 1099 reporting for independent contractors – ought to be fact, the shape the IRS drafted up for reporting is known as form 1099-K.

What do 1099 K reporting needs mean for you?

The Government reporting needs for retailers, which entered effect this year, are the following: if your charge card sales exceed $20,000, as well as your transactions exceed 200, then you will be sent a 1099-K from your credit card merchant account provider that shows the gross quantity of transactions that you simply processed for your year. That’s about this! As long as you’re honest in your tax statements, you’ve got nothing to bother with.

And don’t forget, anybody with under $20,000 in charge card sales, and under 200 transactions won’t get a 1099-K.


Cynergy Documents Chapter 11…Ouch!!

cynergy-data-logoI had been surprised to determine that one coming. Most likely simply because they made an appearance more lucrative compared to what they really were.

Within an affidavit, Moore, a senior md of CM&D Management Services LLC, stated he was hired after Cynergy discovered accounting errors in March 2009. He stated these errors misstated revenue and expenses for 2007 and 2008, resulting in a considerable stop by earnings carrying out a restatement.

Makes me question whether it would be a real mistake.

Anyway, appears like the non-public investment firm ComVest is going to be overtaking came from here. ComVest owns controlling interests inside a couple of other Bankcard the likes of Pipeline Data, CardAccept and SecurePay to mention a couple of. They’re clearly not newbies within this arena.

For individuals individuals which are merchant’s of Cynergy, don’t worry about it, they’ll be performing business as always. And when the offer experiences, so it most likely will, ComVest continues immaterial happened.

However, I’d consider this complete “accounting mistake” basically was you. When they intentionally fixed the books to exhibit greater gains, then we’re handling a serious problem here.


Go Shorty, It’s Your Birthday! Merchant Maverick Turns One!

brownie-with-one-candleActually people! Merchant Maverick has become your child.

Today may be the one-year anniversary from the launch of the blog, and that i can’t even begin to let you know how quickly it’s all passed by. I still remember purchasing the website name enjoy it only agreed to be yesterday. It’s amazing how time marches on when you are covering the always exciting subject of merchant services and charge card processing. 😉

I believed of getting some kind of giveaway with this celebration, however i recognized that I’m virtually giving everything away already (free reviews). There isn’t anything else to provide out…right? I suppose I’m able to hand out some thank you’s.

All joking aside, I wish to thanks all for embracing this website, and gaining value from this. That’s been my primary goal in the beginning. It can make my day-to read emails of your stuff about how exactly my reviews have helped steer you within the right direction. As long as I continue delivering on my small finish, i then think we’ll be great.

After I initially began this web site, I had been very “pro-merchant” and “anti-provider”, consider then, I’ve arrived at land somewhere among.

I’ve recognized that nearly as much as the providers possess a responsibility to do something professionally and ethically when confronted with us we as retailers come with an equal responsibility to do something like rational people whenever we openly air out our complaints about individuals same providers.

My aim would be to steer clear of the belligerent attitude that you simply see on a lot of other review and complaint sites, for this reason I produced my user review and comment policy. It’s a piece happening, however i think together the largest it work.

Talking about cooperating, I’m always available to your suggestions. I realize that my reviews aren’t perfect, which your outdoors opinion can perform wonders to make the entire process better, so don’t hesitate to tell me your ideas. Either by contacting me directly, or by departing your comments lower below. For those who have any general demands, you can struck me up about the subject too.

Need to know much more about e-Commerce?
Need to know about PCI Compliance?
What about some assistance together with your internet marketing?
Never be shy…let me know.

Ok…that about covers it.

Here’s to a different year of processing charge cards! Cheers! 🙂

Amad Ebrahimi
Founder – Merchant Maverick
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Review Updates and Additional Features

extra-extraWanted to provide you with a manages about newer and more effective things that are connecting on at Merchant Maverick this month.

Review Updates
I’m almost finished updating all the merchant company reviews. They ought to be updated through the finish from the month, so stay tuned in!

Live Chat and Toll-Free Number
I went ahead and added both an active chat feature along with a toll-free number, so you can get in touch most likely through funnel. You’ll spot the live chat button docked at the end right side of the page, and also the toll-free number is 888-400-4068.

New Releases
I additionally added a “Services” tab that showcases some services that I’m offering now, like payment gateway integration, merchant fee reduction talking to and credit card merchant account setup talking to. For those who have any queries about these new releases, you can get in touch.

That’s about this for the time being, more updates not far off. Have you got any recommendations for Merchant Maverick? Leave your comments below.


Merchant Maverick Adds New Team Member Launches POS Software Reviews

pos-logosI’m pleased to announce that Merchant Maverick is not a 1-man show.

I’ve added a brand new team member (shout to Justin) who’s likely to be tackling the great realm of POS (point-of-purchase) for all of us. It’s lots of work, but somebody’s gotta get it done.

I’m glad it’s him, because I’m already far too busy using the credit card merchant account aspect.

What exactly will Justin do, you may well ask?

He’ll be writing POS software reviews. Particularly for individuals individuals that require not only a terminal, but don’t have time or persistence to examine all of the POS solutions available.

These are in-depth reviews people! We’re not speaking about quick “once-overs.” We’ve left nothing unturned, so we challenge you to identify a far more comprehensive review process.

Btw, here’s the rating criteria that we’ll be utilising.

A few of the reviews is going to be for web-based pos yet others is going to be for software that you simply install by yourself computer.

We’ve made the decision to pay attention to software (not hardware) because this is where your research must start. It is best to pick your hardware according to which software you choose to use.

