8 Reasons To utilize a Restaurant-Specific POS System

Currently in which the POS market is quickly altering and evolving, giving business proprietors increasingly more options, it may be daunting to determine which system will be perfect for your own personal restaurant.

While it might be simple to think that most POS systems offer a similar experience and can accommodate your business similarly, making the incorrect choice could dramatically impact your efficiency as well as your main point here. And believe me, jolting awake inside a cold sweat from the POS-caused nightmare isn’t a enjoyable experience.

There are a variety of generic systems that, at first glance, appear to supply enough functionality to help keep a cafe or restaurant running easily. However, many occasions, selecting one of these simple general POSs can prevent you from reaching your potential, something your senior high school British teachers always stated can happen should you didn&#8217t buckle lower. Listed here are eight explanations why picking out a restaurant-specific POS could be the solution you’re looking for:


Nowadays, it&#8217s standard for businesses to supply systems which are tailor-designed to a client’s exact specifications. Whether or not this&#8217s intricate graphic elements inside the interface or highly specific elements around the backend involving inventory, worker hrs, or perhaps freezer/fridge temperature, restaurant-specific POSs can provide you more options than you may have even thought were possible, letting every individual client craft the program to their specific needs just like a significantly less entertaining form of Minecraft. Integrations and add-ons will also be componen for that course in the market having a bevy of options that can be included to your package, many coming at no extra charge.

Training Ease

It’s confirmed that new hires will require time for you to get accustomed to a brand new system, however, many restaurant proprietors may not realize simply how much an additional hour or so here or there may cost your company. Restaurant-specific POSs shoot for streamlined functionality inside a foodservice setting and, generally, good sense reigns supreme (something which can’t ever be overlooked). A POS that is perfect for by people inside the industry cuts lower on confusing elements that might be present in other retail-based systems (SKU-based inventory systems, matrix options, etc.) and therefore employees may be put at work faster while restricting rookie mistakes.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Even though many POS systems available on the market will offer you some kind of program for tracking customer rewards or loyalty discounts, restaurants frequently have unique and often complex advantages to lure repeat business. (We&#8217re well past the times of &#8220buy 10 subs, acquire one free&#8221 in which you will in the end run your card with nine punches with the wash.) Having a generic system, it may be time-consuming to keep an eye on these benefits and errors may be easily made. A POS made with center owner in your mind generally provides an equally unique system for storing and tracking this data. A number of these systems take just seconds to process the data and frequently come with restaurant-specific integrations making it convenient to carry over existing customer data. A couple of companies have designed their very own gift certificate programs which pair seamlessly using the POS.


You are able to most likely manage for some time having a POS system that’s simply functional although not particularly designed for center industry. However, should you encounter technical issues with your device, you’ll would like them solved as rapidly and effectively as you possibly can, mainly in the restaurant industry where some time and speed are important. For instance, a technical support specialist for an organization that are experts in restaurant-specific POS is much more likely so that you can rapidly identify a menu issue than one and also require to deal with several companies. Virtually every company offers 24/7 report and, oftentimes, even is able to login remotely to repair problems (or simply to freak you out of trouble just a little and provide everybody a great laugh).


Companies that concentrate on restaurant-based POS software realize that probably the most important features inside a server, bartenders or hostess is when rapidly they are able to ring in orders and switch over customers. And also the small things can produce a massive difference. An interface that’s easy and simple to know can dramatically improve an employee’s efficiency. Whenever a server must make changes for an order quickly or add modifications, a POS having a clunky or generic design won’t do them any favors. A tool particularly designed for restaurants should nail these records, staying away from any glitchy bugs and saving precious minutes throughout a busy evening.


Within an industry that’s saturated with options, competition will be your friend. POS software must be reasonable for attract new customers. Many foodservice POS vendors offer subscription-based prices and won’t lock you right into a lengthy-term contract. This provides you the opportunity to look for a POS that is ideal for your restaurant or franchise without having to worry about emptying your wallet. Most POS companies offer reduced prices for multiple stations and lots of offer cheap packages should you don&#8217t need bells, whistles, or tambourines.

Backend Options

Having the ability to monitor from raw ingredients to worker hrs could make or break a cafe or restaurant owner. New systems specifically created for the service industry offer numerous convenient features that will help cut lower on waste from over-purchasing, virtually eliminate the potential of worker thievery, and monitor and record food and beverage costs. Restaurant POS systems could be customized to transmit out detailed reports making the sometimes complicated procedure for punching out and in for any shift easy. And all of these functions can generally be utilized remotely, allowing you to see the number of Roma tomato plants you’ve kept in storage in the sandy beaches of Fiji in the event that&#8217s something&#8217re into.

Worker Satisfaction

Choosing the proper POS can really possess a significant effect on worker morale. A method which makes sense, particularly to a person and also require previous experience of center industry, can take shape confidence making for additional productive shifts. Also it can produce a trickle-lower effect as individuals employees who have a very good sense of the machine can certainly pass that understanding lower once they train somebody new (without frequently complaining concerning the store’s outdated technology).

Specific Restaurant POS Systems

Should you&#8217ve made the decision that the restaurant-specific POS fits your needs, Merchant Maverick will help you narrow your research even more. We’ve reviewed a large number of systems and recommend the next:

  • Lightspeed Restaurant
  • Toast
  • Touchbistro
  • Revel
  • Lavu
  • Meza
  • Ambur
  • Brigade Society
  • Breadcrumb

Final Ideas

You will find myriad options when you’re making the key decision of the items POS for your restaurant. But it’s important to not settle. A POS that’s produced using the restaurant owner in your mind will frequently be the best and price effective option which, consequently, can result in bigger profits and gratification from both employees and customers.

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POS Reports: Getting Past the Basics

POS reports

Within my last publish on cloud reason for purchase reporting, I discussed the five kinds of POS reports which should come standard together with your POS software. This time around, I wish to go just a little much deeper to inform you some specific, more complex reports that the POS reporting system may include. From real-time delivery reports to sales-by-variant reports, this data enables you to make the most of your POS, and therefore bring your business one stage further. And who wouldn’t wanna do this?

Obviously, not every POS’s offer advanced reports, so for every report I list, I’ll give types of reason for purchase systems that offer this kind of report, plus a sample screenshot of this POS report.

1. Loyalty Rewards Report

Loyalty programs strengthen your business develop a loyal “fan” base in return for exclusive offers. In case your POS system has integrated loyalty rewards software, you are able to track your subscriber base and also the provides you with include them. You may also measure the prosperity of your loyalty program to calculate revenue making tweaks as necessary.

A “loyalty program” or “rewards” POS report should demonstrate all active rewards cards/accounts and more information about many of these customer accounts, from points good balance to qualified promotions. You will be able to produce a loyalty program report for any specific campaign or product, as well as on a person customer basis.

A POS integrates with loyalty programs by recording customer information at checkout. The loyalty program might be indigenous to the POS software (e.g., ERPLY), or even the POS may integrate having a third-party loyalty software like Application Card or Perkville.

POS loyalty rewards report

Example: Bindo POS enables you to definitely generate individualized rewards reports for every customer, displaying their rewards status, gift certificate balance, and store credit information.

2. Catering/Delivery Report

Food-based companies that deliver or cater need smart reports to trace pending orders as well as their delivery status, in addition to evaluate past orders. They are steps you can take in case your POS features a delivery management feature.

Some such POS’s, like Toast, enables you to generate reports showing info on pending, in-progress, and completed catering/delivery orders. You may also track how lengthy each driver requires to make each delivery. Other POS’s like Revel even set of a delivery driver’s progress in tangible-time. 

POS reportsExample: Revel&#8217s delivery management reports allow you to monitor your orders presently out for delivery, in tangible-time.

3. Discount Report

Even though you don’t possess a dedicated loyalty program you most likely offer discounts at occasions, and you should know how these discounted sales are inside your business. A POS that gives programmable discount functionality and multiple cost books will help you to seamlessly apply discount rates, as well as generate reports with info on these discounts. By doing this, you don’t need to by hand input cost reductions or attempt to track individuals discounts by hands.

Not every POS&#8217s offer in-depth discount reports that you could sort by item or reason (ala Revel), but at the minimum, you will be able to produce a sales exception report which shows all discounts (in addition to voids and returns). This kind of report enables you to view discount totals and also the worker who applied each discount.

POS discount report sampleExample: TouchBistro POS gives restaurants an in depth discount report showing the discounts put on menu products, employees who applied the discount, and which manager approved the discount.