We’ll be adding new reviews within the coming days/several weeks so sign up for our Feed or go to the POS comparison page for updates.


Eliminate Interchange Charges with Dwolla The Credit Card Merchant Account Alternative

Is Dwolla safeJust how wouldn’t it feel to not need to pay any interchange charges? You realize, that 2-7% that you simply pay your charge card processor any time you operate a transaction. Well, Iowa based Dwolla can sort out that.

Founded in ’09 by Ben Milne and growing in an enormous rate, Dwolla is searching to get THE option to a conventional credit card merchant account.

I happened upon Dwolla this past year, but authored them off as the second payments start-up which may eventually fizzle out. It seems which i was wrong, that is great news for people.

Table of Contents

What’s Dwolla and just how Do you use it?

Dwolla is really a cash-based payment network that actually works directly together with your lender. It enables people and/or business proprietors to transfer money into and from each other’s accounts either online or via a mobile phone. No debit or credit card needed. Rather of Mastercard or visa, think Dwolla.

Here’s an excellent video that explains things further…
[embedded content]

And for the business proprietors, take a look one out…
[embedded content]

There’s a lot of other useful info within their Support Center as well as on their Youtube funnel, consider getting acquainted. This option are destined to be around for some time.

Just How Much Does Dwolla Cost?

$ for just about any transaction under $10, and $.25 for just about any transaction over $10. That’s it.

For any $9 transaction the Dwolla price is $.
For any $100 transaction the Dwolla price is $.25.
For any $1000 transaction the Dwolla price is $.25.

First got it?

Who’s Using Dwolla?

This is actually the billion dollar question. Why? Because both sides (customer and merchant) need to be registered with Dwolla to ensure that these to exchange money. Much like Paypal, the procedure doesn’t work if a person individuals isn’t area of the Dwolla network.

By Feb, 14th 2012, Dwolla had 80,000 users. They have a lengthy approach to take before they end up being the go-to payment network, but they’re growing for a price which makes them a possible option for the business.

Btw, here’s a summary of all of the companies that presently accept Dwolla like a payment option. When are you with that list? 🙂

Is Dwolla Safe?

Since there isn’t any physical card associated with a Dwolla transaction, there is no card info to become stolen. That solves one area of the safety issue. Next, Dwolla never transfers, releases, captures or transcribes your financial information throughout a transaction. Go to the Security & Privacy page to find out more.

Note: There’s always some security risk when you are coping with payments. Money is a straightforward target. However the inescapable fact that the Dwolla transaction doesn’t involve a credit/bank card whatsoever, reduces that risk tremendously.


I’m always looking for alternative payment techniques that may either help you save money or assist you to process more proficiently. At the minimum, you need to add Dwolla being an additional payment option…similar to PayPal. There may not be that lots of people using Dwolla now, however the users list keeps growing daily, and also the savings you can observe from a couple of transactions is going to be worthwhile. Particularly if you sell higher price products.

Tell me if you would like me to keep you in touch with someone at Dwolla.


Merchant Maverick Turns Four!

merchant-maverick-turns-4Merchant Maverick has formally switched four! We were so busy with work that people almost didn’t remember it’s our bday!

We honestly only have you to definitely thank for the ongoing success. Your support is a lot appreciated! Thinking about that you’re the most crucial bit of the puzzle, we’d like to hear your ideas about where we move from here. Can there be something that you would like us to get this done year? New reviews? Different design? Etc…? Send us an email, or leave your comments below.

We should also thank our referral partners for supplying great services and products to the readers for many years. Our on-going promise for you is the fact that we’ll still judge your organization according to fair and honest metrics, so when we’re wrong, we’ll be honest. As lengthy once we have the merchant in your mind, I believe we’ll work.

Incidentally, here’s a few of the progress we’ve made since last year…

We’re not even close to finished. 🙂

Many thanks,
Amad Ebrahimi – Founder/Editor


Get % Transaction Charges Whenever You Upgrade to a different POS

zero-percentPaypal is managing a promotion at this time that essentially waives your charge card transaction charges until The month of january 31st, 2014 whenever you change your current POS to some modern system. The participating POS vendors are:

What all of this means is the fact that you can integrate Paypal with either Shopkeep or Vend enabling you to accept charge card payments using your POS system. There’s often a 2.7% charge for doing this, but Paypal is waiving individuals charges for qualifying transactions.

Listed here are the needs:

  • You have to purchase no less than $450 in POS hardware from whichever POS vendor you select (Shopkeep or Vend).
  • PayPal will waive swipe and PayPal Payment transaction charges as much as $20,000/month.

This is actually a no-brainer. I’d hop on this immediately because it’s only accessible until September 30th, 2013.

Get % Transaction Charges with Shopkeep and Paypal

Get % Transaction Charges with Vend and Paypal


5 Years and Counting!


It’s unreal in my experience that Merchant Maverick has existed for which has become one half ten years. Our ongoing progress arrives mainly to the readers (YOU) who’ve helped us improve our process within these past 5 years. We can’t thanks enough for distributing the term about our website as well as for having faith in us enough to really take our reviews at face value. We’re not necessarily right, but we all do our very best to become as accurate as you possibly can, and sometimes it means carrying out a second or third round of research.

Additionally to the wonderful readers, I wish to thank our extremely gifted group of authors, researchers, and skillfully developed whom are a massive a part of our success. This website will come to screeching halt without you. Thanks for all hard work men and women, you’re awesome!

For the following 5 years and beyond, our goal would be to constantly improve our consumer experience, so please tell us the way we can alter for that better.

P.S. Hopefully you want our new site design. 🙂

Amad Ebrahimi – Founder