4. Sales by Product Variant Report

A study displaying sales by product variant is efficacious for retail companies that sell several variations on a single product—for example, a set of shades which comes in three different colors and sizes. This kind of sales report provides in-depth insight to provide you with a far more truth of the sales. Consequently, it will likely be simpler to sharpen in your top-selling and worst-selling sizes, colors, etc.

Some companies may only have to visit a report showing sales by item title, however if you simply sell item variants, then you may certainly take advantage of the more granular view this kind of report offers. 

Shopify POS screenshotExample: Shopify POS includes a “Gross sales by product variant SKU” are convinced that displays product sales of the top-selling products, damaged lower through the product variant.

5. Internet Sales Report(s)

Companies that sell at both brick-and-mortar locations and online possess some unique reporting challenges, along with a cloud POS is well-suitable for them. “Online sales reports” is definitely an admittedly vague group of POS reporting, however the important factor here is your POS reports on offline and online sales within an integrated fashion. By doing this, you can observe all your sales information in one location. For instance, you will be able to see in one report which products can sell best on the internet and which products sell more in-store.

Some POS’s, like Shopify POS, are made with eCommerce in your mind in the ground-up, as well as host your web store for you personally. Other POS’s, like Clover, offer an optional integration enabling you to sync product and purchasers data together with your existing Magento or Shopify store.

Online sales POS report sampleExample: Vend’s sortable sales report enables you to see revenue and profit information by sales funnel (both offline and online).

Time for you to Bring Your POS Reports one stage further

If you feel you’re all set to go outside your fundamental POS reporting system and begin collecting some really helpful, business-enhancing information then you’re a good cookie and that i as if you. We are able to help you upgrade, if you’re interested! Call us if you’d like our POS experts to counsel you which cloud POS system you need to upgrade to according to your own personal needs. Or, if you’re totally unaware about the thing you need, we will help you figure that out too! Just complete the shape or drop a remark about this article and we’ll respond As soon as possible.

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5 Best Standard POS Reports

top standard POS reportsCongratulations! You’ve finally junked your old check out or PC-based reason for purchase in support of a contemporary, cloud-based reason for purchase system for your store or restaurant. Today’s POS systems, many of which operate on an iPad or tablet, include a lot more than just the purpose of purchase itself. The majority are full-on business management solutions that does not only permit you to accept and track sales, but additionally report back on various facets of your business—like, for instance, which employees and merchandise supply the most value.

So, what kinds of reports should to consider when selecting a POS? Or, if you have POS software, what are most significant reports to concentrate on? Continue reading for any run lower from the top standard POS reports along with a sample of systems that offer these reports.

1. Sales Reports

Sales would be the bread and butter associated with a business so the opportunity to generate detailed sales reports may come standard with any cloud POS. POS sales reports help you determine which products are getting the most profits, which occasions during the dayOr7 daysOr12 months would be the busiest for the business, and which products are unpopular enough to get rid of out of your shelves. Here are a few key metrics to trace in your POS sales report:

  • Top-selling/worst-selling products
  • Sales activity during the dayOrday range
  • Sales by worker/product/department
  • Menu reports (sales by food selection)
  • Most generally came back products
  • Gross profits for week, month, year, etc.
  • On the internet andOror mobile sales

Toast POS report samplePOS sales report example: Toast POS for restaurants supplies a menu report (see above) that demonstrates how your menu products are inside your sales.

2. Payment Reports

Sales is one factor, but it’s the particular payments that determine how much cash your company makes . . . or loses. POS payment reports assist you to track income, charge card payments, and inefficiencies affecting your main point here. While using information from payment reports, you can assist prevent worker thievery and errors, figure out how your clients choose to pay, and determine the number of sales are discounted or offered at full cost. Here are a few stuff you will be able to track inside your POS payment reports:

  • Cash occasions
  • Taxes compensated
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Voided sales
  • Refunds
  • Discounts
  • Payments by payment method (charge card, gift certificate, check, mobile, etc.)
  • Worker payouts (if, for instance, waitstaff takes payouts in the finish of each and every shift)

Clover POS report samplePOS payment report example: Using Clover’s cash log report (seen above), you will see the date, time, type, and quantity of every cash transaction, in addition to which worker handled the money event and the reason behind opening the money drawer.

3. Worker Reports

They are saying your company is only just like those who meet your needs, so we couldn’t agree more. That stated, it can be hard to find out an employee’s precise value for your business and also the areas that they need further training. Rather of hovering over your employees’ shoulders whatsoever occasions (which we don’t recommend), you should use smart POS software reports to keep an eye on the employees and monitor their sales.

Below are a few helpful worker reports (not every POS’s includes all of these functions, however, many systems includes integrations for third-party software to handle elements like payroll and scheduling at the minimum, your POS should show sales-related worker activity, tracking each purchase for an individual worker):

  • Worker timeOrhrs labored
  • Shift reports
  • Worker till counts
  • Sales by worker
  • Commissions by worker
  • Profitability by worker
  • *Worker scheduling and payroll

*Less inclined to be incorporated in POS software

Revel POS employee management report samplePOS worker report example: Revel Systems includes robust worker reports in the POS, including an worker profitability report. This report displays each worker&#8217s wage when compared with their sales to be able to calculate an income percentage.

4. Inventory Reports

Most POS software includes some extent of inventory management, enabling you to keep the stock volume in line together with your product sales. As an entrepreneur, you have to be in a position to generate reports showing your inventory quantities, inventory values, and which items or ingredients you&#8217re running have less. In some instances, POS&#8217s integrate with another-party inventory software plan to provide these reports. For instance, Vend POS integrates with Stitch Labs inventory software.

Here are a few good POS inventory reports to look for:

  • Inventory reorder report
  • Inventory value report
  • Raw component report (for restaurants)
  • Real-time inventory tracking report

ShopKeep POS inventory report samplePOS inventory report example: ShopKeep’s inventory value report shows the amount and cost of both stock products and raw goods.

5. Customer Reports

In case your POS is outfitted with customer management features you are able to monitor the important information to trace repeat customers, generate targeted marketing campaigns (usually using integrated e-mail marketing software), as well as produce a custom loyalty program. To obtain the information required for customer-related reports, your POS must be in a position to capture customer details during the time of purchase.

For in-depth customer insights and marketing reports, you’ll most likely want to use separate CRM software. Many POS’s integrate with CRM software—for example, with Bindo POS you have access to the API to construct an integration with third-party CRM systems.

Here are a few standard customer reports your POS will be able to provide:

  • Total sales by customer
  • Top customers
  • Purchase and return histories per customer
  • Sortable database of customer profiles (with name, current email address, purchase history, account balances, etc.)

Shopify POS sales by customer report samplePOS customer report example: Shopify POS’s sales by customer report enables you to visit a introduction to orders by customer during a period of time.

POS’s Using the Best Reporting Abilities

If you want help locating a POS with higher reporting abilities, please call us and tell us what you’re searching for. Our specialists can help you find the correct POS for the business, according to what reports you’ll need, your financial allowance, and kind of business. To help you get began having a couple POS’s to look at, both Revel and Lightspeed have pretty in-depth reporting abilities for retail or restaurant environments.

If you have a POS and wish to know the best way to best use its reporting abilities along with other backend features, take a look at POS 101: Make the most of Your POS. Happy reporting!

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POS 101: Raw Component Tracking

pos with raw ingredient trackingPretty much every time I attempt to prepare something, I finish up failing to remember to buy among the ingredients, necessitating another visit to the shop, in most cases winding up beside me ordering a pizza rather. Basically ran a cafe or restaurant within the same disorganized fashion through which I run my existence . . . well, I don’t think we’d remain in business for very lengthy. But though there’s in regards to a % chance my sporadic culinary endeavors is ever going to are a business, I still enjoy playing around with POS raw component tracking systems. So what can I only say? It’s fun! Or at best much more fun than making multiple journeys towards the supermarket per day.

Raw component tracking or “raw goods” tracking is a kind of inventory management utilized by restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries, pizzerias, quick service, along with other companies that sell food or drink products. Nowadays, it’s not difficult to get a cloud reason for purchase (POS) system which includes integrated raw component tracking among its POS software functions, or that provides component tracking via a third-party inventory software add-on. 

So without further adieu, listed here are 4 POS’s that provide raw component tracking, and also the basics of methods inventory tracking works together with all these systems.


Square is a superb POS for convenient service and mobile food companies for example food trucks. Square offers raw component tracking with an integration with Intrakr inventory management software. Intrakr is really a complete inventory management means to fix both track and buy the raw products which enter in the drinks and food you sell.

Here are a few key things to understand about Square&#8217s raw component tracking:

  • Costs $25/month for Intrakr add-on
  • Automated inventory syncing and reordering
  • Receive real-time mobile notifications when ingredients are low or sold-out
  • Purchase order and vendor management
  • Built-in shipment tracking
  • Generate reports with raw component inventory insights

Within the video above, you are able to see Square&#8217s raw component tracking with Intrakr for action.

Note: Shopify POS also integrates with Intrakr for inventory management and raw component tracking. Shopify doesn&#8217t have restaurant functionality (it’s mainly for retail companies), but it may be appropriate for any coffee shop or cafe.


Shopkeep POS screenshotShopKeep is yet another excellent POS for small drink and food companies, from juice bars to restaurants. ShopKeep’s raw component tracking isn’t as granular or automated as what you’ll get with Intrakr, however it can be useful for fundamental raw goods tracking. It’s also very economical, because it is incorporated with the price of an affordable ShopKeep subscription.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Raw goods tracking incorporated in ShopKeep subscription
  • Attach Raw Goods to Products to begin tracking ingredients and find out the number of Products you may make with ingredients on-hands
  • Monitor the worth and volume of raw goods, and generate inventory value reports
  • Set triggers prompting you to definitely reorder when supplies get low
  • No choice to set units of measurement (oz., lb., etc.), therefore if you’ll need to specify that within the item description—e.g., “mushrooms, 3 oz.”

To learn more about ShopKeep raw goods management, take a look at ShopKeep’s website on making use of the “Raw Goods” function.

Revel Systems

Revel POS screenshotRevel is definitely an advanced iPad POS that gives complete raw component tracking included in its back-office management console. Due to its greater cost and advanced functionality, Revel is much more appropriate for bigger food and restaurant companies with multiple locations.

Here are the awesome reasons for Revel’s raw component tracking:

  • Integrated raw component functionality incorporated in (somewhat pricey) cost of Revel subscription
  • Searchable, filterable log of things that get into all products
  • Uses component cost to calculate product cost
  • Component Inventory Log displays changes designed to the component inventory by the owner or perhaps an worker with assigned user permissions
  • Includes wastage adjustments (removes inventory of the component due to waste)
  • Choice to transfer inventory in one establishment to another—useful for companies with warehouses or multiple establishments, or companies that prep products using ingredients in a single before delivering these to where they’re offered
  • Choice to import and export component inventories to Stand out

Find out more about Revel’s Component Inventory Log.

POS Lavu

Lavu POS screenshotPOS Lavu is really a restaurant POS for small-to-medium restaurants along with other eateries. Like ShopKeep and Revel, Lavu’s raw component management is made in to the system and incorporated in the price of the subscription. The machine is comparatively advanced, even though you cannot import bulk of information via .csv—meaning you have to by hand go into the component, unit of measure, cost, etc.

Lavu’s component management functions are most likely less advanced as Revel’s, but greater than ShopKeep’s.

Here’s what you ought to learn about POS Lavu raw component tracking:

  • Incorporated in (relatively affordable) subscription cost
  • Set component quantity, cost, unit of measure, and modifiers
  • Assign ingredients to menu products and groups
  • Setup email alerts to specified users when component inventories are low
  • Instantly subtract inventory products when a purchase is closed

Find out more about component inventory management with POS Lavu.

So Which POS with Component Tracking Must I Choose?

To summarize, here’s what you’ll get with all these POS’s offering raw component tracking:

  • Square — Complete inventory management (including component tracking) via Intrakr add-on ($$)
  • ShopKeep — Fundamental raw component tracking ($)
  • Revel — Advanced raw component tracking ($$$)
  • POS Lavu — Middle-of-the-road raw component tracking ($)

Many of these POS’s are cloud-based and operate on an iPad (You may also run Square on the smartphone).

To summarize, existence&#8217s way too short for inefficient raw component tracking, so we think it&#8217s about time you have a POS with this helpful feature. If you want more help selecting a POS for the food or drink business, we’re happy to assist you! We will also help you discover inventory keeper that integrates together with your existing POS, or the other way around. 🙂

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How To Pick Software For The Salon or Health spa

For most of us, a visit to the health spa or salon is really a relaxing event, a welcome vary from the grind of daily existence. They are able to&#8217t see past the darting scissors and also the foil they don&#8217t understand what lurks behind the fleecy robes and also the aromatic herb teas. They’ve literally no clue just how much bloodstream, sweat, and barbicide go into creating that tranquil atmosphere.

Which&#8217s the purpose! You might be running madly around behind the curtain, disinfectant in hands, scheduling and rescheduling, sweeping up hair (or cleaning hair from drains), and creating one fire to another, but all of your customers see is really a carefully crafted illusion of peace and decadence. That&#8217s exactly what the beauty and wellness industries are only for, in the end. Should you&#8217re who owns a health spa or salon, you dedicate your existence to promoting existence-renewing services for other people. A haircut or perhaps a pedicure might not appear like an issue within the grand plan of products, however it often means something to somebody that enters your shop feeling tired and useless leaving feeling refreshed and delightful.

It requires a great deal to maintain that illusion, though&#8212and not only with regards to the temperament and talent of individuals you hire. Nowadays, consumers have very specific technological expectations of each and every business they patronize. Particularly, with regards to service and hospitality industries, people want so that you can schedule easily (online, if at all possible) and pay with alternative methods. Which&#8217s where software is available in.

In this article, we&#8217ll explore the sorts of tools you have to operate a effective health spa or salon and things to look for when selecting specific POS (reason for purchase), scheduling, or loyalty rewards software.

What Features Do You Want?

It&#8217s a hopelessly inane phrase, I understand, let&#8217s begin at the start. You are able to&#8217t choose appropriate software for the business should you don&#8217t know the thing you need. With respect to the kind of shop you&#8217re running, you may be looking for everything from a great way to trace customer information to some complex, multi-purpose booking and payment processing tool. Start the procedure by thinking about these questions:

  • Will I want software that accepts payments, or shall we be held okay simply using a conventional card scanner? If that’s the case, do I wish to stay with cash and charge cards or will i want so that you can accept non-traditional means too?
  • Do I wish to show my companies calendar online? If that’s the case, do I wish to show the supply of person employees too?
  • Will I want my customers so that you can book online themselves?
  • Will I want my customers so that you can pay for appointments online?
  • Should i book physical rooms, services, or both?
  • Am I Going To be selling any physical products (shampoos, manicure kits, incense, etc.)? If that’s the case, will i require a system that may track inventory?
  • Do I wish to network with current/future customers via email?
  • Does my company presently possess a customer rewards program. Do I wish to implement one?
  • How important is social internet marketing to my health spa or salon?

What Kind(s) of Software Can One Use To Handle My Health spa or Salon?

Now that you’ve got a much better concept of what you would like your computer software(s) to complete, we are able to discuss the different tools that are offered.

Booking Software

Should you&#8217re managing a beauty or wellness-based business, it&#8217s kind of a considering that you&#8217ll require a scheduling tool of some type. Even though attempting to decipher the cramped handwriting on the traditional paper calendar is all sorts of fun, booking software programs are just better. No fading ink no entered-out words no crumpled or coffee-stained pages to quite happy with. Just superbly crisp, Occasions New Roman appointments, specified by perfect geometric squares.

Well-designed appointment scheduling software is, to be honest, a marvel of contemporary engineering. Make a tool that may virtually eliminate double-booking mistakes, instantly take into account vacations and occasions whenever your workers are unavailable to operate, and layout your projects days in discrete, easily digestible chunks. Is the bloodstream pressure going lower, just considering it?

Hold on, there&#8217s more!

Many booking software programs include online abilities, allowing your clients to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments without getting to in. A couple of even permit online pre-payments. These functions are appealing for several reasons, most famously being the a shorter period spent twiddling with your calendar, the greater time the different options are doing literally other things. Connecting together with your clients upselling proper hair care products restocking the linens eating cheese balls directly from the bucket&#8212whatever floats your unique boat. Furthermore, customers like getting the choice to schedule their very own appointments. I&#8217m a reasonably introverted person. Because of the choice from a business that enables me to reserve on the internet and one which makes me call and speak with a receptionist, I’ll pick the former 100% of times.

POS Software

You&#8217re not managing a traditional store or restaurant, so it might not happen to you that time of purchase software programs are a choice. Generic POS systems usually aren&#8217t suited to use within spas or salons&#8212most completely lack appointment calendars and the opportunity to book clients, for instance&#8212but several POS solutions happen to be particularly built to handle unique requirements of service companies.

POS software has the benefit of offering inventory management features&#8212an area where booking tools have a tendency to are unsuccessful. Let’s say you sell physical products inside your establishment&#8212hair brushes, shampoo, essential oils, even paper or card-based gift cards&#8212a reason for purchase solution might be essential. POS software also brings robust worker management tools towards the table, another area where it excels over traditional scheduling programs. If you would like employees to clock out and in, track time, etc., an item of purchase solution is much more likely to suit your needs than the usual booking tool, though some booking software are designed for low-level worker management. The treatment depends around the extent that you need to monitor the folks on your side.

Across the same lines, POS software typically offers far better reporting. Would you like a method to track your busy and occasions? Chart worker hrs and productivity? Break down labor costs? POS systems have the back.

Finally, its not all booking solution will help you to accept payments, however, you&#8217d be difficult pressed to locate a POS vendor that doesn’t offer built-in payment processing features.

Should you&#8217re particularly searching for any POS system to deal with your health spa or salon, keep studying. And if you would like much more suggestions, take a look at our article on top 4 POS Systems for Spas and Salons. It’s also wise to read our article on key features to consider when choosing POS software for the service-based business.

Loyalty Rewards Software

Service companies depend almost solely on customer loyalty. Footwear store could possibly get by on a single-off clients, but aestheticians, beauticians, masseuses, etc. live or die around the repeat business of person clients. It will help for those who have a means, not just to attract potential new clients, but to produce existence-lengthy devotees. That&#8217s where loyalty rewards programs come up.

You may create coupons and loyalty systems that old-fashioned way, obviously, with newspaper coupons, flyers, and punch cards, why place yourself to that particular trouble when you will find much simpler ways to carry out it? Avoid wasting trees! Reserve that toner and ink. Loyalty software provides a very good way to gather actionable customer information and make sustainable rewards programs.

Most rewards software enables for multiple kinds of loyalty programs, from tiered structures to points systems. You are able to offer cash rewards or perhaps create compensated membership programs. Different systems are more effective for various companies, but spas and salons could easily implement any of those options.

The very best factor about loyalty rewards software is it monitors information for you personally. You don&#8217t need to have a physical record of card balances, by hand check expiration dates, or cope with lost punch cards (and unhappy customers). The program stores all of the pertinent data&#8212it knows when individuals have rewards coming, and may even alert these to this digitally.

E-mail Marketing Software

Should you don&#8217t desire to use loyalty software, wish to implement your loyalty rewards program on the bigger scale, require a good CRM solution, or want to boost your scheduling tool, an e-mail advertising tool might just suit you perfectly. E-mail marketing software provides you with the opportunity to both collect customer data and act upon it.

A good, well-planned email campaign is definitely an efficient way to interact newer customers and keep relationships together with your regulars, regardless of whether you&#8217re conveying details about your company, offering specials, or delivering digital coupons. Take a look at a couple of types of methods for you to use email to your benefit:

  • Instantly alert people to alterations in business hrs
  • Introduce new staff people
  • Promote periodic specials
  • Deliver coupons
  • Send birthday greetings
  • Engage former clients with &#8220haven&#8217t seen you shortly&#8221 or &#8220hope you return&#8221 offers
  • Send appointment reminders or confirmations

Modern e-mail marketing software enables for very specific customer targeting and offers incredibly helpful analytics. You are able to pick which customers are opening emails or engaging with electronic coupons, and employ that information to produce better still marketing campaigns.

Ok Now What?

Okay, we&#8217ve spoken about what types of features you might need so we&#8217ve discussed different types of tools your company could employ. Now comes hard bit: really locating the software solution(s) that checks all of the boxes for the particular health spa or salon.

Happily, you don&#8217t have to do much heavy-lifting here. At Merchant Maverick, we&#8217ve devoted numerous hrs to researching and testing the very best booking, POS, loyalty, and e-mail marketing software. Continue reading!

The Very Best Comprehensive Salon/Health spa Keeper

Should you&#8217re looking for an application solution that may handle scheduling, inventory management, worker management, and payments, we advise MINDBODY, Square Appointments, and SalesVu.


As booking software particularly designed for gyms and spas, MINDBODY combines strong scheduling and calendar tools with POS and CRM elements. It&#8217s not a great choice for hair or nail salons and it is pretty limited in certain areas, however if you simply&#8217re managing a wellness business and want an intricate system that may handle multiple appointments, take a number of payment options (including gift certificates and Groupon), and supply good analytics, MINDBODY is really a reasonable approach to take.

Read our full MINDBODY review for any better concept of what miracle traffic bot could provide for your company.

Square Appointments

Square review

Supplying a simple yet responsive calendar interface, robust customer booking tools, and built-in CRM and e-mail marketing, Square is Appointments (formerly Bookfresh) is a superb scheduling tool. Pair these functions using the POS abilities of Square generally, though, and you’ve got a fairly special software solution for spas and salons.

This application also comes the opportunity to integrate by having an impressive variety of 3rd-party software solutions, including Quickbooks and Bigcommerce. Overall, Square Appointments is a superb choice should you&#8217re searching to have an all-in-one method to manage your calendar, take payments, and interact customers inside a significant way.

Our full overview of Square Appointments provides additional information.


Searching for something just a little heavier around the POS finish of products? SalesVu has the back. This full-featured POS system is effective inside a traditional sense, supplying tools for retail and restaurant establishments to handle inventory and employees, access reporting and analytics, and take payments in a number of ways. However, additionally, it provides fairly robust appointment scheduling features for service companies, a fairly rare offering within the POS software industry.

Affordable, with great customer care and mobile abilities, SalesVu is definitely an amazing choice for spas or salons that require heavy-duty reason for purchase features and the opportunity to manage customer and worker calendars.

Browse the full SalesVu review if you wish to learn more relating to this unique POS system.

Stand-Alone Software

You might not want something which will do it all. Should you&#8217re searching for any tool to fill a particular niche, consider buying a more specialized computer software.

Best Booking-Only Tools

The next software packages works nicely either in a health spa or salon they provide great scheduling features and the opportunity to take payments:

  • BookingBug
  • Skill Scheduling
  • Appointy
  • Bookeo
  • 10to8

Our booking software comparison page should provide you with a wise decision of the items else can be obtained and just how these vendors compare.

Best Loyalty Rewards Programs

Any of the apps below will help you produce a great customer loyalty program:

  • Sweet Tooth
  • FiveStars
  • Perkville

Read this comparison of the greatest loyalty rewards tools if you wish to learn more.

Best E-mail Marketing Software

Regardless of whether you&#8217re searching for any stand-alone e-mail marketing tool or want something which can integrate together with your POS and/or booking software, the next vendors make the perfect starting point:

  • Campaign Monitor
  • MailChimp
  • Benchmark Email
  • SendinBlue
  • Active Campaign
  • Mad Mimi

Our e-mail marketing software comparison chart is a terrific way to observe how these vendors complement when it comes to prices, customer support, and much more.

Final Ideas

Let&#8217s be truthful: should you operate a health spa or salon, you&#8217re inside a tough business. It takes skill along with a deft hands to achieve this industry, as well as small missteps can lead to an environment of disharmony or chaos. It might appear counterproductive, but to produce a luxurious, meditative, or tranquil atmosphere, you have to use technology.

We advise testing out among the full-featured POS/scheduling tools pointed out above should you&#8217re searching to provide your company a lift. However, adding even one stand-alone application for loyalty or e-mail marketing can improve your own productivity making your company healthier. Software programs are your friend, and could be a very valuable servant. Spent your existence serving others at least, have permission to allow something take proper care of you.

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10 Good reasons to Use E-mail Marketing Software inside your Restaurant

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is really a cost-efficient way for restaurants to advertise themselves and keep active in regular patrons. Some companies be put off by e-mail marketing software since they’re scared of annoying their customers with “junk” mail or they believe it’s too tech-y for that average business proprietor to determine. However that today’s consumers really want to get emails from companies they like — indeed, 95% of recipients who sign up for a company&#8217s list finish up finding those emails helpful. Not just are emails welcomed from your customers with open arms, however the software you utilize to transmit them can also be super simple to use.

Should you&#8217re not totally offered around the idea, that&#8217s fine since i&#8217m dirty convincing you yet. Continue reading for some more top reasons to use e-mail marketing for restaurants.

1. Develop a Loyal Subscriber Base

email marketing for customer loyaltyDelivering regular emails for your customers helps promote brand loyalty for your restaurant. When people see your company emblem frequently and receive your newsletters, coupons, news, etc., linked with emotions . feel like a part of your “club.” You are able to further encourage that feeling by delivering exclusive promotions towards the people of the list. It’s victory-win situation.

2. Low Cost of Entry

Free email marketing softwareMost restaurants won’t need to pay greater than $20 or $30/month for e-mail marketing. You can buy plans that ask you for per email you signal, yet others that ask you for a regular monthly fee in line with the size your list. Almost all ESPs (email providers) offer free trials so that you can try out email addresses marketing software prior to committing to some compensated plan, and several providers have 100% free plans (with a few limitations).

If you’re thinking about free e-mail marketing for restaurants, you might like to browse the free plans provided by providers like Benchmark, MailChimp, and SendinBlue.

3. Learn More About Your Customers

email marketing for customer researchE-mail marketing provides your company with helpful metrics concerning the people in your list. You can study such things as the kinds of promotions your clients are most thinking about, or how likely clients are to interact together with your emails according to how old they are, earnings, etc. These metrics give you a more complete marketing profile of the regular restaurant-goers, as well as assist you to measure the prosperity of your e-mail marketing campaign.

4. Increase Traffic for your Restaurant Website

email marketing and website trafficAnother great advantage of e-mail marketing for restaurants is you can distribute links aimed at your website. This can lead to more clicks to your website, enhance your restaurant website’s visibility searching engines, and eventually enable you to get more patrons. Obviously, you don’t wish to connect to just any &#8216ole page of the website — blogs and squeeze pages for marketing discounts are types of good pages to connect to.

Additionally to directing email recipients aimed at your website, you can/should also encourage your individuals to sign up for your list with an opt-in form on your website.

5. Increase Engagement on Social Networkingemail marketing and social media

Social internet marketing is yet another essential kind of internet marketing for restaurants, and something that integrates nicely with e-mail marketing. You may use email marketing to increase your social networking Return on investment, and the other way around. For instance, you are able to encourage list subscribers to talk to your social networking accounts — by placing icons that connect with your social profiles within the footer of all of your emails, or by posting links for your latest Facebook promotion inside your email e-newsletter. As well as, you can put an opt-in on your social media profiles so supporters can join your list.

6. Simple to use

easy-to-use email marketing softwareToday’s e-mail marketing programs allow it to be very fast and simple to setup a free account and begin delivering professional-searching emails. MailChimp and Mad Mimi are specifically simple to get began with. After you have your campaign ready with autoresponders, it will get even simpler, since the emails you signal out are automated.

Some e-mail marketing platforms may also integrate together with your restaurant POS software, which further streamlines and simplifies your marketing tasks. For instance, the ShopKeep POS integrates with MailChimp for e-mail marketing.

7. More Efficient Than Other Kinds of promoting

email marketing resultsFor a lot of companies, e-mail marketing offers a better Return on investment (roi) than other kinds of internet marketing, for example pay-per click campaigns (e.g., Pay Per Click), social internet marketing, or internet affiliate marketing. One study discovered that e-mail marketing was 40 occasions more efficient than Twitter and facebook alone.

8. Gains Momentum Over Time

website traffic increaseE-mail marketing is a kind of advertising that gains momentum with time. As the email list grows, so does the effectiveness of the marketing funnel. Similarly, whenever you consistently send helpful, interesting emails, your subscribers’ degree of engagement grows as time passes.

9. Opens Direct Communication Funnel with Customers

email marketing for restaurantsE-mail marketing doesn’t need to be a 1-way conversation. E-mail marketing software gives your customers an good way to contact you with questions in order to book a reservation. Most ESP’s enables you to setup your bank account to ensure that customers can answer your emails directly, without displaying your own personal current email address.

10. Targeted Marketing Approach

restaurant email marketingE-mail marketing enables for several personalization and personalization in the manner you sell to your prospects. For instance, you can segment your email list into different groups (by neighborhood, for instance) and send different types of emails to every group. You may also arrange it so each recipient is addressed by name and receives personalized offers tailored to their interests. 

Active Campaign is a superb choice if you wish to create different campaigns for various groups. This ESP includes a built-in deals system that allows you to personalize special deals to segments of the address book.

Get Began with E-mail Marketing for Restaurants

With e-mail marketing, restaurants can be cultivated a lively subscriber base to have their tables twelve month-round — all for any really small investment. Now you understand all the good reasons to use e-mail marketing for the restaurant, hopefully you’ll try a few of these ESPs on for size. Like I stated earlier, many have 100%-free plans, and almost all e-mail marketing services offer free trials. Compare the very best-rated e-mail marketing software at-a-glance, and/or shoot us an e-mail if you’re unsure which program might be best for the restaurant and want some assistance selecting.

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Best POS Software for Kiosks, Popup-stands, Carts, or Booths

Best POS Systems for Kiosks

Ah, the mall. The land where youthful teenagers wander aimlessly using the about in some way attaining a brand new degree of coolness. In which the commingling smells of hot pretzels and high perfume trickle from every ac vent. It&#8217s where you can view a helpless lady wander too near to a Styling Curler O&#8217Matic kiosk, where she’s roped right into a demonstration through the gravitational pressure of the over-fervent sales rep. All the while, all of those other mall patrons part round the kiosk as if they’re reenacting a scene from Exodus, anxiously staying away from eye-to-eye contact using the lady who walks from the booth with simply 1 / 2 of her hair curled. Regrettably, this stigma is too real, also it&#8217s a hurdle many kiosk operators face daily. Around I would like to give these small company proprietors a strategy to the issue of chronic kiosk-fear, I am unable to. They&#8217re going to need to figure that out by themselves. I’m able to, however, provide some assistance in selecting the very best reason for purchase system for any kiosk, pop-up stand, kart, or booth.

Though these companies might be small, that doesn&#8217t mean they ought to skimp on a good POS system. Regardless of whether you sell shades, newspapers, fried pickles on the stick, or organic DIY health spa kits, you&#8217ve reached make certain your reason for purchase needs are covered. For this finish, we’ll explore and compare five POS systems: Ring Up, SalesVu, ShopKeep, Vend, and Shopify. Each POS system continues to be made with a particular business key in mind, and therefore one isn&#8217t always better or worse than these. The particular requirements of the stand will dictate which system suits your company.

Ring Up

Best POS Systems for Kiosks

Ring Up is a superb reason for purchase system and utilizes mall kiosks and portable stands. Self-announced the &#8220POS software for entrepreneurs on the run,&#8221 this cloud-based product is downloaded around the Apple Application Store. It offers a totally free and fully-functional demo that enables as much as 10 test transactions. Following the test period is finished, Ring Up offers three prices tiers that every include limitless sales transactions. When you choose the level you would like, you’ll be billed having a once fee. The Fundamental Upgrade is $19.99, the Advanced Upgrade at $24.99 adds the opportunity to support your computer data to Dropbox, and also the Pro Upgrade is $29.99 it offers multi-business support, signature capture, and bar code checking. Upgrades include features for example reporting, inventory tracking, HTML receipts and invoices for purchasers, universal application support, expenses and buy order entry, and much more.

Being both robust and simple to use, Ring Up offers quite a bit opting for it. Miracle traffic bot has received rave customer support reviews and it is lauded for that being able to provide the little guy a fighting chance. Ring Up is built to operate on one workplace (an iPad) and is fantastic for kiosks already fighting with limited counter space. It  is definitely customizable, and enables you to definitely import your inventory from the CSV file. One disadvantage to the inventory feature is its insufficient product modifiers (i.e. large, medium, small), however this isn&#8217t a real problem for straightforward inventory setups. Ring Up has good reporting abilities that you could either print or email to yourself, and if you buy the Advanced or Pro Upgrades you are able to support your computer data to Dropbox. What this means is in case your register is destroyed inside a tragic Dippin Dots explosion or perhaps a Supersonic Hair Straightening Iron 3000 meltdown the spot where you is going to be covered. Well, your computer data is going to be anyway.

There’s one caveat to bear in mind when thinking about Ring Up: the rear finish are only able to be utilized inside the application. So unless of course you intend on picking your iPad up in the finish of every day-to collect, you’ll be stuck at the potentially cramped kiosk to complete any finish during the day documents.

Ring Up is ideal for kiosks which are stationary and excellent for individuals on the run. If you’re searching to have an affordable POS, don&#8217t possess a complex inventory, and can just have one checkout point, this can be just made for you. To find out more, read our full overview of Ring Up.

Get Began With Ring Up


Best POS Systems for Kiosks

SalesVu is among the handier POS systems available, providing you with the opportunity to sell an array of services and products, from blinged-out mobile phone cases to extensions. Miracle traffic bot will work for selling on the run, which, once we established, is essential for that mobile kiosk owner.

SalesVu is a reasonably walk into the twenty-first century. You can easily use while offering diverse functionality, a significant plus for kiosk proprietors who choose to obtain creative. The program is totally cloud-based, eliminating the requirement for clunky hardware.

SalesVu&#8217s prices plan is a touch challenging navigate initially, however it&#8217s very customizable. The particular iOS application is free of charge, however, you&#8221ll still need to choose specific add-ons or software programs to construct your POS. Each add-on or package will supplment your total bill, meaning the price can compare, however the nice factor is you can select which services you’ll need which means you don&#8217t finish up having to pay for features you&#8217ll never use.

Another perk SalesVu offers is the opportunity to connect to the back-office from the device having a Wi-Fi connection, making running your company out of your favorite armchair while lounging inside your under garments a brand new reality. Although not able to process charge card payments without Access to the internet, SalesVu has an excellent solution to go somewhere with to locations with limited Access to the internet for example fairs and bazaars. Much like a backup generator, a specialized 3G/4G router can be bought from Cradlepoint which will dominate operations in case of an online outage.

Among other helpful features, you can include modifiers and edit the items of inventory. You may also save a while by importing your inventory on the CSV file. It&#8217s easy to manage the employees by getting them clock out and in inside the system, and you’ll limit their use of back-office features. You will find a number of reporting features which will make monitoring your company very simple. To find out more, check the full overview of SalesVu.

Get Began With SalesVu


Best POS Systems for Kiosks

Brace her it&#8217s going to get pun-y. ShopKeep is an excellent POS system that will help you keep your shop (or kiosk) running easily. (I cautioned you to definitely brace yourself.) Not just is ShopKeep sleek and simple to use, additionally, it provides a 14-day free trial. ShopKeep&#8217s unique, $59 dollar per month subscription is pay-as-you-go and needs no contract. This cost is per register and includes 24/7/365 support along with a free ShopKeep Pocket iOS application. It is a superb choice for anybody who’s a periodic kiosker.

ShopKeep is made for small companies and may be used to sell retail products and food products. Heck, should you wanted you can sell both simultaneously. ShopKeep is another hybrid system it operates on an iPad and syncs your computer data towards the cloud once attached to the Internet, which makes it a fantastic choice for individuals who don&#8217t always get access to reliable Internet. For instance, in case of an online outage, Shopkeep has the capacity to store charge card payments offline after which process them when attached to the Internet. You can include as much as 10,000 products in inventory, so unless of course you&#8217re selling that Organic DIY ocean salt feet scrub through the individual salt grain, this is more than enough for that average appear stand.

Some benefits of miracle traffic bot include the opportunity to email customers their receipts (effectively eliminating the requirement for an invoice printer). The truth that the program operates from your iPad also helps save on space. Another advantage of ShopKeep is you can keep close track of profits instantly out of your smartphone. If you have employees, ShopKeep enables you to definitely track and monitor staff and see which individuals are the most efficient. To understand much more about ShopKeep, read our full review.

Get Began With ShopKeep


Best POS Systems for Kiosks

Exactly what do you call a kiosk operator who uses Vend? Watch for it&#8230 a vendor! Vend is ideal for companies, like mall kiosks, that get access to stable Internet. If you&#8217re a mobile operation, this may not be the best option for you personally. Vend are operating in your internet browser, therefore if the web is out, you won’t be in a position to process charge cards, create new clients, or connect to the back-office. Vend provides a free 30-day trial that’s restricted to 200 products (all sales data is going to be erased in the finish of every week). After your trial, there’s no contract needed to register. Vend offers four prices plans, if your clients are small (so that as a kiosk it in all probability is going to be) you are able to stick to the disposable option, which enables for just one store and something register,. Unless of course you’ve scored some prime kiosk property, this ought to be ample to deal with your requirements.

Vend could be operate on an iPad application or through any internet browser, that makes it a fantastic choice for individuals who’re much more comfortable within the PC world. It can be useful for a large host of retail operations but doesn&#8217t offer the opportunity to add modifiers or leave tips. Based on your requirements this may not really be considered a problem for you personally.

The program is intuitive and simple to understand. Vend provides an impressive inventory feature which enables you to definitely download your whole inventory system from the CSV file and keep an eye on the number of products you’ve available. Additionally, it has a nifty feature that enables it to keep multiple cost books. This really is useful when you wish to possess a weekend or finish-of-the entire year-purchase. To understand more about Vend, read our full review.

Get Began With Vend


Best POS Systems for Kiosks

With Shopify, your clients can shop until they drop. Shopify is a kind of hybrid program. While much of your information is downloaded and stored in your iPad, features much like your inventory are web-based and stored on Shopify&#8217s servers. In case of an online outage, Shopify can work on a restricted basis. This may not be the best choice for individuals on the go who’re not able to gain access to reliable Internet. Shopify provides a 14-day free trial offer (no charge card needed). Although there’s a couple prices plans, most small kiosk proprietors would just have the Lite Plan, that is $9 per month. This plan of action offers limitless products offered, limitless devices, and 24/7 customer care. One potential drawback is this fact program was created particularly for retail use. It wouldn&#8217t not be possible to market foods, however it&#8217s something to bear in mind.

Shopify is really a delight to navigate and won&#8217t make you feel overwhelmed. When it comes to hardware, it sells some decently priced bundles and provides users having a free charge card readers. Shopify also provides good quality features, including the opportunity to split payments and useful reporting abilities. Because you can use Shopify in your phone or iPad, the requirement for placing it around the counter is finished. You can now walk up to a possible customer who’s scoping your sick rack of baller hats which help them buy something immediately. Shopify also provides the opportunity to calculate florida sales tax simply based from where you are.In order lengthy while you visit places with strong Wi-Fi this might offer respite from the discomfort of getting to calculate individuals taxes yourself. Interested? To find out more, read our full overview of Shopify.

Get Began With Shopify

The Takeaway

Within the finish, you should keep in mind that all these reason for purchase systems specified for with various purposes in your mind. That’s the reason meticulous planning and research are extremely important when beginning any start up business. These five POS suggestions &#8211 Ring Up, SalesVu, ShopKeep, Vend, and Shopify &#8211 are each worth looking at prior to you making any major kiosk-related decisions. (Especially if you are planning to become sinking your existence savings right into a stand selling Miracle Question Wax 2. and chasing lower wary customers just like a pavement evangelist.) All jokes aside, each system provides a free trial offer so you’ve you win by providing them a go. 


Best POS Systems for Kiosks

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Top 5 Best POS Systems for Franchises

Franchise POS systemFrom Dairy Queen towards the Athlete’s Feet, more franchise companies are moving their reason for purchase towards the cloud, and even for good reason. Franchises small and big have unique POS needs that modern cloud POS systems are very well outfitted to satisfy. Particularly, POS&#8217s for franchises need . . .

  • Web-based reporting to gather and share sales data on every store.
  • A person-friendly interface to alleviate the training process.
  • Cost-efficient choices for companies with multiple locations.
  • A scaleable design (the opportunity to easily add and take away features per location).
  • EMV-compliant charge card processing to lessen franchisor liability.

Not every franchise companies make use of the same POS across all locations, however this typically simplifies things for that franchisor. Possibly you’re thinking about expanding your growing business (by which situation, it’s a lot of fun to go in the franchise market) or you happen to be a franchisor and are planning on switching to a different POS. In either case, these five cloud-based, EMV-compliant POS’s are excellent selections for franchises.

Continue reading to understand more about the very best POS systems for franchises and to find out what cloud POS systems are presently getting used through the top franchises.



ERPLY is really a web-based franchise POS system with integrated franchise keeper. This New york city-headquartered iPad POS caters particularly to retail and quick-serve companies. It boasts greater than 100,000 customers, varying from small companies to franchises. Additionally to robust POS functionality, ERPLY provides complete franchise management functions with enterprise-level plans:

  • Inventory and supplier management across franchise chains.
  • Mix-chain cost lists and discounts.
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP).
  • Multi-location franchise reporting.
  • Offline mode to consider payments once the Internet is lower.

Some franchises which use the ERPLY POS include Elizabeth Arden Retail, The Athlete’s Feet, and Rapid Refill. Find out more about ERPLY POS franchise management.

2. NCR Silver

NCR Silver POS review

NCR Silver is yet another cloud reason for purchase system that’s appropriate for food-based companies (quick-serve, cafes, food trucks, etc.) in addition to retail. Founded in the horse-and-buggy days (1884!) NCR is really a time-tested name within the POS world. Initially targeted at medium and small-sized companies, NCR Silver was created this year and just started supporting enterprise-level companies previously year. Nevertheless, as many as 23 franchise brands are now using this scaleable iPad POS.

A number of Silver’s most powerful selling points for franchises include:

  • Inventory management across all locations.
  • Consolidated reporting—monitor customers, employees, and purchasers across all business locations.
  • Integrated loyalty and e-mail marketing.
  • Offline functionality (may take charge card payments whether or not the Internet is lower).
  • Mobile ordering.

Some franchises which use NCR Silver include Waffle House and Great American Cookies. NCR also makes many other POS products, including hybrid-cloud POS Aloha, which is often used by Wendy’s and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Find out more about NCR Silver’s franchise plans and ask for an estimate here.

3. Revel Systems

Revel logo

Founded this year, Revel is among the most widely used and effective iPad POS’s around, especially among franchises. Revel is the best for bigger, multi-location establishments within the restaurant and retail sectors, though its per-terminal prices plans are flexible enough that smaller sized companies with just a couple of locations may use it. Talking about versatility, Revel is among the most customizable cloud POS systems, enabling you to add almost any POS function you are able to think of—customize your POS to provide from touchscreen kiosks to delivery management.

  • Industry-specific software programs.
  • Intelligent reporting suite within-depth, enterprise-level reporting.
  • Only iPad POS that provides secure ethernet connection (versus. just Wi-Fi).
  • “Always On” mode queues payments once the Internet goes lower.
  • QuickBooks partnership and integration.

Numerous franchises use Revel, especially in the quick-service sector. Some big brands which use Revel include Cinnabon, Tully’s Coffee, Dairy Queen, Little Caesar’s, Ben &amp Jerry’s, and many others.

Find out more about Revel’s enterprise business abilities. Revel also authored a fairly awesome blog publish with tips about growing your company right into a franchise.

4. LivePOS


LivePOS launched in 2006, which makes it the very first company to produce a cloud-based POS. LivePOS is really a Home windows-based POS for that retail industry, using the front-finish running in your area on the Home windows PC although it syncs data to the cloud. This affordable POS also provides a mobile checkout application if you like to operate your POS on the tablet. Such as the other POS’s on the list, it’s ultra-scaleable, which makes it appropriate for small companies and franchises alike.

LivePOS also offers several franchise-specific functions, including:

  • Real-time inventory and purchasers tracking across all stores.
  • The opportunity to control which vendors are available towards the individual franchise.
  • Real-time royalty and co-op tracking (along with other advanced reporting options by location).
  • Live video feed from the location.
  • May take payments once the Internet is lower (charge card transactions is going to be queued and processed once you’re back online).
  • Direct Shopify integration so that you can sell online.

Several franchise brands use LivePOS, including Lillian’s clothing outlets and Any Lab Test Now.

LivePOS isn’t the sleekest or fastest POS, however it offers many impressive features for franchises, as well as for a fairly reasonable cost. Find out more about LivePOS for franchises.

5. Vend


Nz&#8217s Vend was the very first POS software to make use of HTML5 caching&#8211which enables the POS to operate without a web connection&#8211when it arrived on the scene this year. Today, Vend remains an inexpensive and incredibly capable web-based POS for retail companies varying in dimensions from mother-and-pop to nationwide franchise. Instead of running on the mobile application or in your area-installed software, Vend is completely browser-based what this means is it’ll work on any hardware that may run Google Chrome: Home windows PC, iPad, MacBook, Android device, Linux PC, etc.

This straightforward, easy-to-use POS includes a less expensive of entry over a POS like Revel or ERPLY, which is a fantastic choice for multi-store retail companies having a reliable Web connection (as offline functionality is restricted). You need to especially consider Vend if you wish to sell products online.

Here are a few of Vend’s franchise-friendly features:

  • No-limit to the amount of stores you could have.
  • Includes eCommerce without additional charge (also integrates with Shopify).
  • Offers in-house and integrated loyalty programs.
  • Inventory and customer management.
  • Multi-cost book functionality with capability to apply limited or franchise-wide discounts.
  • Real-time look at sales &amp inventory all stores.

Vend can be used by a number of large franchises, including AGATHA Paris and Baby on the go. Find out more about Vend’s franchise features.

Franchise POS Systems and also you

If you’re searching to develop your company right into a effective franchise, it’s time for you to find a franchise POS that allows you to manage multiple stores and streamline all of your sales operations. Cloud POS software programs are where it’s at for multi-location companies and franchises, since it provides the necessary functionality with no hefty cost tag. Furthermore, its online abilities permit you to sync your company data across your whole business network.

To briefly review, ERPLY, NCR Silver, and Revel are application-based iPad POS’s for retail and quick service franchises, with robust reason for purchase, reporting, and management features. Home windows-based LivePOS and browser-based Vend tend to be more affordable choices for retail franchises that don’t always need every feature available.

Need assistance selecting a franchise POS? Don’t be shy—drop us a line! We’ll help you to get setup having a POS that will help you to realize your wildest franchise dreams.

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Make Use Of Your POS to lessen Labor Costs

What exactly are Labor Costs and why would you Care?

As an entrepreneur, speaking about labor costs&#8212and the way they are inside your main point here&#8212might function as the bane of the existence. Especially with regards to topics such as the new overtime threshold and also the growing price of the minimum wage across the nation. However, with the proper tools, lowering your labor costs can become your brand-new favorite subject of conversation. Especially since everyone knows precisely how frequently Reason for Purchase (POS) topics show up in everyday conversation.

So, exactly how are you able to start reducing labor costs? Well, you can always stick to the apparent advice: avoid overtime, train the employees to operate more proficiently, and streamline worker practices. What about using an essential tool you already possess&#8211your POS system? You might not consider it much, however your POS product is basically the brains of the operation it&#8217s vital that you make certain you&#8217re making use of its full potential (otherwise, the reason for having to pay for this each month?).

Employ the 3 tips below and you’ll see home loan business your labor costs:

Make Use Of Your POS System to handle Staffing and Scheduling

Should you&#8217ve been in the industry world for just about any period of time, you already know that buyers follow certain patterns. Clearly, occasionally, you&#8217ll experience random rushes or super slow occasions that you can&#8217t account, however in general, humans act in foreseeable ways. For example, should you&#8217ve labored within the restaurant or retail industry, you will know nights and weekends are usually busier which holidays or weather occasions may have a large impact on your company. It&#8217s essential to possess a sense of methods your company operates, notice when outdoors factors affect business, and track busy and slow occasions. That being stated, you shouldn&#8217t attempt to make your worker schedule based from these details alone (besides, that&#8217s a great deal to try to keep an eye on inside your mind!)

Rather of relying exclusively in your limited human capability to predict the long run, it’s also wise to consult the &#8220crystal ball&#8221 of the business, your POS system. A good reason for purchase system will offer reports and analytics to help you determine and predict potential sales and customer activity for just about any given week, day, or perhaps hour. Many systems gather and employ statistics out of your past transactions to assist produce labor cost forecasts. Equipped with this data, you, as an entrepreneur, could make informed decisions with regards to staffing shifts and get yourself ready for rushes or slow spots. Similar to real weather predictions, these forecasts might not continually be totally accurate. They are able to, however, supply you with a more powerful feeling of how busy you might or might not be and, when used properly, might help make sure that you staff your shifts properly.

One other way that making use of your POS system can help to eliminate labor costs? A number of your everyday tasks could be automated or expedited in a manner that reduces how long you and your employees spend working. For example, rather of having to pay an worker to complete purchase orders to refill low inventory levels (or scheduling yourself to do this), some POS systems may permit you to set automatic low inventory alerts. When your stock drops underneath the level you&#8217ve predetermined, the machine will instantly refill the transaction as well as send an order order.

Make Use Of Your POS System to maintain your Employees Happy

It’s believed that inside the first 6 several weeks of working, about one-third of recent hires will quit. Being an employer, you have to do all things in your power to try and retain your workforce. Losing employees not just costs you money and time, but it may also affect your labor costs. Try to take down worker turnover rate through the elimination of possible points of worker frustration, especially with regards to your POS system. Clearly, you will find steps you can decide to try help make your employees happy (raising salary or supplying health advantages), however, if the system they’re needed to make use of every day is difficult to operate, freezes constantly, or perhaps is in almost any alternative way a huge discomfort, you&#8217re likely to have difficulties with worker satisfaction. A poor POS might even function as the straw that breaks the camel&#8217s back and results in anyone to give up.

We&#8217ve old that supplying the employees with a user friendly POS product is important, however, you should make certain to select a person interface that’s easy and well-organized too. Extra points in case your system also provides effective worker management tools and transparent scheduling and vacation mechanisms. You need to keep your communication lines open between both you and your employees. Honestly, it&#8217s to your advantage to maintain your employees satisfied (within reason obviously). Keep in mind, happy personnel are less inclined to become deserters!

Make Use Of Your POS System towards the Maximum

Should you&#8217re not using all of the available (and relevant) features your reason for purchase system provides, then you definitely&#8217re basically tossing money by helping cover their your trash each month. Many POS systems provide a large swath of helpful features, but may proprietors are not aware these features even exist&#8212or they don&#8217t understand cooking techniques. I usually highly recommend spending a while researching a brand new POS system before you invest. Explore the type of features that is available, especially with regards to back-office features which involve reporting and labor practices. Being aware of what your POS system is capable of doing will help you keep costs down making your existence simpler.

Some features may be used to reduce the amount of employees you have to operate a shift. Locate a POS system that provides self-service options&#8211like online ordering or customer kiosks &#8211that allow people to order or perhaps purchase products without assistance. Offering methods for your clients to assist themselves will release employees to operate in other parts of your company and may also reduce miscommunications or mistakes.

POS Systems With Higher Labor Features

Now you understand a few of the ways that you may use your POS system to take down labor costs, for example of efficient systems that provide useful labor reducing features or integrations:

  • ShopKeep:
    • Sales reports (damaged lower on an hourly basis)
    • Shift reports
    • Worker time
    • In-depth shift reports
  • SalesVu
    • Worker scheduling
    • Remote use of agenda for employees
    • Discrepancy reports for workers being late or early
    • Auto calculates labor to sales ratio to help keep labor costs below 30%
  • Toast
    • Provides an integration with Compeat (including labor reporting)
    • Worker productivity reports
    • Labor cost percentage reports
    • Worker time
    • Finish of Shift review
  • Vend
    • Provides an integration with Deputy (including labor metrics)
  • iConnect
    • Provides a customer kiosk option
    • Business intelligence/sales reports/forecasts

Note: Although this list represents several top POS choices to consider, it is definitely exhaustive.

Final Ideas

In the industry world, time is money. So save time and money and prevent ripping hair out over unnecessary labor costs issues. Embrace your POS system! By using the program you have and making use of the guidelines above, you’ll open new methods to decrease costs and lower worker turnover, and along the way help make your own existence simpler.

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Top POS Systems to rent Companies

POS systems for rental businessesRegardless of whether you operate a video rental store (yes, they have individuals), a surf shop, or perhaps a tuxedo rental boutique, like a rental business proprietor, you need a place-of-purchase system that processes rentals, not only sales. (I suppose you may be cute and call it a &#8220point of rental&#8221 system, but to help keep things simple, let&#8217s just make use of the standard term, &#8220POS.&#8221) Accommodations business POS lets you track and manage rental activity from exactly the same register where you take payments. Rental-friendly cloud POS systems give businesses abilities like rental inventory management, rental tickets and quotes, an internet-based rental bookings. Types of rental business types that can usually benefit from web-based rental POS software include:

  • Auto rentals
  • Oral appliance equipment rentals
  • Party and event rentals
  • Bicycle rentals

Regrettably, not every cloud POS systems offer rental abilities. Continue reading to learn which POS’s we think about the best software to rent companies, adopted by a few runners-up which you may should also check out &#8230 or otherwise.

1. iConnect iconnect-logo

iConnect is really a rock-solid cloud POS for just about any business which involves rentals or appointments. iConnect’s latest offering is the EMV-enabled iConnect Register (iCR), an exciting-in-one POS bundle with iConnect software pre-placed on a specifically configured Android tablet—you may also run iConnect with an iPad, Mac or pc computer (using a internet browser), or perhaps your own Android tablet setup. iConnect is scaleable for just about any business size, completely as much as franchise-level, and the most cost effective plan sets you back only $50/month for any single register setup.

A number of iConnect’s rental-business-related features include built-in booking software (including online bookings), rental activity reports, CRM functionality, a QuickBooks integration, and advanced inventory management. Some rental companies may also utilize iConnect’s kiosk feature, which enables people to browse a catalog of the products unwatched (as well as scan products).

iConnect is definitely an affordable, easy-to-use, rental business POS which has excellent rental-specific features. To understand more about iConnect, take a look at our iConnect POS review.

2. Lightspeed Retail Rental business POS

Lightspeed Retail is yet another high-quality POS with a few useful features to rent companies. This cloud POS system is pricier than iConnect, beginning at $89/mo ($76/mo if billed yearly) for just one register. Nonetheless, Lightspeed has probably the most advanced feature sets we&#8217ve observed in an iPad POS, from advanced purchase order management to integrated eCommerce.

Lightspeed Retail integrates with Rental Shop Manager (RSM), an application program that handles every aspect of managing a rental business, including rental tickets, customer management, online rental bookings, and much more. Or, should you operate a bike rental shop, you may choose to use Lightspeed’s Bike Rental Manager (BRM) integration, that has all of the functions of RSM, but specific to bicycle rentals.

Even without needing either of those add-ons, you may still manage rentals in Lightspeed Retail. Read this resource from Lightspeed regarding how to create rentals as non-inventory products and create rental quotes within this POS.

Find out more about this POS to rent companies by studying our Lightspeed Retail review.

The Runners-Up

We can’t always endorse these POS’s to be best-in-class, however they provide rental abilities, meaning you might like to a minimum of try them out to find out if they might meet your needs.

3. QuickBooks Reason for Sale intuit-quickbooks-logo

Sure, Intuit’s QuickBooks POS has its own shortcomings—just small things like, ya know, terrible customer care and sudden account freezes. However, this POS, offered both in desktop and cloud (iPad) versions, comes with rental options, so we’d be remiss to depart it off our list.

This is a description from Intuit regarding how to rent or lease products for your customers using QuickBooks POS. To process rental equipment transactions in QB POS, simply add some rental products as non-inventory products. It’s much more of a workaround than the usual dedicated rental business feature, however, it really works, and when you’re a passionate QuickBooks user already, you may appreciate utilizing a POS that integrates seamlessly together with your QB accounting. Find out more about the in your area installed (desktop) version of QuickBooks POS.

Note: The newer cloud form of QB POS has got the same rental function as desktop version. We can’t talk to the general excellence of the cloud version, since we’re still awaiting a demo, but when it’s much like Revel Systems (accurately, since it’s “powered by Revel”), it most likely runs pretty easily.

4. pcAmerica pcamerica rental business pos

pcAmerica, of Heartland Commerce, isn’t the most popular POS system (well, not even close to it), however this POS has some features particularly to rent companies. pcAmerica’s Check Out Express (CRE) is really a in your area installed POS system, meaning no Internet is needed, and you simply pay a 1-time cost to buy the program, instead of a monthly fee. You are able to install the program on the compatible Home windows desktop computer or tablet computer.

To handle rentals in CRE, simply choose whether you need to sell a product or rent it, and charge the client in line with the length of time rented—you can also add extra charges later when the item is came back late. Within the system, you may also see which products are rented out by whom, view in-store rental inventory, lookup customer rental histories, and contact late renters.

Regrettably, pcAmerica isn’t the most stable or reliable system, and customer care can also be missing in quality. Find out more about this POS within our pcAmerica review.

5. EZRentOut best POS for rental businesses

EZRentOut is online equipment rental software with POS abilities. We haven’t attempted out this niche program, but it appears as though a fairly promising software product, a minimum of because of its rental management abilities. EZRentOut integrates with Authorize.Internet, PayPal, and Stripe for payments, in addition to QuickBooks and Xero for accounting. You are able to run this software from the internet browser or perhaps a mobile phone via the Apple or Android app. Visit a full listing of features here and join a 15-day free trial offer if you wish to check it out.

The best idea POS for the Rental Business?

Alrighty, and so i went over as many as five POS&#8217s, plus they vary a lot in relation to both quality featuring. Here&#8217s a quick recap of each one of the rental POS systems I discussed:

iConnect — 5-star cloud POS to rent companies runs on Apple/Android devices or internet browser

Lightspeed Retail — 4-star cloud POS with rental features iPad only

QuickBooks POS — 3-star desktop POS with a few rental features (cloud version not rated)

pcAmerica (Check Out Express) — 2.5-star locally installed POS to rent companies

EZRentOut — Rental-specific cloud POS (not rated) runs on Apple, Android, or internet browser

Take some more help choosing the best POS for the rental biz? No problem! All of these POS&#8217s provide a demo reely trial, which you’ll access using their particular websites. If you would like additional information about these POS systems to rent companies or are interested in exploring other POS options, we can help you with individuals things. Just drop us a line so we&#8217ll get directly on it. 😉

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